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Trump is a bag of rabid mice you’re carrying on your lap on a public bus but the little buggers keep escaping and running away amid the feet of the horrified passengers who all look like they’re about to throw you out the window. really, what were you thinking, dragging your shameful baggage in here? dump that pestilential sack of disease into the gutter at the next bus stop and maybe we’ll let you back on the bus.
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Trump is a concentration camp kommandant target shooting babies to work up an appetite for his second breakfast of human tears. the allies are coming, herr von clownstick.
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Trump is a maggot caught between two f*t rolls in kim jong-un’s groin, wallowing in trapped lint and sweaty grime, chewing on dead skin and the crumbs of chopped up peasants that gather after one of kim’s celebratory executions. horrifying peas in a nightmare pod, if you will.
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(usa🇺🇸) english text below 👇
🇦🇲 Դոնալդ Թրամփը, Ղրիմը այլևս Ռուսական տարածք է անվանել, ասելով, որ այն ռուսական է այն պատճառով, որ այնտեղ ռուսներ են բնակվում, իսկ Ուկրաինան անվանել ամենակոռումպացված երկիրը։ -
🇬🇧 donald trump announced crimea as a russian territory, saying that most inhabitants there are russians. he also called ukraine being the most corruped country.
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Trump is the bloated cadaver of a lying, narcissistic, traitorous child rapist. the only part of that statement that isn’t factually accurate is the part about the cadaver, but i don’t think we’ll have to wait long. tick-tock, america, tick-tock.
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Trump is a pile of nose hairs that got mixed up in your lines of c*****e but you keep snorting, and pretty soon you realize that there’s no c*****e at all, it’s 100% crushed nose hairs and it’s not getting you high, it’s filling you with anger and despair but you’re embarrassed that you spent your whole savings on this stash of illicit garbage so you keep doing rails and pretending you’re having a great time but really you’re just praying for death and oblivion. welcome to the #trumptrain!
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Current world cup goal count:
russia 🇷🇺 - 2
usa 🇺🇸 - 0
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Trump is a bloated corpse baby pissing on itself as a zombie wet nurse changes its diaper. meanwhile, satan boils down a pile of confederate flags into a creamy orange purée and approaches with bowl and spoon, making big truck sounds. toothless trumpbaby opens its mouth, revealing the white hot burning core of impotent rage in its gullet, and starts shitting lava as soon at it swallows the first spoonful. who knows a spell for a retroactive abortion?
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Two of his three wives are immigrants and his mother was an immigrant! melania got citizenship on the einstein visa...and trump's lawyers declined to offer anything about her application. i'm sure some hands were greased or he'd be proud to tell us exactly how smart she is and how she got the visa. (remember, her speeches plageriged michelle obama!) he is rabidly racist, when it comes to immigration, anyone that is lower class than his billionaire friends he is fine with kicking them out. this man stands for nothing our country was built on.
trump is an admitted s****l assaulter, and that is enough reason that he shouldn't be the president of the united states of america.

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Trump is a pile of visibly stinking s**t kimchi fermented in the sweat of backwoods racists, begging to be lifted to kim jong-un’s glistening lips to slither inside that warm puffed croissant of a body where they can meld and tumble in an o**y of coprophagic bliss.
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