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New video! updated ‘every day carry’ #travelersnotebook setup! i did a big change for spring/summer! link to watch is in my profile description. 🤗🤗🤗
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walk ur own path with your head up high, never let anyone stop you.
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Cape cod 2018 ☀️
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Ramadan series post #6 🕌
taqwa means to shield oneself, to protect oneself. what are we seeking protection from? from the impulsiveness of the nafs (the self) and the impact of shaitan (devil). to protect the us (human beings) from the excessive indulgences of the self that leads to chain the individual. but also to protect us from the wrath and displeasure of allah swt. it has been related that: "every act of the son of adam is for him except for fasting, which is exclusively for me and i alone will reward him for it." fasting has a unique characteristic in that it does not permit showing off, in the sense that nobody actually knows if someone is fasting or not. who knows if one eats or drinks in secret? so it’s only between allah and the person fasting. this lends to ikhlaas (sincerity). therefore, the sense that allah is watching you, the sense that one must guard his or her gaze, his or her glances, his or her words, his or her actions is something we can gain in ramadan. if we look at the two forces that usually hold us from doing good, they are shaitan and our nafs. the prophet (pbuh) has said that shaitan is chained during the month of ramadan, which leaves us with the nafs. allah has provided us with this opportunity to evaluate the true nature of our nafs. and then when we do wrong, who is to blame after all? may we use these days to truly reflect on our words and actions.
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Street lights & telephone wires ✔️
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Because art should be available to everyone 🎨 @hopeoutdoorgallery #artists#hope#project#contemporaryart#streetart#community#art#urban#murals#graffiti#streetphotography#travelersnotebook#travelblog#photooftheday#keepaustinweird
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