Priority Girl Magazine
30 minutes ago
prioritygirl #prioritygirlmagazine #wearethechange #women #history #historian #womenshistory #heroine #american #americanrevolution #militia #british #sybilludington #nationalwomensday #nationalcouncilofwomen #nationalwomensmonth #nationalwomenshistorymonthprojecthonorees april 26, 1777- american revolution heroine sybil ludington, 16 years old, rides 40 miles on horseback in the middle of the night to warn american militia that the british were invading.
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Bina Beans
3 hours ago
thelittlebehr #miyavi !!!!! you rocked chicago!!! such a wild crowd, we loved it! to see you in a small, close stage in #houseofbluessandiego to go and see you here at #houseofblueschicago #hobchicago , wow! both shows were amazing and both brought out different sides of your performance! ✨🤘🏻🎶💖🙌🏻💕 keep rocking and spreading the music~~~ good luck on#firebird2017 ! @miyavi_ishihara @miyavi_staff #miyavi15th #miyaviishihara #asiaontour #wearethechange 🕉 #livenationasia #livenationasn #livenation @livenationasn
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Kaela McGuire
4 hours ago
kaelamcguire There is a power within you that is stronger than you realize 💜
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Otara Gunewardene
10 hours ago
otaradel My lunch today. ceramic plate, banana leaf cover, handloom napkin and rusty on standby for his little lunch treat 😊😊😊 will you join me and create a garbage free #srilanka? #wearethechange #noplastic #zerowaste
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Otara Gunewardene
11 hours ago
otaradel Kalindhi uses glass bottles for storage 😊 will you join us create a garbage free #srilanka? #zerowaste #wearethechange #srilanka
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Gem= m3G
13 hours ago
megesaur #souljer #consciousness #awakening #wearethechange thoughts? does the earth need a new hero? a new kind of souljer our historical and present solutions to create peace on earth have been ineffective. the people in power have attempted to use fear to control the masses, and claiming to bring balance and harmony through violence and unjust authority. these actions are often carried out by soldiers, who have been persuaded to fight for these lost causes. the human race needs to promote a new kind of soldier... a "souljer" of peace, joy, love and light. a souljer's purpose is to first overcome and heal their own personal suffering, in order to move into higher vibrational states. by doing so they will lead by example, uplifting and inspiring others, thus raising the collective consciousness. souljers will aim to solve our conflicts with peace and love, and are also conscious of our effect on the environment. we will strive to maintain a balance and create harmony with mother earth as we shift through our evolution of consciousness. ~ indigo souljer @ souljers of light
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Adorn Infusions
17 hours ago
adorninfusions R i t u a l s and healing and stories and recipes and and and.... i am overjoyed that @nabalo is launching their lifestyle magazine may 1. i had the pleasure of e-meeting iris and rolf last year and they continue to inspire and ignite something within me. they have created an online community where people can share beautiful traditions, wisdom, plant medicine and acknowledge others for the role they play in making this earth a better place. if you love self-care, pacha mama, crystals, wellness, and all things magical and sacred then you might want to head on over to their instagram feed @nabalo and sign up for the first edition. i'm humbled and honored to have shared some of my own journey in this "soul care" edition . . . . #nabalolifestylemagazine #adorninfusions #theartofslowliving #seekthesimplicity #slowliving #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #canadiancreatives #selfcare #selflove #yycbloggers #yycnow #yycliving #healthybeauty #greenbeauty #naturalbeauty #nontoxic #handmade #organicskincare #naturalskincare #apothecaryadornments #wearethechange #makersmovement #consciousconsumerism
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Kaela McGuire
18 hours ago
kaelamcguire Sometimes life can feel dark and lonely. and sometimes we bloom from that darkness within a 24-hour period. 🌱 #believeinmiracles #darknesstolight #duality #cycleoflife #trusttheprocess #theonlyconstantischange #newmoonfeels #passionwithpurpose
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Plant-Based / Vegan Lifestyle
18 hours ago
littlebylittleic Ic, do you see? ✨ . the whole concept behind little by little ic was created with the understanding that it takes time to make connections. that little by little we all start to see things, often after learning the truth or experiencing something first hand. until then, most of us simply can't understand because whatever the concept is, hasn't resonated with us. but once it does, there's usually no turning back. indeed there is 'ignorance is bliss', but when it comes to animal cruelty, that's not usually the case. 🙈 . ic was intended to be two fold. one being the literal 'i see' and the other for 'i'nspiring 'c'ompassion. there are so many animals suffering at the hands of humans, many by those who have yet to 'c'. i personally believe in leading by example, in letting others see that there is in fact another way. that the controversial 'vegan' diet is in fact just another way to eat healthy with the honkin' bonus of not hurting animals. 🌱 . i believe that one day in the future there will be silent smiles and nods on the streets, people letting one another know that they too 'c'. a massive community of people that believe there indeed is another way to eat, to live and to be. a life that causes no harm to our sentient friends. ❤ . what is your approach to spreading the awesome word on veganism? 🌱 . 📷 @sfisherx #littlebylittleic #inspirecompassion #animalactivist #animaladvocacy #animalrights #friendsnotfood #bethechange
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