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Leave a “yes” if you’re ready to do thisπŸ‘‡we have to give ourselves permission and give others permission to do this as well. often we stop ourselves from growing in this way and also stop others from doing the same. don’t judge yourself and give up judgement of others. redirect and restart. you got this! pic credit: anon
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Feeling stressed? 🀯 hug it out with the person you love. ♥ one study conducted by psychiatrists at the university of north carolina found that when couples embraced, they had increased levels of oxytocin—the hormone responsible for lower stress levels and mood boosts.⁣ have you hugged your b**e already? ⁣
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Chase the dream.
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Tag 4 friends that need to see thisπŸ‘‡we’ve spent our whole lives waiting for someone to tell us we’re smart, funny, attractive and successful. there’s a huge issue with this because it means our happiness and success hinges on someone’s opinion or expectation on any given day. when you wait for someone to show you your power, you give them your power. you will know you’re enough when you start
1. gaining self awareness around your skills
2. displaying qualities that matter to you
3. recognize your own value and gifts
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Sometimes we just have to surrender and let go of control because not every season is meant to be the season when we reap a rewards. sometimes we are required to have patience in the season of waiting. don’t underestimate god’s plan. he wants you to trust him and slow down. roadblocks, rejections, detours are not there to prevent you from your blessings, they are there to protect you and save you from things that are not meant for you or prepare you for the blessings that are just around the corner. trust redirection, find peace in the wait, you will soon receive blessings that are meant for you. if you are in the season of waiting, you are not alone, trust the timing and use this time wisely. it is the time of self care, rest, reflection and preparation for what’s yet to come. don’t force or you will lose yourself, surrender and let the inner peace guide you. —@lukasnotes ✨
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