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Felicidades mi amor por otro gran paso en tu vida🇺🇸 . #uscitizenship #uscitizen #usa
17 553 June 2018
The american dream. #uscitizen
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Look what came in the mail!!!!! woot woot!!! stoked! #finallyacitizen #uscitizen
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Another accomplishment 🇺🇸 🙏🏻#sept22nd #uscitizen
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Thanks to this country for adopting me. #uscitizen 🇺🇸😭🎉🎊
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It’s been a long time coming... this morning i was sworn in as a united states citizen. i want to dedicate this to my parents soraya & ahmad who in ‘96 decided to leave it all behind in our native country, iran. family, friends, careers & great memories in hopes of giving my sister and i the american dream. only god and those close to us know everything we have gone through as a family in order to achieve this. thanks mom and dad, you guys are the reason i put 110% into all i do in order to make you guys proud. you had a vision we didn’t see back then and it’s all coming to fruition. i am forever grateful to you both and i look forward to honoring you the rest of my life. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #uscitizen #oathceremony #uscitizenship
64 602 April 2018
Gracias a dios y a mi madre hoy soy ciudadana americana. cuando era niña y te extrañaba en casa no lo entendía, hoy te entiendo mamá, este era tu sueño y te agradezco el haberme traído a la tierra de las oportunidades. en estados unidos he aprendido que si quieres algo y luchas por ello lo consigues, y aunque el camino no es fácil, siempre se puede. 🙏🏽👏🏼🇺🇸🎉

thanks god and my mother today i became us citizen. when i was a child and i missed my mom i didn’t understand, but now i know what was her purpose. this was my mother’s dream and i’m so thankful that she brought me to the land of the opportunities, a country of immigrants, where i have learned that your dreams become true if you work hard and never give up. united states of america 🇺🇸 is my new home 🏡 ❤️😁 #uscitizen #thanksgod #godblessamerica
83 298 February 2018
One more accomplishment 🌻 #uscitizen
23 221 May 2018
Your girl can no longer get deported #yourestuckwithme #uscitizen
28 211 April 2018


My #mother and #ivoted today. it's a big deal cause, this is the first time since she became a #uscitizen that she did real research on all the #candidates
#beto #ussenate #betofortexas
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New u.s. citizen in the family 🇺🇸👶🏻🦅 Побывали сегодня в новом американском посольстве в Иерусалиме, туда даже экскурсии водят 🙈 для фотографии с табличкой.
Так интересно, что большая часть сотрудников говорят на арабском и даже частично объявляют на арабском языке... В русском консульстве, например, все сотрудники из России, странно, что в американском не из Америки...
#иерусалим #консульство #посольство #гражданство #usembassy #jerusalem #diversity #complicated #iphoneography #jerusalemcity #jerusalemoftheday #uscitizen #vscofilter #vscocam #enjoytobeinisrael
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When you came to the office and found this special surprise.. thank u girls :) :) #uscitizen
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#eznews tal como informó el uscis, el estado de protección temporal para somalia se extiende hasta el 17 de marzo de 2020. ¡para mantener tu tps, debes volver a registrarte antes del 26 de octubre de 2018!⠀
as the uscis reported, temporary protected status for somalia is extended through march 17, 2020. in order to maintain your tps, you must re-register before oct. 26, 2018!
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Solo por pocos días, renueva tu daca por menos de $1000. ¡no pierdas esta oportunidad de mantener tu sueño americano vivo!⠀
just for a few days, renew your daca for under $1000! don’t miss the chance to keep your american dream alive!
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Las leyes no deben establecerse por el temor de algunas personas hacia los extranjeros. ¡los inmigrantes hacen de los estados unidos una de las naciones más grandes del mundo!⠀
laws must not be established by the fear some people have of foreigners. immigrants make the us one of the greatest nations of the world!
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Thank you kind woke stranger for sending me this postcard. i'm passing its important message on.

us expat, american abroad, overseas patriot, wandering 'murican... whatever you call yourself if you are a us citizen outside the us you still get a vote. a precious vote to help save the motherland.

there is still time to request a ballot and vote. just follow the directions on this postcard or click on the link in my bio.

let's send towering waves of votes over.
1 17 12 hours ago


Pops officially repping the red, white and blue as a new us citizen! so proud. achieved every element of the american dream 🙌🏽
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10/21 did u know all #electionballots in #sanfrancisco come in two languages: english and either #chinese #spanish or #filipino (your choice) with #pollworker #manual scripts in the back written out in these languages as well as #korean and #vietnamese. if a voter does not understand any of these languages you can call the election office and supposedly there are about 50 other language translators! plus this #november6, even if you are not a #uscitizen but live in #sanfrancisco & care for children under the age of 19, you can #registertovote and cast your #vote in the #boardofeducation #elections #election2018
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I did my part as a #uscitizen and i #voted 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 mailed in my vote today😎
#vote #doyourpart #merica
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In the “adoption world”, today is what is considered my “gotcha” day. some celebrate it. my adopted parents always called it “our anniversary”... the day they “got me”, the day they picked me up from the airport and i was handed over to them from korea’s social welfare service... the place who has absolutely no record of my existence. every year we’d “celebrate”. in the early years my mother would dress up in a kimono and dress me up in a kimono too 👘. she’d prepare a candlit dinner with mostly my fathers favorite food and they’d give me presents, like it was my birthday even though we were jehovah’s witness who don’t celebrate birthdays or holidays 🤨🤔. whereas i “should be grateful that someone wanted me” i just can’t “celebrate” the day i officially became someone’s property. every year that goes by, every year as i grow older, every time i think about my kids and life as a mother, i wonder what the real story was: was i voluntarily given up as by my #birthmother or was she forced to? was my birth father ever informed that he was going to be a father? did anyone ever consider it wrong that 3 people would make a permanent decision about an unborn baby’s life? didn’t #korea ever consider that all the babies they would sell off would eventually grow up and want to know about their heritage or real #family history when they so sloppily discarded or falsified our birth records? don’t my #adoptiveparents realize that no matter how many times they told me that they “loved me like their own” that they never did because i have three children of my own & i never have to tell them that, nor do they question it? don’t people realize that it totally f***s you up when you’ve treated like a commodity and piece of property? don’t people get that i wasn’t a child born out of love, i was a child born out of shame, bought by and sold to a couple who had a problem and thought a strangers baby was their solution? i wonder... what if i had of gotten parents like the fictitious characters “jack and rebecca pearson” from this is us, would i feel differently? ... or what if i was adopted by an #asianfamily or near other #koreanadoptees, would i have turned out differently?
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