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After my family's house burned down, i started making this piece of art to be the first thing on the wall of our new home. as time went on, i got busier and lazier, so i never completed it. but now i'm kind of glad
i didn't. there's something cool about it being incomplete. with cinematography i want my images to say something, and although there's not much here, it still speaks much more than if all the branches were filled with leaves.

for this shot, i had one led mat right above frame, placed in a way that gave a sort of spotlight on the art.
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#day114 of #365daysofyogawithalisa
took yoga today but had very stiff body and indifferent energy until i started to #backbend.

bend over backwards. balance. all these similar words circulating in my world these last several days.

the weather was amazing today even though internally i felt sad and disappointed.

i teach every class the importance of self love, self trust, self reliance, but balance teaches us we do need others in order to keep our world optimum. friends are important. but how do we find and keep ones that nourish us?

as an adult i've found this nearly impossible. especially in western society. community is not really as valuable as say in ex-yugoslavia.

yet i still find myself going against the grain fighting to create and maintain a community at my studio and in my classes.

united we are stronger. united we are yoga.

saw #ifeelpretty tonight in theatres and cried. we struggle with perception so much, of ourselves and someone else's of us, we let it ruin our energy. i found myself getting lost in needing approval this past month and that's where si much stress came in.

today i got dirty. in the grass and woodchips. did yoga until i felt i was almost fighting in a #bloodsweatandtears fashion as you can see i slightly cut my face and dirtied my hands 😂

and it felt good . i felt pretty. i didn't feel alone. the mother earth, the animals, the strangers who drove by were part of my community. my balance.

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Three beautiful rose with one root🌹🌹🌹
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آخه جاده به این قشنگی؟؟؟ انگار نقاشیه!
وقتی بارون میاد همه چیز پر رنگ و قشنگ میشه، حتی یه بوته ی خار که شاید اصلا به چشم نیاد، خوشگل میشه، بارون حتی گِل و شُلش هم قشنگه.. توی گِل راه رفتید؟ از بعد از بچگی تا حالا؟ من آخرین بار فروردین تو گل راه رفتم. اون حس چسبیدگی و سنگینیه کف کفشت خیلی باحاله. نمیدونم چرا مثل خر توی گِل گیر کردن استعاره ی منفیه! چون توی گِل گیر کردن ممکنه بیرون اومدنش سخت باشه ولی ‌کار با نشاط و باحالیه! شاید قدیما منظورشون این بوده که اگه اصطلاحا مثل خر توی گِل، توی چیزی گیر کردن با نشاط و هیجان ازش بیان بیرون! ولی به مرور زمان طبق معمول همه ی جنبه های مثبت حذف شده ! خلاصه که گِل چیز خوبیه نترسید ازش، گِل بازی از توی گِل گید کردن هم بهتره من که پایه ام🙃
پی نوشت: یه حسی گفت باید حتما واسه هر گِلی که نوشتم کسره بذارم ترسیدم از مرغوبیت گِلش کاسته بشه!

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