Post Breakup Relationships
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rxwithrenee Is your measure of success based on things in the physical or off of things eternal? whichever will be the driver of your happiness in life. πŸ’œ #wisdom #truth #wealth #sunday
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kenyaalexis_ | peep the elf ear πŸ‘‚πŸΎ
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Shannon Brasovan
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As i become more pregnant and less able to do the things i’ve always done, i’ve become increasingly aware of how amazing my colleagues, friends and the students that come to @practiceindieyoga and @naptownfitness are. i’m in awe of people’s willingness to challenge themselves, to search themselves and to love themselves. i remarked often that this past year s****d for me... but really it was a year in the chrysalis. this year gave me an opportunity to search deeply within myself and subsequently see beauty in others i would not have seen had it been the “hashtag best year ever”. i simply would have been too blinded by my ego. i do not submit to the thought that the world is falling a part, but rather that we are on a wide scale awakening. change can be incredibly painful and also incredibly beautiful. thank you to those in my direct sphere for showing me that daily. i’m honored to sweat with you, study with you, learn with you and humbly teach you. here’s to the next year as butterflies πŸ¦‹ ... oh and here’s @nicole_oftheair being a badass πŸ’• #repost @nicole_oftheair (@get_repost) ・・・ this is me, fully intending to post this video on ig. then smokey🐱 was like ‘yea, f**k that ego’ #truth #okayihearyou. my exact words when i did it the first time was “holy shit!” props to @yogimermaidindie for some difficult & good yogi drills today β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ
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jho_gio_joe A chi crede ancora nella semplicità di una dedica su libro...a chi è conscio e padrone di se stesso e di quello che scrive...a chi crede ancora nella genuinità dei rapporti tra le persone...a chi ha la maturità di riconoscere e affrontare i problemi a cui la vita ci mette di fronte.....a chi è rimasto un po' peter pan e continua a vedere sempre e comunque il lato buono delle persone... #friendshipneverends #presents #truth #piccolipensieri #checiduri
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Craig Boucher
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craiglboucher Don't be "different" just to blend in, focus on being who you are! [ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €][ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €] #blessed #bethegood #change #faith #family #gratitude #god #happyfamily #heavenlyfather #instaquote #inspiration #kindness #love #peace #wisdom #wordstoliveby #quoteoftheday #quote #change #sharegoodness #thankful #truth #bekind #spirituality #awoke #meditiation #lifecoaching #bethechange #lifeonpurpose #liveyourpurpose
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Sydney Makeup Artist
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makeupbypatriciahaddad Okay, so some of you may know i am getting married next year! may 2018 we tie the knot. it has been craaazzzyyy! planning a wedding brings out so many emotions and a lot of stress! people are always saying to me it’s the best planning a wedding it’s so much fun...well let me be real here. it is fun i’m not going to lie but it is so stressful! from finding the perfect venue to finding the perfect dress is hard. people always asking me 100 questions every single day does kind of get annoying and i do start getting sick of talking about my wedding. when you’re planning a wedding you start seeing a lot of things change. this is what i’ve seen happen- _________ 1. your attitude. you start getting moody about a lot of things and snap towards your friends, family and even sometimes your fiancé...sorry babe! your anxiety levels build up. you start crying out of no where which is fine! 2. people who have never even spoken to you all of a sudden have an interest in your wedding. 3. budget: you try and set a budget but you will always go over it! 4. everyone wants to know everything that you are doing...do not tell them anything! 5. people start changing towards you. this is completely normal! you will see who is truely happy for you and who isn’t. 6. everyone wants to start hanging out with you all at once but you just cant find the time between work and planning the wedding. ____________ there are so many more things that a bride will experience throughout the planning of a wedding. so if you are a bride and planning a wedding, try not to stress even though it is hard not to. have fun as much as you can. do not let anyone get in your way or try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. it is you and your partner’s wedding. if people don’t like what you are doing who cares! do what makes you both happy! so, thank you to all of my family, friends and my fiancé and his family for all of the support they have given us since day 1. we are both blessed to have a loving a supportive group of people in our lives ❀️
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kflexboutique My kids rolled their eyes at me when i got this done. πŸ˜‚ #momlife#yallgonnamakemelosemymind #funny#mama#lovebeingamom #momhumor#truth
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