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The movement will continue till we see the change we want and need!!! #enough #enoughisenough #marchforourlives#wearethechange
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Always proud to be an eagle #nationalschoolwalkout #wearethechange
2 194 April 2018
Today’s recommendation - blue planet 2.
this series is really close to my heart.
not only because it’s beautifully informative and blows my mind.. but because it does an amazing job of making you feel small.
i watched this series when i came back from india and it was the inspiration i needed to power forward on my mission.
it teaches you about the depths of our home and the importance of looking after it.

not to mention its meditative quality that helps relieve stress and anxiety.

it’s beautiful and you will love it.
#wearethechange #startthewave #blueplanet2
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Grit your teeth, pull your hair,
paint the walls black and scream, "f*ck the world
'cause it's my life, i'm gonna take it back,"
and never for a second blame yourself. -missing you by all time low ♥️ #neveragain #wearethefuture #alllivesmatter #wearethechange
2 109 April 2018
Happy earth day 2018!
may this day be a reminder to continue striving for a better world filled with compassion, love and especially understanding.
the actions i’ve been witnessing on #startthewave have been so inspiring - thank you all for being willing to listen and so keen to make change.

the small steps we take absolutely make all the difference.
we are creating a new future - a conscious world... a happy earth.
i’m so excited to see where this movement grows! 🌍

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The abuse of children’s human rights in #thailand is still one of its major problems.

although it’s prohibited by law, corporal punishment is a common form of violence against children in schools in this country.
sometimes we don’t really realize that any kind of violence towards children (name it mental or physical abuse) hampers children’s development in many ways from inhibiting positive relationships to emotional distress or depression. on this special day i want to put some emphasis on #childprotection around the world and invite you to respect their human rights or reporting any kind of abuse you may see, remember they will always be the generation who will lead in the future for a better world. #nikonshot #wearethechange
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Foi lindo gurias, que a reflexão, a conscientização e o respeito seja uma constante na vida de cada uma de vocês <3 #8m #gesi2018 #wearethechange ❀️
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I had such an amazing time at conference this weekend. thank you to everyone who made this weekend wonderful! #spsea18 #wearethechange #directorofeverything
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Wishing you a happy summer solstice! i love celebrating nature’s holidays. the cycles reminds me how tiny we humans are. that governments come and go. may you enjoy the sun and keep your fires burning bright. i know it helps me to keep seeing beauty and soak in love. we all need it these days to balance the darkness with the light. it really is hard to maintain calm, when there is so much stress in our environment. we must be kind and loving to ourselves and take time to process our feelings - and take whatever action we can to avoid feeling helpless and hopeless. so -sing and dance into the night with friends. raise a glass to the sun. our children need us to celebrate joyfully, to carry on and to #chooselove #chooseloveparenting #chooseloveoverfear #familiesbelongtogether #peacefulparent #peacefulparenting #peacefulparenthappykids #parentcoach #littlewitch #summersolstice2018 #naturalparenting #kitchenwitch #ladads #lamama #laparents #nonviolentparenting #attachmentparenting #sunflowers #resist #nevergiveupthefight #lovetrumpshate #keepfamiliestogether #theyareallourchildren #wearethechange
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Reading is something we do often with our girls and something we want them to grow up and love to do! thank you @theefficiencyprojectsb for helping get our lives organized! we love our new wall book shelves!
#wearethechange #ourfuture #females #bilingual
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Thanks y’all for the impromptu planning meeting for oakanda at the lake !! @taylormakesit @wnne_wng and tara.. july 1st save the date !!12pm-til’ sunset πŸŒ… .. art, food , vibes , culture .. we will get to share with you what our initial action steps will be to purchase or build a dynamic black diaspora cultural hub space. official planing meeting for oakanda at the lake 1-3pm sunday .. we feed you and we get down to business !! to all that have reached out thus far to help πŸ’—. .. we will be emailing you with a agenda for sunday. #blackspacematters #oakandaforever #bbqbecky #cultureovereverything #oaktown #wearethechange
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@m_shinoda brother where ever you are we will always be there to support you. awesome to see you at gramercy and that apple event you made a stressful week so awesome. i wish i could got your autograph and some art but next time. since i meet you in la before the concert show. you keeping making me speechless. thank you for all you do.
@linkinpark @lplive #mikeshinoda #posttraumatic #makechesterproud #wearethechange #fuckdepression @chesterbe #lpfamilynyc #lpfamilyacrosstheworld #lpsoldier #memories #family #gramercytheatre #todayatapple #lpfamilysoldierunground #linkinparkfamily❀ #lp4life
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What can 3 months of crossfit nika and our nutrition coach do for you? they can help you lose 22 pounds!!!! all of our exercise and nutrition plans are customized to meet you exactly were you are at today! so who is ready to book a no sweat intro today! (link in bio) #nikastrong #wearethechange #bethechange #ronda #weloveyou #crossfit #personaltraining #deland #nutritioncoach @crossfit
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Forever hanging with the locals 🐢
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As the sun sets on the longest day of the year, the heat of summer is upon us. for some that means long lazy days, but it also means feeling the fire, the heat within us that compels us to do more. the fire that cooks the meal and reshapes the metals and fuels our home. are we ready to use it and transform? to take the heat of this week's heatwave - in our climate and in our national news - and use that to spur us into real change? on this solstice evening, what is your intention- to bring heat and fire into your life, to dwell on the work long and hard even when it gets hot, to stick it out even at its longest most drawn out moments. here comes the sun. let's show it what our planet is capable of.
#earth #healing #soulstice #change #fire #summer #fightingfirewithfire #herecomesthesun #greatballsoffire #makethechange #bethechange #wearethechange #blessthechildren #planetearth #powerofprayer #permajam #dothework #walktheprayer #getitdone #wegotthis #wegoddess #embracethejourney #theshift #itstime #thetimeisnow #summer #summersolstice #soulstice
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It’s always ok to say no. my body, my rules, my right. #nomore #onevoice #speakout #standup #wearethechange #saynotosexualabuse
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We are excited to be welcoming jenner love at the #wearethechange women's festival and conference on july 13 - 15th!
she will be hosting a "re-write your money story" workshop on saturday morning to help let go of the blame/shame/guilt that holds people back from financial freedom and experience a complete financial & emotional breakthrough!
you won't want to miss it!
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Amanhã, a partir das 9h, o auditório madre teresa será palco para a nossa torcida.
traga o seu copo eco, um lanche para compartilhar e muita emoção para curtir o jogo! βš½πŸ†
#vemhexa #aprenderaseramudança #wearethechange #sejavocêamudançacsi
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Balling watching these videos of koko. rest in peace you incredible little being.
we will keep on trying to save this beautiful little blue ball we all call home πŸ’•
repost @a_lallie_ rip #kokothegorilla πŸ’”πŸ˜­ .
koko, the gorilla famous for learning sign language, passed away yesterday.
thank you koko for teaching humans what #humanity really means. the message in this video is everything. we must listen and act before it’s too late. you will forever be missed koko πŸ’• .
video credit to owner ©οΈ
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A little quote we adore. πŸŒŽπŸŒ± happy friday!
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#productofthemonth πŸŽ‰ handcrafted by a survivor of modern-day slavery, our wrapped in love bracelet has unique design featuring a bronze colored “love” pendant, hand weaving, bronze colored buckle clasp, and adjustable length one size fits all. shop for freedom at rescueher.org/store ❀️
if you’re attending our volunteer orientation tonight, we’ll be selling them there as well! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
#shopforfreedom #wearethechange #shopforacause
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Since i’ve moved to wa, i’ve had a bit of a shift in my business. you may have even noticed a lot less wedding and family work coming from my page.πŸ™€
after months of journaling, soul searching and plenty of creative play, i’ve come to the realization that i love photographing portraits 1-1 (or 2-1) so freaking much and just pouring into one or two people at a time.πŸ‘†πŸΌ
i love hearing stories of passion and inspiration from purpose-driven individuals and businesses. i’m inspired by the light in the eyes of a woman motivated to make change in the world. πŸ’ƒπŸ» so while you’re still going to see wedding work from me, you can expect to see more branding portraits (like the one above).
this is the first photo of many from my photo shoot for freesetusa’s new bag line, sathi.😍
if you haven’t heard of freeset, you have got to check them out! they’re an incredible, purpose-driven company that sells fair-trade and ethically made products from high quality scarves to shirts to backpacks. this nonprofit employs and educates women to provide them freedom from poverty, trafficking and oppression.
go visit their site to shop this gorgeous navy tote now! πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ @freesetusa @sathi_freesetusa
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#stackitup #justalittlesomething #sparkleandshine #diamonds #whitesapphire #platinum and #gold #wearable #therapy #all needed after a very #emotional week....and it’s not over yet.🀦🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΏ‍♀️#oyvay #resist #familiesbelongtogether #theidiotinthewhitehouse 🀬😳#tryingtovibratehigher #wearethechange
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Buy fair trade y’all for your summer fruit!! πŸ₯‘πŸ‰πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ‡πŸ“πŸ₯πŸ₯₯#wfto #wearethechange #bethedifference #makeadifference
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Face your weakness, be your best , for god, for yourself , be the best you can πŸ˜‰πŸ’ΉπŸŒ πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€#hiitboxing #muscletraining #beyourbest #fitnessmotivation #riseandshine #forgod #foryourself #forallyourdefeats #godsplan #healthygeneration #wearethechange #nothingcanstopus #photography #goprofitness #endorfin
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