Miah David
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guddy__feelyoung I'm a young one of one . 💀📝
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The Come Up Show
3 minutes ago
thecomeupshow Toronto artist teddy fantum has made a comeback with his new album “help me.” previously known as tfhouse, teddy has made a huge transition in his artistry by finding new ways to “deliver his darkness.” listen to him talk about his new album, his view on the current state of music, and his alter ego bare devil. below is an excerpt, play the podcast to hear more! - - - teddy: i definitely feel like music writers and music journalists should be spending more time in the events with artists, in the streets or in the culture. i feel like a lot of the writing is from a bird's-eye view, and they only go based off of what they hear from ovo or drake's people or anything that's around them that's considered mainstream toronto culture. a lot of people aren't talking about deep toronto underground s**t that's super popping you know what i mean, but a lot of it is overseen because people are nitpicking the obvious for what gets published in toronto. so there's definitely a lot more talent that should be displayed, but they're being overlooked because people aren't paying enough time to connect with people and be in the streets and hear stories and connect. there's so much talent in toronto that's untapped. - - check it out at thecomeupshow.com(link in bio) or on soundcloud and itunes: thecomeupshow
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yuna_cha92 A grandfather on a platform 👀 london#londoner#londonlife#nottinghill#portobellomarket#travel#shop#store#underground#station#platform#with karnsinee#런던#배움#여행#빈티지#노팅힐#포토벨로마켓#언더그라운드#신사#주말
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__markopolo Someone told me that's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair 💪🏻 #love #london #londonlife #underground #vscocam
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