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12 436 January 2018
—♡ let me breathe ac: kindraxhl dt: jb stans ☾ @justinbieber♛ [#volatilegrp #confidentgrp #omgpage]
17 448 December 2017
—♡ justin + bandanas? a concept! ib: bizzxer @justinbieber♛ [#confidentgrp #omgpage]
38 463 December 2017
—♡ we love a happy bean! ac: my loop @justinbieber ♛ [#volatilegrp #confidentgrp #serenityaccrc #omgpage]
27 399 November 2017
Whatchu mean? 😈 ac: sirepetrova cc: oiblivion dt: luis, yas, ania, sab // sorry for being inactive but anywho this is my new style, let me know if you like it! //please tag @flamingeos because i worked h*****n this one and he's inactive on my acc.
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I have no caption i’m so lazy gn it’s 9:28 pm • oof thanks so much for all the likes/views <3 i never get this many reeeeeee • edit: i just realized i put @/iconicstans instead of a z so this is mine don’t worry i didn’t steal
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Stop being a crackhead for one second - lolol hi i finally made an edit @wes10
25 421 November 2017
Are you currently stalking me? xoxo (he liked?!?)
79 605 September 2017


Madison & Halle
They called off school and i’m debating on going back to sleep or eating. but i’m to lazy to get out of bed oof @wes10 #wes10 ~ madison
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♔Jordyn ♔(No Follows Oof)
Haha f@c3 reveal!1!1!1 yes this is the person you follow i know she ain’t that cute 😤💀🤧😤sorry i don’t usually save my selfies after i make them i just post and delete so sorry not a lot there’s a couple people from my school that follow me to yeet wassup my guy haha • @daddyoven @blehtheme @owencusac < so he knows i’m not an old man😤🤧😭😫💦> • i also know i have no eyebrows don’t need to comment 😤😫💦
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— graCe ߷
Big boy gang 🤩 you can’t even see his face in some of the pictures because they’re big 😓 dt; everyone 💓 . . #omgpage #wes10 #weston #westonkoury #edits
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New york city! 💞 ac i cant remember uh q: do you like edits better ? @owencusac #omgpage #owencusac
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eva 🤠 not a yeehaw
I think pickles smell stinky. are you stinky? do you know what it’s like to have stinky hair? no you do not. do not ever tell me that you are a stinky rat because you look like one but you definitely aren’t one. disgusting. | @wes10 | #wes10 | #westonkoury
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━ ɔ೦иғəƨƨi೦иƨ‣ 4/10/17
@wes10 tbh i’m turning this into a secret spam so btw this is 2 ladies and we are pals so y’all can’t be out here hatin!!! #wes10
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sadie || no follow😅
Why jennette? he’s ours! leave him alone b***h @wes10 @jennettemccurdy #wes10
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I love that flamingo kid ♥
No rain, no flowers 🖤
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belinda nicole✨
"ugly nasty bitch" bitch where tf is ugly? im f*****g beautiful. u wished u looked this good😍
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sadie || no follow😅
U look like roz from monsters inc @wes10 #wes10
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sadie || no follow😅
Do it daddy @wes10 #wes10
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belinda nicole✨
Hi this pictures make me cry bc i look so good in it. call me cocky, idc. anyways my b***h jess has a birthday tomorrow so f*****g prepared!! tomorrow is all about her!!
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Multifandom~Love You❤️
Oof😍~zayra💙 • {dt; @ jdgraxrr @ daphsedits @ rose_editzzz @ finnie_boyyyyy @ xnoahbabyx} • • {fml i forgot to put the logos of groups🤦🏽‍♀️😭} • • {app; ccp} • • {and yes before people attack me i recreated a edit from somebody forgot their @ though} • • • • • • • {tags} • • • • • #jacobsartorius #ariel #blakegray #zachclayton #tylerbrown #lorengrey #markthomas #wes10 #duhitzmark #hunterrowland #brandonrowland #nathantriska #markthomas #joeybirlem #charlesgitnick #dolantwins #dolantwinsedits #dolantwinsedit #graxrrgrp #strawberrygroup🍓 #steditzzzz #sunflorgrp #hotchocolaterct #bingegrprct #cutecutpro #audios
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belinda nicole✨
I promise u im gay😂😭😩😍
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