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❌dirty fanfiction❌
🔥corbyn besson🔥
***zach's pov***
i ran outside our beach house and knocked on y/n door. she opened the door and before she could say something i ran into her house and closed the door. "what the heck, zach? what's wrong?" she asked me "don't tell the boys i'm here!" i said nervous. why did i go to her and not to another person. well i don't know. "why? what happened?" she said as she put her hand on my shoulder to calm me down. "i'll explain it to you, but please! don't tell the boys i'm here! i need time" i said and looked her deep in the eyes. d**n her eye color is amazing , it's brown, green , a lil gray and a lil orange. d**n she's a work of art. "okay i won't tell anyone" se said as she let out a sight "but tell me what happened" she continued. "okay" i say as she pulled me on the sofa right next to her and started to listen to what i've told her. "well corbyn and i played fortnite and he killed. then we talked for a while and i told him that i like this girl. bad thing is he likes her too and we kinda got into a fight because of her soo... i need some time away from corbyn and daniel cause i'm pretty sure he likes her too" i said kinda sad. she just looked at me like she would do the math or something like that "well you can stay here if you want to, as long as you want but you should talk with corbyn and daniel about the situation" she said in a calm voice and i just stared at her. "and this girl... tell me something about her" she said with a cute smile. "well she super pretty , beautiful hair and i just love her eye color, her personality is just on point and she everything that a boy could asked for , maybe that's why a lot of boys like her and maybe that's why corbyn and daniel and i like her, she's just like and angle" i said as i started to describe her. she looked at the ground and started to think about something. more in the commentsss
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Just so you know , half of my audio are from @wolfhardaudios , they have really cool audios ❤️❤️❤️
and the rest of my audios are from other edit 😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
sry for not giving creds for audio to @wolfhardaudios or anyone else 💔.
this pic is from @seaveydaniel story 💕 #wdwimagines #seaveydaniel
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Chapter 15
5 months later
lyla pov
i have been living with the boys for about 5 months now and i love it. i started a youtube channel about 4 months ago and it is doing really well. today i wanted to film and car karaoke. i got zach in the front, i’m driving, the corbyn in the middle and jonah to the left of him and daniel to the right of him and the jack is sitting on the floor😂
i set my camera up and get everybody set.
l: hey guys today i am with the why don’t we boys and i am going to do a car karaoke.
l: dibs on aux
z: damn
the first song in tomorrow by chris young
l: y’all might not know this one
jo: why
l: it’s country music
i put the song on and there are some really good vocals in this song.
l: 🎵tomorrow, i’m gonna leave here, i’m gonna let you go and walk away,
like everyday i said i would
and tomorrow, i’m gonna listen
to that voice of reason inside my head telling me that we’re no good
but tonight imma gonna give it one last time
rock you strong in these arms of mine
forget all of the regrets that are bound to follow
we’re like fire and gasoline
i’m no good for you
your no good for me
we only bring each other tears and sorrow
but tonight im gonna love you like there’s no tomorrow🎵
i finish the song and the boys look at me with their mouths wide open.
l: what.
d: don’t “what” us
l: what do you mean
boy: that was hella good
l: nah i coulda did better
j: zach get your girl because she won’t take the freaking compliment (vine😂) z: yup ok next song
l: alright!
we then played more songs and it ended up being an hour long video.
l: ok let’s go home so i can try to edit this down to 30 mins😂
we all laugh and i start to drive home.
5 days later
i posted the video and it was about 30-35 mins long and it’s actually doing really good and i think that i’m going to do a cover of tomorrow and post it.
z: baby your video is doing so well
l: ik i’m so happy
z:i’m proud of you
l: aww thanks zach♥️
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Chapter 14
lyla pov
i told him everything, the scars, the bruises, and the arguments.
z: why didn’t you tell me sooner?
l: i was afraid you were going to leave me because you don’t want a broken girl like me.
z: i am with you because you are an amazing person and i don’t want anyone else. i love you and only you.
l: i love you too
we got to the wdw house. i’m so ready to be here and see my favorite people. we get to the door and before we go in zach stops.
z: there is one thing i want to do before we go in
l: what is that
he pulls me close and kisses me and then the door opens
d: god d**n it again...wait lyla your back
l: yah i am, and i’m here to stay
d: yes, wait zach did you make sure it is ok with our manager
z: yes, he said it was ok
l: this is going to be fun
i say as i walk in the house.
l:im back b*****s
everybody runs to me laughing at what i just said but i act clueless
l: what are y’all laughing at
then i start to laugh
this is going to be a great time.
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