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One of the most important lessons i've learned in 2014 is how important it is to constantly be in community, and i can't wait to reconnect with some of the most incredible people i've been blessed to have in my life this weekend! #watermarks14 #10yearsofwatermarks
1 70 December 2014


Love the fact that i get to spend random quality time with all these lovely people! nothing like a good reunion to remind us about the important things in life! love you all!!! #reunions #watermarks14 #framily
0 32 November 2014


Throwback to fun times playing human foosball during staff training, and shout out to @abetterday1 for the pic!! #watermarks14
0 67 September 2014


This summer has been the most exhausting and worthwhile experience of my life. i was so blessed to live and work with these amazing people for an entire summer. i may beyond honored to have been whiteness to all of the impossible things god has done through my life this summer, as well as the lives of our students and staff. now i need to figure out how to live outside of camp. #watermarks14 #10yearsofwatermarks #watermarkscamp #worthit #goodtalk
1 32 August 2014


This has been the most bittersweet transition of a new season, and i couldn't be more thankful for every part of it. #watermarks14 #foreverfamily #vscocam
7 42 August 2014


Remembering #watermarks14 and all the incredible worship experiences we had this summer. #highriselive will be a good reminder of the god encounters we all had. stay on the look out septemeber is coming quick! #outofthisvalley
0 37 August 2014


0 6 August 2014


Ahh, where has the time gone!! it was just yesterday we were entering week 1! god moved in so many ways this summer! i am so thankful and blessed to work along side these amazing people! you're all amazing and uniquely different! god changed so many lives this summer along with mine! god is so good! can't wait to see what he has planned for this final week with camp hope! so excited!! #toblessedtobestressed #camphope #letsgo
3 38 August 2014


After week 9 at camp, i could never be thankful enough for what god has given me and shown me this summer. i cannot wait to see what he has planned for this last week of camp! #watermarks14
5 114 August 2014


"because it is far more important to know who then to know why." i can't to be back at @watermarkscamp for one last week. can't wait to see the lord move in powerful and mighty ways! #watermarks14 #vscocam
5 21 August 2014


Blessed to be able to worship with the staff at @watermarkscamp as we get to be a part of the live recording of @elevationchurch's new album #ewattw #watermarks14 #stafftrip
2 25 August 2014


Went and got pedicures with some of the best women of god i have ever met 💞 #watermarks14
0 38 August 2014


3 57 July 2014


After tug of war in the mud💩 had a great week at camp with great friends💕💃#watermarks14 #10yearsofwatermarks
1 90 July 2014


2 82 July 2014


"as it is written: how beautiful are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things!" -romans‬ ‭10‬:‭15‬ hcsb #watermarks14 #sisterhoodofthetravelingchacos
1 26 July 2014


Super excited to hear how jesus changed the hearts of these kids at #watermarkscamp ! they come home tomorrow!! #ugcamp14 #watermarks14
1 9 July 2014


Soul sisters wear chaco's. #watermarks14 #chacosummer #chaconation #vscocam
3 45 July 2014


It's hard to pick a favorite moment from camp because the entire week is righteous, god-filled enjoyment. if anything my favorite moments were the ones i got to spend with my friends this year. watermarks is an amazing place that enables everyone who comes to learn and be with god. i am so thankful for all that travis, angie, and every staff member who has worked there has done to make watermarks what it is. #watermarks14 @watermarkscamp
2 20 July 2014


Long live the chacos! ✊ love these ladies & glad we were all placed here to serve our awesome god. #chacosnation #chacosandjesus #watermarks14
3 49 July 2014