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It’s aloha friday! we are off to our second home for the weekend, hawaii island - or as most people call it, the big island. it’s about a 50 minute flight. and mama needs a latte!⠀

if you could say a little prayer for my family this weekend we would appreciate it. my father in law was medi-vacced here a few months ago because he had a stroke. since then, he has had surgery and been at a skilled nursing facility receiving therapy and this weekend we are taking him back home to start hospice care.⠀

we’ll also be celebrating our little grandbaby to be! my stepdaughter is having her son next month so i’ll be a cramma!!! a cool grandma.⠀

please pray for our safety as we travel, for peace and comfort for my in-laws, for anxiousness and worry to be gone and for a smooth transition.⠀

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Here we go again... 6 suitcases, 4 backpacks, 2 car seats, 1 double stroller, 1 guitar, 1 banner bag... gotta luv those free bags @southwestair 🙌🏼🔥#bnrontheroad #travelday #labound
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Headed home today!! ready to see my family and to get my nutrition back on track! the maine hospitality and food has been excellent but we are ready to come back when it’s warm!! said farewell to the puffin and the rockstar office staff today, such a warm welcome and we left feeling apart of their family! such an amazing learning experience and we made great progress on our training guides!
now to get back to maine when it’s warmer so i can see the puffin in real-life form!
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✈️ #travelday
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The soft colors of varanasi tonight at sunset... #sunset #soft #varanasi #india #benares #travelday #goodnight
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We’re coming for you la! be sure to check us out tomorrow morning @bellafreshsalon to see all the new arrivals! #humbletheshop #liveloveshophumble #humblehappenings #popupshop #shoppingandmimosas
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#travelday post 2: after almost 5 hours on a bus due to traffic, i arrived pretty much when i should have at #incheon for check in. now, i’m crammed against the #window for the next few hours until touchdown. oh, and i had to check my camera gear. please #pray it doesn’t get damaged. #prayersforme #luggagepeoplearelikehoneybadgers #travellog #ringringringpotatophone #iphone8plus
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Koh lanta at n i g h t ✨

wahnsinn wie schnell die zeit vergeht, in 5 tagen geht es schon nach kambodscha 😍 ich freu mich schon so darauf!
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