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🌞 earlier this morning (july 20, 2018) ~
πŸ“at commercial street, nanaimo
today was a good day. before work, i stopped by @perkinscoffeeco for my fave sausage rolls. along the way, i saw this cool vintage bike and new i had to take a pic. while at work, a colleague and i travelled down island to duncan for a trip to @islandraptors where i watched a flying demonstration by the incredible staff and a number of awesome predatory birds. i took some film footage as well fyi (stay tuned for that). after work, i did some gardening. then, i met up with @sethollins and we walked up to sugarloaf mountain in the north end of nanaimo to watch the sunset and to take some cool photos... which i’ll probably post tomorrow btw :)
after that, we had dinner dt.
and now i am currently at home, uploading all of the content from today and posting this photo of course :p
goodnight and till next time πŸ‘‹πŸΌ
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Lavender πŸ’œ
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To measure your average brain function during neurofeedback training, our neurointegrator 2 measures your brainwave activity in the form of brainwaves. 🧠🌊
this graph shows the characteristics of each type of brainwave that we measure, which range from the most activity to the least activity.
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Break the rules seaside with me, yeah
we never ever felt so good
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Great view this evening after coming in from the boat. we caught a bunch of prawns out there in the #pacificocean just enough for supper!!
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Quiet, sweet, mindless stop tonight to just take in the beauty of the beach, listening to the waves and gazing at the moon.

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Prepping for another show tomorrow & polishing new earrings & bracelets before bed.
2nd round of 80 day obsession day 79 cardio core 45 minutes
breakfast m1 - bacon & eggs
snack m2 - 2 pieces of homemade pb carob fudge
lunch m3 - taco salad
snack m4 - pork rinds
dinner m5 - rooibos espresso & bone broth
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Revydog goes sideways alldays everyday πŸ•πŸ”„πŸ•
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Moonrise on the west coast trail. this beautiful multi day coastal hike on vancouver islands wild west coast is world renown and has to be booked in january for the summer season. .
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Cow bae
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It may look innocent and fluffy but this sativa dominant strain called black widow gives a very strong high. this buds wicked thc level will send you through the roof, giggling like no other. we recommend to the more experienced tokers 😀 #stickyfingersconcentrate
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