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Christy Kelsay
11 hours ago
christy_kelsay_photography A mighty fine motto don’t you think?
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Skye Kirk
stayskyehigh Let koa and live- every morning and every night i got this girl by my side #wereinittogether #earlymorning #routine #whitegermanshepherd #truelovelasts
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2 weeks ago
lilaness Feliz aniversario a mis héroes! 37 ańos. siempre han sido y siguen siendo un gran ejemplo para sus hijos. los amamos tanto! // #37years #happyanniversary #truelovelasts #myheroes
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2 weeks ago
lilaness This passed weekend with these two cuties was so fun! i'll never forget the time @mrsnoemi_amaya wrote @mosesjamaya88 a mean note and i got mad and threw it in her face 😳 but look at us, we grew up and got married and we're doing alright lol love hanging with my young married friends and talking about how old we're getting. this weekend was lit! 😂😂 love you guys! #truelovelasts #childhoodmemories
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Rachel Billet
2 weeks ago
rachel_billet This guy is my world 🌎.
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Lila Pattison
2 weeks ago
rainmuser I kinda really love this photo of my parents... i took it almost a year ago last christmas. i’m always amazed by their love for each-other and how their love for god continues to be he center of their marriage. they’ve stuck by our family motto: “love will see us through.” love truly has seen them through and continues to do so... . . . #rainmuserphotography #truelovelasts #lovewillseeusthrough
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3 weeks ago
alenalarie So today is a very special day 😍 my parents are celebrating a milestone 40 years of marriage!!! please help me to congratulate my beautiful mommy and daddy on their 40th year wedding anniversary!!!. i love you both so so very much. #godlymarriageshappen #andtheylast #40yearsincounting #nov26 #thereishope #truelovelasts #commitmentlasts #blessings
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4 weeks ago
bootz.gypsy Happy birthday babe, @markomatias, welcome to 26 :) another year loving you💕
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3 weeks ago
liltodorojofatumartin Advice #5: if mom says you can't date it's no biggie do it anyway 💗💗💞💞 #truelovelasts
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3 weeks ago
xxlydia_dxx Nothing will ever stop you loving someone you truly love.. love isn’t easy but it’s worth it in the end. sometimes there are reasons that no matter how angry you are.. fixing it is more important than ignoring it! there is no one else i’ll ever love! #loveisnteasy #lovealways #truelovelasts #youornoone #imissyou #lovequotes #lovehard #itsalwaysbeenyou #itwillalwaysbeyou #pertnersforlife #iwishitcouldbedifferent #iwishitwasfixed
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Mark Vinsant
3 weeks ago
vinsanityfirefighter One more thanksgiving day post! i am so thankful for my beautiful wife who has gone through hell with me this past year. all the while making me realize how loved i truly am!!! love you amy aims!!! #truelovelasts #bestfriend #thankful #beautifulwife
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