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Blueberry smoothie bowl by @weelicious. oh my. #whatsforbreakfast #veganbreakfast #vegan
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We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal. this is because we need fuel to jumpstart our day. eating a balanced meal with fiber, a bit of f*t and ~20grams of protein can help you feeling full, satisfied and energized until lunchtime.
the best options for complete protein (contains all the essential amino acids) are animal sources: eggs, meats, dairy and whole soy products...but you can still get some protein from grains, nuts/seeds and beans/lentils/legumes. it all adds up! check out these high protein breakfast toast options from @myfitnesspal
also, anybody use @myfitnesspal as their tracker?any other tracking/logging programs you really like?
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*live-like-you-care* style lunch break: @gary.francione and anna charlton’s book, lightly fermented red cabbage + edamame + corn and music through vegan-friendly headphones. being vegan is easy!
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Veganism is not about nutrition, fashion or ecology. it’s about justice because all use of sentient beings is morally wrong. 🌱purple sweet potato, baby spinach, pineapple, strawberries. 🌿
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Grilled zucchini with plain @kitehillfoods yogurt + garlic + dill and rye bread + black bean burger + @daiyafoods swiss cheese + tomato + homegrown micro greens. a little vegan girl can wait no more💓
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It’s your tender-hearted sweetly meaty disposition, raw by default
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Fanks @oiegeastbourne for a weird and wonderful 6 weeks... sussex i luv u 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
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City: brussels 🇧🇪 #waisbrussels⠀
spot: @coffeecollegebrussels⠀
recommendation by local: @flawerburst⠀
📸: @thelittlewhiteboots⠀
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Bella is one of the lucky ones. she was liberated from an egg farm and went home to live with kelly.
please look closely, if you dare. if you eat eggs, you are paying to do this kind of damage to a sentient individual who wants to live just as much as we do.
damage like this isn’t limited to industrial egg farms. even on “cage-free”, organic farms or backyard coops, it’s impossible to replenish the nutrients that hens lose through the nearly daily egg-laying process. the hens’ bodies break down, their abdomens fill with egg matter (because they don’t get enough calcium to form shells around all their eggs), and they face a significantly increased rate of cancer triggered by the cell division associated with so much egg-laying.

if you can’t imagine giving up eggs, just take it one meal at a time. the choices you make every day can save the lives of individuals like bella. thank you!
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Breakfast idea! this is what happens when i want something sweet for breakfast 🍏🍎 it is not perfect since i don´t advocate carbs for breakfast (it decreases your cognitive performance) but there are those mornings when you just have to eat something sweet. and well, this is better than a croissant. so here is what i do:
• cut the apple in slices
• put coconut oil on top
• bake it for 10 minutes in the oven
• put tahini on top
• put any superfoods i have in the pantry on top: cacao, shredded coconut, carob, maca, collagen
• extra points for putting brain octane oil from @bulletproof on top, it gives you extra boost of energy and lights up your brain
• if you want it sweeter, you can put some honey or maple syrup on top too, just please, don´t bake with it.
what do you eat when you want something sweet for breakfast?
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A bunch of new things today. a spanish-inspired tomato “salsa” on top of a nagaimo waffle. chia pudding. and cubed melon that looked like a watermelon from the outside but was more like a honeydew on the inside. no idea what it was called but the seller at the farmer’s market was super convincing.
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Thank goodness for a #humangps (aka my husband) treat ourselves to a quick breakfast after a morning meeting in the north shore. breakfast bagel and a breakfast croissant with a cup of cold brew and passion tea lemonade! #northshoreadventures #paperstraws 👍🏻#onthego #breakfastsandwich #whatsforbreakfast
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Banana boats ⛵ 'cause it's august and we didn't escape to an island yet for this month!

till a couple of years ago, i remember that many of my clients that wanted to follow a healthy nutrition or lose weight had such a great fear of consuming bananas ("they have so many calories, contain sugar, i'll gain weight etc). on the contrary, nowadays we see so much promotion of banana consumption (in smoothies, to make bread, as a snack, literally everywhere!). so, what's happening?
the truth is, banana is among the most popular fruits on earth, very convenient as a snack and highly nutririous! one medium provides around 100 calories (comparing to one apple or 200g of watermelon that provide 60, so that makes them a calorie-dense fruit). concering sugar content, it varies since a green unripe has mostly starch and resistant starch (it works as like a soluble fiber, in other words food for beneficial gut bacteria) while yellow ripe contains more sugars (btw for smoothies ripe ones are better!). also, they are a great source of potassium and magnesium, they help to feel full and can easily be consumed as a pre- workout meal. 🍽
so should we consume bananas? the answer is that there is no reason to avoid them if you are healthy (p.e. diabetic people should prefer unripe and not every day). however, i would recommend a variety of fruits consumption since each one provides different vitamins and minerals, so balance and moderation are always the keys!

recipe info: 2small bananas, garnished with 1tbsp coconut cream, 1tsp of tahini & peanut butter sauce (so yummy!), berries, 1tsp pumpkin seeds, 1tsp coconut flakes and a pinch of cinnamon (suitable for brekkie, 500kcal, high in carbs, fibers, potassium, vegan and gluten-free).
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