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Punk Rock Marthas
Jenny pouring that liquid sunshine this past weekend... her last big martha project in high school is making a bunch of feminine hygiene kits for our sisters experiencing homelessness. spreading joy every chance she gets 😃 #volunteering #homelesss #coffee #dtla .
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kali clougherty
1 month since the march. 7 months until elections. #wearethechange #votethemout
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Lucatero M 👧
Spent the day at #pbwc2018 listening to influential women and leaders speak about what they're doing to change gender dynamics in the workforce and how far we've come and have yet to come as women! great experience, from panelists that included ashley judd and #metoo movement to manal al-sharif who has spent years to finally get saudi arabia to allow women the right to drive (as of june 24, 2018!) really puts things into perspective and how lucky we are to live in this country that while progressive, still has a long way to go to represent women equally. i'm lucky to work for an organization that recognizes this and is impacting that change! #standupliftup .
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Resistance Revival Chorus WNY
Here we are at our practice space graciously given to us by the unitarian universalist church of buffalo🙌 #wearetherisingsun #wearethechange #wearetheoneswehavebeenwaitingfor #wearedawning #womenempowerment #resistance #resistancerevival #resistancerevivalchorus #buffalo #buffalony
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I'm so proud to be able to say @maxhellier and i now work exclusively with ethical and sustainable fashion brands. we've been lucky enough to work with some beauts since the beginning of this year. im so in love with @aikyou_lingerie 's beautiful fair trade intimates made with organic cotton. they also use second hand cardboard boxing and recyclable packaging. 🙌🏻❤️ #fashionrevolution #slowfashion stay tuned for @maxhellier and my full vegan fashion and food editorial featuring a whole bunch of vegan designers and eateries in lucuma issue 13
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Keira Jones
Double tap if you support @fash_rev !
new blog post.
today's post doesn't have bright photos of me in cute outfits.
today's post is pulling back the curtain to the harsh reality behind the fast fashion industry.
today's post is the reason why i do what i do.
on this day five years ago, 1,100 lifeless bodies were found amidst the rubble, sewing machines, and name brand clothing of the rana plaza factory collapse in bangladesh.
it's hard to imagine that something as simple and materialistic as clothes could cause people to lose their lives. .
i say this not to guilt you, but to let you know. because two years ago, i didn't know. i had no idea that the clothes on my back came at such a high price. you might not have known either, but now you do. and i hope you'll join me in doing something about it!
in this article, i highlight what @fash_rev week is all about, and what you can do to create change! link in bio❤️
#whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution #wearethechange
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At c.a.r.e community association meeting giving out flashlights to residents as part of our community emergency response preparations! shoutout to @baltplan office of sustainability for the assist... #togetherwecan #mybmore #wearethechange
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Jai Bugarin
I am a cofounder of latinopreneurs, a passion project that i have been focused on for the past few months. we are creating a community for latino entrepreneurs that know they were meant for something greater, that want to reach their full potential and become the change they want to see in their communities and the world. ⠀

our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower latinopreneurs to tap into an abundant mindset and convert their passion into a thriving lifestyle business that will give back and push our culture forward. ⠀

for all of you latinos that have an online business or want to launch one i urge you to follow us @latinopreneurs.⠀
if you click the link in our bio you will be able to access our website, join our private facebook mastermind group, enter our free #14dayselfdiscovery challenge and download our free workbook "attract dream clients and maximize profits".⠀

we believe a space where we can feel safe to be ourselves and express our passion without fear of being criticized is what's needed for us to finally take action and go after our dreams and that is exactly what we are creating. ⠀

join our movement and help us change the world one latinopreneur at a time! .
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Selena Gomez Edits❤︎
[smile]2016 or 2018?-both💟
all i can say is: you so ducking precious when you smile ♡
but this caption won’t be bout sel. it’s about sth serious affecting all of us and i wanna break the silence you know. so a new friend of mine inspired me to that ( so if you’re reading this thank you ♡) anyway..
we are here. on social media.
that means we have a phone/lepton.
probably enough food and an apartment (maybe not a big one but at least we have one). we go out and complain that we couldn’t get the newest iphone.
complain that we have homework (or a lot of work)
complain that we don’t get what we wanted.
but is that what we want really what we need? the answer is clear:no.
why did our generation did get so.. negative?
yes we may don’t have the best phone but we have one! we bought it with money. money other people are dreaming of to buy food. we complain about homework or generally work while other people wish they could go to school or work. why are we so ungrateful? let’s change this!
i am grateful for my family & friends. for my food, apartment, ability to go to school.. what are you grateful for?
we say ‘i’m sorry’ when we see that people died tragically but do we really mean it like this? instead of talking maybe you just should pray for them. don’t say it, just do it.
everyday people are dying in wars, in syria, countries in africa, america.. but we act like we are blind. why?
we only see the numbers. i see humans. let’s bring the humanity back that always get more and more lost. we care more about our appearance than about them? you’re saying ‘but we can’t change it anyway..’ you can! pray! donate!
treat others like you wish to be treated and i think you wouldn’t like to be treated like a number, one of hundreds and don’t even noticed.
so let’s pray, be grateful and happy. don’t see the negative sides of your life, you make it your own negative, see the positive sides.
stay positive. ❤️
i just needed to get that off my chest because.. society make our humanity get lost & positivity and so much more! let’s make a change. we are the change. 💕 -malaika🌼 #selenagomez #smile #positive #wearethechange #staypositive #begreatful
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Derrick Edwards
"everything is hard before it is easy"
-@goethe ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
understand, anything in life which comes easy......
will be hard to keep because there was no wisdom formed through learning lesson's.
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Clear Life Inc.
Join the fashion revolution today.
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I just want to create the highest quality, technologically advanced, cleanest, brightest community center possible. i want the children and people we serve to know just because our services are free doesn't mean they aren't vip! please join me as we work to improve our facility, in order to better serve our community.

donations appreciated! planning on a 1mil+ renovation this year to transform building into ultimate shared use community space. every gift counts, no matter the size. thanks in advance! #wearethechange #communitygrind #iloveit
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Allison Wonderland
They made your clothes!! this is amy and todd, remember them from last year’s post? here they are with a pile of polaris jumpsuits. the factory recently moved from one part of east van to another. they moved during a busy time and have barely had a chance to settle in. the new place has more space and more light. it’s also an easy bike ride on my commute. i can pick up new pieces on my way to work- i use the kid seat and an ikea bag! #ecostyle #ecofashion #ethicalfashion #ethicallymade #fashrev #fashionrevolution #imadeyourclothes #whomademyclothes #bethechange #wearethechange #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #slowfashionmovement #madeincanada #madeinvancouver #eastvan #gogreen #bikelife #bikecommuter #shopsmall #smallbusiness #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness #canadianmade #canadianfashion #canadianstyle #keepitsmall #pillarclothing #allisonwonderland
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Allie, The Change Starter LLC
The changes worry civil rights groups, which point out that education secretary betsy devos has already rescinded guidances meant to protect students against s****l assaults on campuses and black and transgender students against bias.crediterin schaff for the new york times

educational racism. the conversation that we are just refusing to have, at the expense of our children and educational system. this policy is a reflection on our nation. the united states was established to be better. how can we heal as a nation when there is a frontal attack on our youth. #undoingracism #racism #raceanddemocracy #shiftingtheparadigm #humanity #wearethechange #weareinthistogether #childrencomefirst
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Melissa Jordano
I will never forget my experiences at marjory stoneman douglas high school and in the parkland community. this has easily been one of the most important things i have done with @backtrackvocals.
on sunday evening, we performed at a benefit concert for carmen schentrup... i am heartbroken that i will never get the chance to meet this beautiful soul who was president of her school’s a cappella club, a national merit scholarship finalist, and a loving daughter and friend ❤️ on monday, we surprised the choral students at msd and performed/conducted a workshop. it was haunting to walk the halls of the school in the midst of this tragedy, but also powerful to witness the love, support and perseverance of the students, faculty and staff.
it was truly an inspiration and honor to be a part of this community for the last two days, and even though i am headed back home now, my heart will forever be in parkland, and i am excited to do my part to keep the movement going strong and to continue spreading the love.
special thanks to @mikehinkle for coordinating this visit, to freshmen guidance counselor, deb work, for hosting us and being our temporary mother, and to the students, faculty and staff at msd for opening their hearts to us #msdstrong 💪
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