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This time last weekend on the chattooga river at pig pen falls. crushed our theory/superstition that bass only hang out in slower moving water. crushed the flash minnow too; even the little ones are vicious πŸ’₯
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No wifi, no video games just relaxing nature at a backwoods inn in north georgia that educates people about conservation with its solar panels & composting efforts. we had to hike 4 hours to get there but the peace there is priceless. and he might have played hookie on friday but he learned far more than he could of at school that day. #hikeinn #wandernorthga #hookie #hike #gatc #appalachiantrail
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Rare that a butterfly poses. might have something to do with frankie trying to bite it. don’t worry, it was ok. #butterfly #campingwithdogs #airstreamlife #optoutside #wandernorthga #vogelstatepark
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Never order barbecue in a place where you have to ask for your tea to be sweet. i took this picture where the bbq is good and the tea is sweet - #wandernorthga
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We are so tired of this rain β˜”οΈ looking forward to sunnier days soon!
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Views from 3300 feet! 14 miles in 2 days and he did so awesome! #hikeinn #wandernorthga
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Decided to finally check out this place! worth it. they make bath bombs too ladies πŸ’— #sunrisegrocery #supportlocalbusiness #bathbombheaven #freshfruit #oldschoolcandy #wandernorthga #goodday
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β˜•οΈsunday brunch buffetβ˜•οΈ
we get hungry just thinking about tomorrow!
πŸ₯š7am – 11am - chef tended omelette station
πŸ–11am – 2pm - carving stations with premium cut meat
we see a nap in your future😴
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If happiness is the goal - and it should be, then adventures should be a priority. so fill your life with adventures, not things. have stories to tell, not stuff to show. because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately (woah, i know) and for forever if someone asked me about what superpower i’d have, i always said teleportation.
because it’s awesome.
from the money i’d save on gas, on a car, insurance, or plane tickets to the time it’d take to get there, it’s always seemed like the most logical one to me (and the quickest way out of danger, for that matter).
but i’ve been thinking, and in choosing to get instantly from my starting point to my end goal—my destination—i realized i’d ultimately miss out on 90% of the journey, the lessons, and the sacrifice that would be woven into the entire experience.
that’s not worth it to me.
if there’s anything i’ve learned, it’s that waiting is the seasoning on a meal, making the taste that much sweeter. it’s the promise of the process that provides patience for the pursuer.
i once heard “it’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” its not the journey we take, but the journey that takes us. it’s only through the climb that we change, and that’s what’s more important than even reaching the mountain top itself: it’s being prepared by the journey to handle the peak once you get there.
there’s something about the unflinching permanence of the journey toward a place that can’t help but change the temporary ones taking it. i guess that’s why we’re all changing.
i guess that’s why we like trips.
let’s just make sure it’s a trip that changes for the best.
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•r e f l e c t i o n•
taking time to | r e f l e c t | and take focus on what you can start doing immediately will let you live in 100% alignment to your true purpose. β†žβ†Ÿβ† β†žβ†Ÿβ† β†žβ†Ÿβ† β†žβ†Ÿβ† β†žβ†Ÿβ† 
✨be your truest self ✨
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Let me know your thoughts on the comment below. hope you all have a great rest of the weekend πŸ€™
artist: @iksonofficial
song: last summer
check out @iksonofficial for some awesome songs!
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I went waterfalling today and i need up in war woman dell. this is not from today. i don’t have a computer with me to process the photos i shot today, so i’m sharing an older photo in the same location. this was shot several years ago after a month of daily record rainfall. it’s rarely more than a trickle. .
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