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So shampoo bars are my new favourite product.
they are equivalent as 3 shampoo bottles and are only £2.50 a bar (my @dr_organic shampoo is £5 a small bottle)...
they are natural & contain my much loved lavender which has so many benefits as an essential oil including being anti- cancerous!
once a month my town holds a vegan market which i can buy these so i’m supporting independent brands aswell!
small changes will make a big difference to the environment if everyone did one✨
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Bumpdate: 40 weeks πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ˜΄ i never made it to my due date with eliana so naively thought i wouldn’t with this baby but here we are, one day over. i’m one of those habitually late people so it would be hypocritical to start getting impatient but still, don’t push it baby (or rather, do). my mum has moved in to take over my nesting (washing) while i faff around doing unnecessary things like make flower crowns as well as spend a bit of time with eliana and most importantly, nap. i keep going to bed thinking this might be the last time i get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep for a while, albeit as comfortable as a nap on a ryanair flight with a restless kid sitting behind me, f*t ankles and a constant urge to go to the loo. my bump feels low and solid and i’m swollen to the max everywhere else. i have very few clothes left that fit which is why i’m always semi-clad in these squares. oh and there’s a heatwave this week of course, so yeah, that’ll be nice πŸ˜“ *repeats mantra determinedly: my baby will come when my baby is ready*
🌸 flower crown inspo courtesy of @hannah.straughan 🌸
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Oh sweet sweet sweet sunday morning baby snuggles! and now i’m off to play with friends for the afternoon on this coastal californian chilly summer day! @homesoquel @kelcipotter 🌿🏹🌬🌿
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When you are literally a bed & breakfast.πŸ’§ #bosomnectar #normalizebreastfeeding
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I must say i work with some major babes. πŸ’‹ slept in the latest all week with my babies snuggled up next to me after our summit celebration. i'm so glad that they got to have a little taste of what mama does and see how many lives we get to change as coaches. next year when they come they'll be seeing me on stage. 🀘
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Spending mornings in quiet reflection, moving and breathing as i prepare for this afternoons wild intuitive freedom workshop @wanderlusthlwd
spaces still available and you can show up just before.
join me in community from 2 - 4
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When she demands to wash the tomatoes for you and does it with a smile - no problemo my little sous-chef, anything you wantπŸ‘©‍🍳 πŸ… πŸ’¦
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πŸ’› today i'm embracing the light and brightness of long summer days that are flowing through me i'm really feeling light on my feet and light in my heart after a day intensive last week with a new coaching client.
as i stretch my arms wide open i'm held in an abundance of love that is all around connecting each and every one of us. πŸ“ as we feast on the raspberries that mother earth has grown and the sun shine has ripened. they're sweet in our months, leaving a stain on our lips and nourish our bellies. πŸ’› we're loving all of summer and the fruits it bares πŸ’
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I won! πŸ’ͺ🏼 πŸ’¦πŸŽˆπŸ’¦
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This little fluff head in my bedπŸ’›
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Wild intuitive freedom
isn’t that something that should be available to all humans ?
even with trump reversing the bill to separate families at the border there are still 100s of families separated from their children. can you imagine being torn away from your child ? i can and it strangles me - this is just a feeling - an imagining - not the reality.
what can we do ? we are not helpless. we are already creating change. our power works. from now until wednesday 100 % of profits made from wild wmn sales will be going to @together.rising helping to provide legal aid to those in need at the border. we will also be donating 100 % of profits from our july 13th fire ceremony and circle and have more plans to keep wild wmn philanthropic and keep aiding those in need. we create community and that community is you - you are the change makers. thank you.
visit the wild wmn store in the link tree or check out our events on wildwmn.com.
i hope to see you at today’s workshop @wanderlusthlwd from 2 - 4pm - plenty of space available - together we rise.
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Fungus hunting and stick collecting with miss avi. as soon as we hit the trail she took off running. finished the walk with a stop by the garden to pick the dinner salad. #summer
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Mom vs ella and jack. it’s going down! πŸ’¦ 🎈 πŸ’¦
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Bringin fitnesswear to london weekends from la since 2015 🀟🏼🌈
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10 min to an hour tops by ourselves. mamas on holliday that is.
grateful to have this beauty and her family in our lives ❀️ .
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