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I'm back after a hiatus of 1 month and half... so many things have happened folks, i almost don't know where to start... 🧜🏻‍♂️
⚀ i moved to montreal, and signed the lease of my new appartment. yay! (i'm still living in the middle of ikea cardboards boxes tho). i'm thinking about posting videos/pictures of me setting up the workspace... is that something you'd like to see? comment with ''💎" if you'd like me to!
⚁ i finally received my books printed and i'm now the proud father of '10 moments'. folks at @tlactoronto were amazing and honestly, the quality is there! the prices are competitive and, part of the money they make goes directly to charity and science research... isn't it the best?
⚂ the 3 new additions to my q***r chemistry serie will soon be available on my website & etsy! (fyi: demiboy, lithromantic, genderfluid).
⚃ during this break, i created new stuff which i'm going to reveal in the next few days/weeks! *suspens*.
⚄ i'm still catching up on work, i.e. packing orders and sending tiers from the book's crowdfunding campaign, but i'll slowly be updating the website and add the new stuff i've created on there.
💎💎💎 also, i just wanted to say a massive thank you folks for your amazing support all along this moving adventure. i have been moody and stressed and mostly ghosted social media 👻 for almost 2 months but honestly, thank you for everyone that came to say hello, or sent me a message, or just shared my work through social media. i'm just amazed by your support and i'm thrilled to be back at work after so many days with no creating or meeting with you.
💎💎💎💎💎 love you!!!!
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I really wanna kiss u right now..
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Stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone
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📸 hunter schafer in london for euphoria press via @charlottehayward 💕
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Who allowed her to look at me like that?? it hurts!!! ❤😂 | 📸 taken by @yuritachi
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📸 hunter schafer via @burberry! #lfw 👠
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Hunter schafer today in london for the burberry fashion show during #lfw 😍 (shot by photographer @lundonlensstreetstyle )
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