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Pms poetry
it’s inevitable
to sprawl here dismembered
chest ripped open
skin torn apart
eyes gouged out
in this sacrilegious
for my liberty
dying to be cured from this
festering lunacy,

you seem to have
my futures rewritten
the way you ache
to be present
but never there
or how you
only love the rain
when there’s a roof
over your head
you are no friend
to the lines
on my palms
walking in
with love in intent
but always a slaughter
in outcome
you must understand
why i have to do this
why fate
brought me
to this gory submission
you see,
i’ve written an ocean of words
in your name
left messages in bottles
that never made it
in your hands
it was always me love,
robbing words
for your offering
that little girl
on the driftwoods
at dusk
about how it feels
to receive them
is now the woman
who knows better
than to believe
that the sun only sets
in one part of the world
and it’s killing me
you know,
this gut twisting
blade searing
chest piercing
but what’s a little carnage
for a place in someone else’s
yes, at last
and i hope you don’t blink
just don’t,
take a paltry sip
of your scotch instead
i want you
to bear witness
the moment
when you finally lost me... elle bor
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the rolls and swerves
of heartbreak
is the silent making
of self abduction
what is failed
at being articulated
is roared loudly
in the deep trenches within us

that is a misfortune,
how we beg
to be seen
to be heard
from outside of us
by blind eyes
and deaf ears
for which the expanse of our pain
is clearly unfitting
and one day, it just happens
when we can’t run away from it
just there, in the clock ticks
of our waking hours
as an eerie phantom
in our sleep
this agony that
cuts through our viscera
the weight that
we so desperately
begged the world
to take away
we seize them
to bury back into
our own
unsuitable faculties
pity really,
how only a few understand
that it is a mistake
to think of
our mind’s prowess
as this sanctuary
where we could
rest our embattled souls
but the longer
this solitude steeps
within its walls,
we become its
unwitting prisoners

and friend,
this is how we get lost
in a way
that cannot be found
elle bor
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i came home today
oh, how i’ve longed
for this return
to our own place
this tender abode
but what used to be
of fertile growth
is now inflamed with
barren soil
nothing’s the same
where our laughter
roamed freely
is a town aged in disgrace
marred with faceless ghosts
and apparitions
lacking names
that cry in silence
i ache
i throb
for this death
from bodies that have long been cold
before anyone could pay their grief
for wooden boxes
that have since
leached in decay
drowning violently
in the sea of dirt
take me too,
comes my quiet plea
heard and ignored
by a m****r of crows
flying blindly by
this is what
became of us
of this love
the one inherent
to this familiar landscape
now peopled with strangers
everything has changed.. —elle bor
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This one felt impossible to pen...
*************************************************************it must really be
for the rain
to conceal this
between my ruptured lips
beneath my chest
under the mist
and thunder roars
this loathing,
on weathered walls
and bathroom tiles
adorned with mold spores
in my veins,
growing in disobedience
and inside my rib cage
between air hungers

i wonder how many
have been here
how they compromise
how i should
for all the times,
i’ve tried to dissolve
this cloud of grief
that has followed me
time and time again
miles and miles away
from where our love was buried
if only it exists,
a place i can send them to
that welcomes every
ownerless faults spilling out of me
where time is boxed
and the distance folded
somewhere in its wasteland
just maybe
it wouldn’t be so heavy
but there isn’t,
no such thing as
it always finds its way
back in my midst
burning in refusal
patiently waiting
at my fortress
begging for a way in
hoping to find permanence
in the cradle
of my heartbeats
and warm breaths
and how could i deny shelter
from anyone or anything
that’s been drenched in the storm?

your memory enters
it always does...
elle bor
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Red, orange & blue.
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My memories of you don't have a home anymore. they've been evicted from my mind. they wait in line at the soup kitchen and cut in front of others to get into a shelter, where the violence of the streets subsides for just a little while.
but some days, when the hustle and bustle of the city gives me a spare minute, i can see them walking up and down the street. i get out of my car and look on, as they drag themselves across the road. i linger.
if i close my eyes and think hard enough, i can somewhat remember how it felt to have them house safe inside the walls of my head.
but that was then and this is now.
there is only a finite amount of space deep inside the mind, and the now will always outweigh the then, no matter how much it stings.
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Drunk // @stephanieawmartin
full text below.
my drunken thoughts run together
smearing words and ideas,
thoughts, even confidences
into unknown blackness, like
redacted lines from some important
file. i want to remember, maybe even
relive the realities of these nights
between dingy days.
a balloon floats high, touching the ceiling,
perhaps kissing the sky. celebration exudes
from every piece and parcel of your
confetti heart. yet here i stand in blood soaked
reality, realizing the misfortunate of the sex
between my legs. i am stronger than those
images you relay of helpless victims of
circumstance. i need this. i want you. i struggle
with asking an inevitable question.
take what you will. my #writingprompt was #drunk. i have an alcohol intolerance so i don’t get to drink often, if at all. so i wondered what it would be like to be drunk.
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i stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters with #mentalillness. #endthestigma #letstalkaboutmentalhealth
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Maybe? 🌿
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I hope you choose wisely
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|pt2 of the myers-briggs series|

frost lay claim upon my skin,
cold seeped through with strength and vigour,
yet my thoughts churned flame with every step
as i neared the mountain’s peak.
when i reach the top,
i will stomp hard, thrice,
one each for came
i will with frozen tips
of trembling thumbs
snap shots of snow shone silver
i will holler like all youth
in sweet bright films
and laugh soft at the songs of echo.

now at last i have reached
my much anticipated peak,
with one step more
i mount upon the top of world entire.
but i halt fast, i startle still
all i know to do is breathe
for i find for once
there is no need,
for any schemes at all.
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