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Transformation does not happen overnight...it takes time ❤ .⁣
for so long i was focused on a "quick fix"...i wanted to lose 40 pounds as quick as possible...i didn't care how as long as it was fast... .⁣
.i realized along the way my journey should not be about how quickly i could lose the weight or how much weight i lost...my journey should be focused on my health and happiness 😄⁣
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1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? 🤩😋
🥗 protein salad bowls 🥗 all by @healthyfitnessmeals ⠀*swipe for shrimp, chicken, beef, salmon or cheese easy meal ideas! recipes below👩🏻‍🍳which is your favourite?!😍

all dishes approximately 500 calories

🍤 cajun shrimp 🍤
sauté 1 lb shrimp with 1 tbs paprika, 1 tsp cajun and 1 tbs olive oil. salad bowl ingredients are romaine lettuce, corn, tomatoes + avocado. dressing: olive oil, lemons, salt and pepper.

🍗 cajun chicken 🍗
chicken b****t marinated with cajun, paprika and evoo then sear until your liking! in bowl add quinoa, corn, tomatoes + avocado mix with salt, pepper, oil and 🍋 garnish with pepper and cilantro.

🧀 mozzarella and avocado 🧀
what you need: mozzarella pearls, avocado and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, fresh basil 🌿, oil, s+p.

🥩 garlic sirloin steak 🥩
1 lb baby yellow potatoes, tomatoes + sugar snaps cooked with oil, italian herbs, garlic powder, s+p. steak marinated in oil, 2 garlic cloves minced, 2 tbs balsamic vinegar, s+p. garnish with parsley. enjoy!

🍣 salmon 🍣
season with evoo, garlic powder, raw honey🍯
eggs, sautéed spinach and 🥑

which is your favourite protein?
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Lunch box ideas✨😍🍱✨ all so easy and delicious! info + calories below! ... 1-5, which is your favourite?!✨:)

1️⃣ vegetarian lunch box
▫️ 380 calories
🥑 eggs and avocado
salad leaves topped with soft-boiled eggs (7min) as well as white quinoa + avocado slices + sesame seeds and some tangerines for dessert. also is added olive oil to go with the lemon juice for the salad dressing :)

2️⃣ chicken lunch box
▫️ 420 calories
🍗 grilled chicken, rice, mushrooms & broccoli
a bed of salad leaves topped with grilled chicken (cooked with olive oil in a pan) + sauteed mushrooms + basmati rice + sesame seeds + steamed broccoli + raspberries with coconut powder for dessert

3️⃣ seafood lunch box
▫️ 530 calories
🍤 grilled shrimps, pasta & greens
salad leaves topped with grilled shrimps (cooked in the pan with olive oil) + 🥑 slices + sesame seeds + steamed broccolini + wholewheat 🍝 and some 🍓 with coconut powder

4️⃣ salmon lunch box
▫️ 410 calories
🐟 grilled salmon, basmati rice & mushrooms
salad leaves topped with grilled (cooked with olive oil in a pan for a few minutes on each side) + 🍋 slices + basmati rice + sesame seeds + steamed 🥦 + sauteed mushrooms (cooked with butter in a pan)

5️⃣ scallops lunch box
▫️ 430 calories
🥒 grilled scallops, rice & zucchini ribbons
grilled scallops (cooked with oil) seasoned with cilantro, 🍋 and sesame seeds + basmati rice + zucchini ribbons (sliced then dressed with olive oil) + almonds + strawberries
created by @wernou and @caloriefixes ❤️
i would choose 1 or 4 !😍
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🇫🇷 le dimanche, on finit les restes 🤗
👉🏼 150g de riz blanc cuit
👉🏼 200g de brocolis
👉🏼 100g de crevettes surgelées @escal_seafood_fr avec un peu de piment d’espelette
👉🏼 quelques graines de sésame

4 sp @ww_france 😉

🇺🇸 on sundays we eat the leftovers!
👉🏼 4oz of cooked rice
👉🏼 5oz of broccolis
👉🏼 3oz of shrimps
👉🏼 sesame seeds
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🍫🍪choc covered double stuffed biscuits🍫🍪

if there are 2 biscuits, you need double the stuffing right? i made these biscuits a while ago, but i was emptying out the photos on my phone and i came across these again. now i’m wishing i had some right now 🥴

cookie ingredients:
➡️ 60g chickpea flour
➡️ 5g cocoa powder
➡️ 10g @brawprotein chocolate vegan protein
➡️ 5g ground chia seeds
➡️ 35g @natvialiving sweetener
➡️ 1/4 tsp baking soda
➡️ 1/4 tsp baking powder
➡️ 10ml almond milk
➡️ 30g butter
# filling ingredients:
➡️ 80g thick vanilla or coconut yogurt (i used @yopro coconut yogurt)
➡️ 15g coconut flour (may need more of yogurt is runnier)
➡️ 10g sweetener, blended into fine powder

chocolate coating
➡️ 80-100g dark chocolate
➡️ 5g coconut oil
# directions:
1️⃣ preheat oven to 180c
2️⃣ combine cookie ingredients together in a bowl until a dough forms
3️⃣ roll out dough into a 5-7mm sheet and cut desired cookie shapes
4️⃣ bake for 6-7min and allow to cool completely
5️⃣ combine icing ingredients in a bowl and sandwich between 2 cookies
6️⃣ melt chocolate and coconut in microwave in 30s intervals until melted
7️⃣ dip cookies into chocolate, freeze for 5min and then enjoy!

ps. i may be mia on insta for the the next few days as i am going away on a camp, supervising children with spina bifida for the next few days ✌🏻
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😅 there’s a reason why boxers do lots of jump rope for cardio.
do you mix in jump ropes for your cardio?
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Who's been going shopping for holiday dresses??⁠

growing up my shopping experience went something like this👇

- finds a pretty skirt ⁠
- buys it in a size that fits but is also tight⁠
- uses it as 'motivation' to lose 10 pounds and fit into it⁠
- holiday comes. weight was not lost. doesn't fit into skirt comfortably😣
- feels self conscious in skirt. feels horrible about self😥 distracted form being fully present and enjoying holiday to fullest potential.⁠

can you relate🙋‍♀️? ⁠

you can't be fully present or feel good about yourself🚫 if you are wearing clothes that are uncomfortable. ⁠

this year, choose to treat yourself with kindness and self care and buy clothes that fit your 'here and now' body🙏🏻. you deserve to feel good in every size whether your body will change in the future or not💃. stop living for a month form now or year from now. live comfortably now💯!⁠

that being said - i know that not all stores are size inclusive and i believe everyone deserves to find clothes they like and are comfortable for their body size. so here are some brands that sell modest clothing that go beyond a size 16🙌


what mindset do you shop with for holidays🤔?
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