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Taking part in an internship program at a un system organization is a great opportunity to make a difference in the world. you will⠀

• have a practical experience in the field of international development⠀
• know closely the dynamics of work dynamics, internal policies and routine of un women⠀

👉 to know more about how to apply for this internship vacancy, dm us!⠀
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유엔 여성기구 부총재 아사 레그너 방문 영상 스케치!

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Un women. women in preventing and countering violent extremism in europe and central asia. 👱🏻‍♀️👧🏻👱🏿‍♀️👩🏻👩🏽👊🏻 #unwomen #terrorism #isis #unga #sideevent
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This little girl would have to assume responsibility for gathering firewood for open fire cooking as she gets a little older, walking kilometers and spending hours carrying heavy wood suited to three stone fires. with the new tlc-cqc brick and metal rockets stove installed in her home, this is a thing of the past, her mum can use little sticks and crop residues to cook with instead and save 10-15 hours a week for better things to do. implementation by @comaco_zambia, development by #cquestcapital, investment by fivepoint corporation and photograph by @cameron.newcombe
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I feel like i have to wear something that defines me and how i feel. i have to cary reminders of my goals. i know that i still have a long way to go to reach my goals and live my dreams. i have done a lot of things wrong( loose money on investments, get robbed, loose conversions, quit...) but i’ve also done a lot of things right( traveled the world on recurrent income, enlarged my network to millionnaires around the world, attended masterminds, helped some people make a difference in their life...etc.) the stop me hoodie i am wearing empowers me! i wear in defiance to any negativity i might encounter. i remind myself that i am unstoppable. i have and will encounter a lot of barriers in my life that will try to stop me or even shut me down.... but i will get back up again, i have to!
the sticker on my mac is my job, it’s what saved me from what i considered a happy stable life like wanting a well paid 9 to 5 job with 3 weeks vacation per year (i’ll have worked all my life!). the cycle we have been living in for generations has to be broken. do we want to work a little and rest a lifetime or do we want to work forever and make our ceo’s the only people who get to rest.
we are allowed to be ceo’s and we can all make it. it’s never been simpler thanks to the internet. i want to break that cycle and build a support system for it, for all of us!
retiring in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s is the new global dream.
the world is changing. did you know that the number of millionaires rose by 8% last year.
there is a chance, room and resources for everyone.
all i want is for us to think about our lives, our futures, the cycles we‘ve been stuck in... isn’t it time to change? i think it is!
if you are with me on this comment, like and share... please let me know that i am not alone in this.
show other women your support.
luck doesn’t always meet opportunity... but hard work and opportunity meet luck!
on that note i have a free training in my bio for those interested. it’s what i have started with and then went on a deeper journey of counseling and coaching.
it’s a good way to start your journey.
i am happy to add you to a group where we can all support each other.
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Today i had the privilege and the honor to go into the general assembly hall in the un headquarter in ny. i decided to volunteer during the 73rd general assembly to direct the press to their respective place. during this event, i will be proudly representing my two countries: lebanon and canada. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! 🇱🇧🌎🇨🇦 #un #unitednations #ga #generalassembly #2018 #world #internship #unwomen #lebanon #canada #representation #honor #privilage #travel #traveling #photography #adventure #discover #bright #worldaffairs #politics #headquarters #nyc #newyork #newyourkcity #usa
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Exciting times ahead as @livinvic and i bring @wave_of_ecosophy to the world
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@siennathing what a great advocate in reminding us we can change the world, we should support and honor the achievement of full gender equity and end trafficking of women and girls world wide. we should celebrate and acknowledge the women of the world and their journey! we are the change which is an essential priority not only for our children but for the future of humanity! .
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Our #tjneophitoudress inspired by @10magazine sophia, one of the most visionary and inspiring women in the industry, has been updated with our #ss19 "love" print. we extracted the most powerful words from our interviews with activists and campaigners and have woven these words into a body of textiles.⠀ ⠀
teatum jones x unwomen x youtube x bfc x google⠀

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