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The best days start by the ocean. epic morning watching a pod of wales frolicking in the bay 😍
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Whale watching 🐳 coffeee ☕️ & @fettle_active_wear ✔️ 📷 @djones866 😅
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I had to stand on a cliff to watch some amazing humpback whales as they put on a show. they are such incredible creatures. i now understand why some people are addicted to whale watching.
facts: humpback whales are a migratory species and are known to make the most migration trips of any animal.
they can grow to 18m long and weigh up to 40 tonnes but they aren't the biggest whales. biggest whales are the blue whales.
they actually don't have a hump.
they feed in the polar waters and migrate to breed and give birth in the warm tropical waters.
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With summer winding down we went on a end of summer trip for a whale watch 🐋🐳 💙 we had the joy of seeing some beautiful creatures in their habitat. we even got to see some porpoises 🐬 it was such an awesome experience and no one got sea sick 🤮 i almost want to make this a yearly thing!! #captainjohnsboat #whalewatchingtour #whales #porpoises #endofsummer #natureatitsbest #sofreakingcool #vastoceanstore
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Whales / baleines
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Hoa's hanging around underneath the roof due to heavy rain these days on the island. he refused to join me on the bike to get some more interviews of those who have been brave enough to go on a whale trip this morning...fair enough!🤔 i need to keep going. research always comes first 😉 #phdlife #scientist
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Reto conseguido!! aunque no pudo ser desde tierra,si que las vimos en el viaje en barco ⛴️🐋 nosotros lo hicimos con "southern right charters" (the whale shack) y salió todo perfecto!!! vimos ballenas,delfines,focas... y los respetaron en todo momento! la tripulación super atenta! hasta nos dieron snacks y bebida! una experiencia para vivir,como mínimo,una vez en la vida // challenge achieved !! although it could not be from the ground, we saw them in the boat trip ⛴️🐋 we did it with "southern right charters" (the whale shack) and everything went perfect !!! we saw whales, dolphins, seals ... and they respected them at all times!super attentive crew! they even gave us snacks and drinks! an experience to live, at least, once in life #dron #drone #whales #southafrica #africa #travel #travelgram #passionpassport #passportready #traveling #travelling #travelmore #traveladdict #instatravel #instatraveling #lovetotravel #lovetravel #travelingcouple #igtravel #mytravelgram #wanderlust #roundtheworld #lonelyplanet #globetrotter #traveldeeper #travelingcouple
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Simple whale exploration 🐳
i’ll be posting some other variations later.
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#whales #tadoussac🐋 #happiness #powerofnature
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Whales near vancouver island, b.c.
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What a magical day 🐋💫
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