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After having the first signature resewn & a split in the blind-tooled pigskin spine repaired with toned kozo, the “concordantie biblie canonum” is almost finished, but while measuring it for an enclosure we noticed a few different things to share for #watermarkwednesday before it goes back to #specialcollections.
ka1488 .j64
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Part of a three-part watermark found in the tissandier collection, bought by the library of congress in 1930, concerning the history of early flight in europe.
likely from the royal house, because of the three lilies, the traditional coat of arms of the french monarchy.

i've worked this year on a method to enhance watermarks with transmitted light and manipulations on photoshop. if you want to know more about it, i got you covered :
https://www.loc.gov/preservation/conservators/tissandier/index.html .

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John henry nash offering for #typetuesday and #watermarkwednesday .  1924 migratory books, haunts and habits.  one of five hundred copies printed privately for ernest dawson by the venerable john henry nash on his unicorn watermarked paper. a humorous treatise on books that go to the marketplace after a collection is dispersed.  lawson was a bookseller in southern california, establishing his shop in 1905; i imagine these were sent to his customers.

i'd recommend reading the paragraph i zoomed in on (swipe left): i, obviously, greatly appreciate "migratory books". i also appreciate john henry nash's layout and design.  i don't come across many modern (none, really) works that approach his techniques.  perhaps it's just stylistic, and times have moved on, but i'm stuck in the past (big surprise). i wish more modern books would adopt a similar style, that borrows heavily from the past. i like it.  but i learned long ago that my tastes don't align with profitable trends.

and would someone please write john henry nash a wikipedia article!  he deserves one.  if there is one, i couldn't find it.

migratory books sold the day i listed it.  i must not be the only one who appreciates nash's works.

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It’s #watermarkwednesday! and here’s a lovely one from a gorgeous #woodblock i’m working on now, by a french artist who lived and worked in japan. this particular print is unusual, as it’s of cactus plants and blooms. 🌵
i don’t know for sure, but it seems to me this was a personal #watermark of the artist. .
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Gearing up for our swim drink fish gala in one month's time, here's lisa charleyboy's watermark from our 2015 waterkeeper gala. lisa tells the beautiful story of her first time fishing when she finally felt "that deep connection" to water. (part 2)
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1 21 March 2018


Gearing up for our swim drink fish gala in one month's time, here's lisa charleyboy's watermark from our 2015 waterkeeper gala. lisa tells the beautiful story of her first time fishing when she finally felt "that deep connection" to water. (part 1)
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#watermarkwednesday. what a find! my first #whale. #baleine. #rarebooks #librosantiguos
2 35 March 2018


chilliwack river, bc - megan reich

they say that walking in nature makes you feel more calm and relaxed and for me, this has always been true of the chilliwack river. my parent’s house is a mere five-minute walk from the river so i have had the privilege of visiting it regularly for most of my life. i have walked down there in spring, summer, fall, and winter, watched beavers move in and build their dams, and seen the main flow switch from one bank to the other. my family has worried some years that the river would flood and come over the road like it did in ’89. as a family we have tubed and swam in the river, roasted marshmallows on the bank, caught insects and minnows and watched the salmon run.

the river was most important to me when i was a teenager (during the years around 2007). my part of the river is not on any map and the trails are known only to the locals and fishermen who make them. whenever i was upset, which as a teenager was all the time, i would wander the trails with my dog. i would walk for kilometers and get lost on new paths until i could find my way back home. when it was warm i would swim or wade in the shallows. i even had a special spot by a b****r dam where i would go to think. the chilliwack river is my happy place.
1 28 February 2018


Happy #watermarkwednesday from davidson archives!
1 41 January 2018


This #watermarkwednesday we have decided to show off this adorable little puppy who is hidden in the pages of a 16th century spanish legal manuscript. [legal documents containing pieces from the reigns of juan ii, enrique iv, and isabel la católica, ms 87] #watermark #watermarks #iglibraries #oldbooks #rarebooks #handmadepaper #spain #spanishhistory #uwmadison
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Little birdie, little birdie
come sing to me a song
a short time to stay here
and a long time to be gone (by flatt&scruggs)

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#reposted from assistant conservator @femoz

you've seen the fancy version of the malaysia proclamation on #parchment but here's another original, printed only in red and black on t. h. saunders laid paper! can you see the beautiful watermark? (before digital photos came about, it is what a real watermark means/looks like) the singapore proclamation is also printed on the same paper. his watermarks are so intricate and nicely done such that saunders won medals, and was an important paper supplier for postage stamps and bank notes to many countries worldwide, in the 19th century. saunders paper now comes under somerset as saunders waterford, a #trademark #brand for many artists and watercolorists. #sghistory #sgmemory #malaysia #merger #thsaunders #paper #watermark #watermarkwednesday #nationallibrarysg
1 25 January 2018


The initials on the p*t look like my initials. very special. twins. houghton lib. ms eng. 966.1 [c. 1620 - 1633] #watermark #watermarkwednesday
0 14 January 2018


Fleur de lis in shield with crown above wi under #watermark #watermarkwednesday #rarebook #oldbooks #vieuxlivres
2 42 January 2018


For our first #watermarkwednesday of 2018, jeannine beautifully shares how water connects her to her family and how much ambleside beach means to them.

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https://www.watermarkproject.ca/watermark/a0d0b00000g5gmlqaz (clickable link in bio)
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