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I rarely follow recipes so i have a hard time coming up with names for my delicious dishes. this pile of awesome is breaded tofu, potatoes, and mushrooms, and i made a random sauce with liquid smoke and olive oil and spices. so i’m calling this “breaded tofu that actually came out crispy after i baked the s**t out of it for an hour and also there’s potatoes and mushrooms and a yummy marinade and then i put scallions on top for the photo.” #veganfortheanimals #healthyfood #vegan #veganaf #rochestervegan #roastedveggies #tofu #crueltyfree #poweredbyplants #plantbased #veganfood #healthyvegan #vegansofinstagram #vegancommunity #veganism #veganlove #veganlife #veganlifestyle #whatveganseat #potatoes #highcarb
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Just made the most amazing #vegan #burger ever 😍 check it out in my highlights pals 💋#allfromscratch #veganfood #veganburger #veganrecipes #veganvideos #veganfoodshare #veganlife #homemade thanks for the help @peterjulian4 you are my fave assistant chef 💋💜
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🇬🇧 raspberry-strawberry sorbet with blueberry soy-yoghurt, topped with coconut flakes & granola. for the sorbet just blend frozen raspberries with strawberry-protein to a smooth consistency. was so good 🚀
🇩🇪 himbeer-erdbeer sorbet mit heidelbeer-sojajoghurt, getoppt mit kokosraspeln und granola. für das sorbet habe ich einfach im hochleistungsblender gefrorene himbeeren mit erdbeer-proteinpulver gemixt. mega lecker und erfrischend! 😍 in meiner bio gehts übrigens zum neuen food diary - da zeige ich euch unter anderem diese kreation. 😏
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Nothing insta-worthy about this photo but sometimes you just need a dirty burger in your life 😋———————————————————————> my first time cooking with canned jackfruit and i’d highly recommend! for this pulled jackfruit burger, i marinated the drained jackfruit pieces in oil, smoked paprika, tomato purée, mustard and soy sauce and left in the fridge all day before cooking covered with tinfoil for around 45 mins, tearing when super soft for a pulled-pork style burger! plant based junk food at it’s most simple and best 🌱 ————————————————————————> i like to load my burgers with plenty of toppings...cheese, slaw, avo, tomato... the more the merrier! anyone else tried cooking with jackfruit? what recipes would you recommend? 📲👇
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One of my favorites : raspberry chia oatmeal
organic oat with water on stovetop for 2-3 minutes. mix with 1cup of raspberries and chia seeds. serve in a bowl with banana, crunchy muesli, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and organic coconut chips. delicious 😋
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Começando a manhã relembrando a infância com @nativeorganicos ❤️🌻
e ainda na caneca de porquinho pra ter mais maturidade ainda 😂
eu amo demais da conta! 🐽
tag veg🌿
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that winter body tho ✌️ feeling content with taking care of myself instead of pushing myself in these winter months and doing some more self care in ways that are eating a bit more food and lifting a little less weights. i have a lot of love for my body and appreciate it's strength so much 💕
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Simon made a ridiculously good cold soba noodle salad for dinner. the original recipe was on @epicurious we played with it a bit, partially because we didn't have all the ingredents we thought we did 😳🤦‍♀️ and partially because we are rubbish at following recipes and always change them a little bit 🤣. i had mine with some amazing marinated tofu. i will post tge recipe we did on facebook later. #vegan #vegandinner
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🍠🍟🌿 healthy baked sweet potato fries - is all i need today
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mmmm, brunch
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Sanctuaire 💕😎🌸🌞🌺🌿 #veganlife #summermood #bourgenbresse
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#vegan#vegano#vegana#vegangirl#veganfood#veganrecipes#veganlunch#veganproducts#veganpasta#veganuary#veganlife#vegandiet#vegandinner#govegan🌱 what an incredible surprise 💚i went to see a dear friend that makes one of the best wine ever here on the island..owner of a wonderful place where you can drink and sing ..and have one of the most delicious pasta i ever had..with chili 🌶 cime di rapa that is like a selvatic 🥦 and.. 🍐!!! thank you irene i❤️✨🌱🌴u
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Я очень давно хотела приготовить Рататуй. В детстве, когда мама колдовала над формой, аккуратно укладывая в нее кружочки овощей, я думала, что вот она - высокая кухня. Мне это казалось сверх сложным 🙈 И я предпочитала обходить стороной тот самый Рататуй, вызывающий священный трепет и желание спрятаться от страха не соответствовать его уровню.
Но рано или поздно со своими страхами приходится встретиться лицом к лицу 😂 - и вот я готовлю Рататуй на своей кухне. 👩‍🍳 И это, скажу я вам, был незабываемый процесс приготовления и томительного ожидания. Мне очень хотелось узнать и почувствовать тот самый вкус. 💚Помните, когда в мультфильме «Рататуй» Антон Эго проверяет ресторан, важным становится не способ нарезки лука и морковки, и не материал, из которого сделана форма для выпечки – а то, как человек узнает свой любимый вкус из детства и переносится в самые теплые воспоминания, где ощущение безусловной любви и заботы к нему приходит именно через еду, приготовленную мамой. 🤗 И вот что я хочу вам сказать, не бойтесь экспериментировать! Самое главное, когда вы возьметесь за этот рецепт, пока будете готовить соус и раскладывать овощи, постарайтесь вложить в свой Рататуй самые теплые эмоции – и тогда равнодушных точно не будет 👌😉
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To give is to receive.
to travel is to learn and connect and to heal.
go out and serve the world, know yourself and inspire.🌏
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