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For when we miss our little man so, and could use a “dram” to warm our souls, may we share #alittlescotchselectvintage.
“happiness, or, waiting for lettuce”
winston greeted each day with a joy and enthusiasm, that even on a rainy monday would make me want to get up (well, that, or his little scottie grunts requesting breakfast). of course, he also waited with joy to catch flying lettuce leaves. either way, days were brighter with his happy face, and it is hard to believe it has been one week since he passed. i will cherish photos like this of his perfect scottie smile, and am certain he would smile in gratitude to all of you for your continued love, kindness, and prayers at this time. .
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Can someone get this beagle out of my shot please? #goodvibesonly
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Haters will say it’s photoshopped. happiest #tot! πŸ‘…
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Dad does his best to make his fur babies still feel loved. πŸΆπŸΎπŸ˜Œβ€οΈπŸ€—
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Too busy living my life & being the best puppy ever 😎
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That one time mom thought it would be cool to stay up past my bed time. what was she thinking??
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6 years old
boxer bulldog mix
long tail
fostered in newberg, or

hi there! my name is lacey and the two things i love to do are cuddle and chase squirrels. since being rescued by whbr, my life has gotten so much better! my foster mom takes me for walks at least twice a day, which i love! mom says i have great leash manners. sometimes we see kitties or squirrels and i really want to chase them. because of this, i should probably go to a cat free home. as for other dogs, i really don’t have a problem with them, especially if they are the same size as me.
i love naps and relaxing with my humans. i enjoy finding a nice warm place to sleep, like laying in a sunny spot or next to the fire. mom leaves me out while she runs her errands because i don’t cause any problems for her while she’s gone. you see, crates are not my preferred place to spend time. when it is time to go to sleep at night, i spend the night on the bed next to my mom (which is my preferred place) or on my own bed on the floor.
i enjoy going for rides and behave nicely in the car. you should know that i really am a well-trained dog, and have good skills like sit and down. basically, i am a calm girl, however once in a while i feel a little frisky and will run around doing zoomies.
bottom line, i really just want to find a forever home where i can please my person and be with them as much as possible. i wonder if that person is you? if so, fill out an application today. bit.ly/whbradopt
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Sometimes it’s relaxing to just sit, relax, and #meditate on the things going on around you.
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Good morning!
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Sweetest puppy eyes 😍
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Smiling because monday is almost over... 🀩 - emi 🐾
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