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It seems i am falling out of habit of posting in these spaces, always catching up on yesterday’s happenings. for all of the beauty and privilege of homeschooling and parenting, it is such hard work, isn’t it? not everyday is picturesque. not every moment is worth savoring here. some, i find, simply require my presence and attention. some require perseverance and a willingness to hold the line in our home. others feel more like an invitation to listen and see without a camera, without a caption.
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It’s really no secret to my homeschool mama friends that i am a resource and curriculum junkie. it’s not that i feel like i need it all, but it’s more that i have a “is the grass greener” issue. i have this need to research and understand all of my options, or i second guess myself and wonder if there’s something better. y’all, when picking math curriculum, i about lost my everlovin’ mind. math isn’t my strong point. i wanted to find something that would set a solid foundation in numbers. i tried them all. i kept reading about elementary arithmetic in our charlotte mason groups, but kept dismissing it because, to me, it seemed too simple. i wanted something with pretty colors, cute pictures, and lots of fun manipulatives. why? i honestly have no idea. after all the pretty things weren’t working for us, i finally ordered this book. and - i love it! we do math first thing, right after bible, and lila begs to do more. she’s getting mental math down so well and having fun with it. as for fun manipulatives, this week we used those tulip tree seed pods, acorns, and spare change. this book is homeschool life changing. 💗
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How cute is my little 🐱?! she is obsessed with dressing up lately and wants to wear a new costume everyday 😆. counting down the days till halloween at our house! what are you being for halloween?! http://liketk.it/2xnh8 #liketkit @liketoknow.it
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I had a realization the other day....we have enough. we have enough gear to let us travel light and with ease through the off-season, we have a camper trailer that we will use as our home when we’re not abroad. we have clothes for each of us that will carry us through all the seasons and we have a home that feels cozy and ours. after i ran through all this in my head i decided right then and there that i don’t want to buy anything for a full year (we are already committed to buying e-bikes when we get back from the off season and of course we’ll buy food and other necessities but that’s it 🚲 ☺️)! i’ve never felt more confident about a decision regarding money and things until now. now is the time for less stuff and more experiences as we set the tone for our life with two small humans.

i walked into target over the weekend to grab diapers and instantly was tested by all the stuff that i could want. but none of it we needed for survival or necessity so i left with just the diapers 💁🏼‍♀️ it was hard, not gonna lie.

have you ever done this!? if so let’s hear all the tips and tricks ✌🏼
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Not all of my little learners have been as eager as this one. there were some really rough patches in the early years, but with time i learned to slow down my own agenda, i learned to truly see my children, and i learned to listen to the words they said (for example: i hate school 🤗) and the words they didn't say (like "what i really mean is 'this is too much for me right now'"). at first it took an almost herculean effort to not force them to do what i thought they should be ready for, but slowly, steadily, it began to feel as natural as breathing. so if you're new to this homeschooling gig or if you're just having a rough patch (we all do!), take a big ole deep breath, sneak some frozen chocolate chips out of the freezer, and realize that it's okay to give yourself and your children time and space and wiggle room to grow into who you are all becoming. because becoming is something we'll be doing for the rest of our lives and it isn't meant to be rushed. ♥️
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"children need models rather than critics." — joseph joubert//
i have a friend whose family had a tradition of getting apple pie at their favourite shop on the first rain of every autumn. i have another friend who grew up eating fresh atlantic salmon every christmas eve, a high light in a somewhat disordered childhood. sometimes it isn’t food that creates memories. for most of my family’s significant or scary moves, moving to another country for instance, we have transitioned with a season of andy griffith. .
we do live in a world of uncertainty but it takes surprisingly little effort on our part to give our children a sense of continuity and stability; to give their souls much needed security. #letthembelittle .
thank you @botchfamily_homeschool for tagging #theplayfulpioneers in this lovely shot! .
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13 days 12 minutes and 25 seconds until my due date . . . but who’s counting? 😉 seriously though, i can’t even believe i am this close to meeting sweet baby tate! i’m so excited to finally see who he looks like and to kiss his cheeks and to breathe in that fresh baby scent! 😍 and just knowing that the next picture of this basket will have him in it makes my heart so incredibly happy! ❤️

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Today was all about the muscular system 💪🏻 we talked about different muscles in our bodies, how we use them everyday, and the way they work with our bones
i made a simple hand 🖐🏻 with straws, string, and glue to demonstrate how the tendons in our hands work. working those fine motor skills to pull those strings! .
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Want happy kids? let them play:) thanks for the pic @arohanuivegan ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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🌱 a gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, a cloud, and a rainbow's warning, suddenly sunshine and perfect blue - an april day in the morning. • harriet prescott spofford 🌱⠀
april’s weather can be funny. sometimes there’s a second coming of winter and other times spring begins to poke its head from earth’s crust. i love the slow return of green, the earthy smell on the air and the return of children playing outdoors. those born in april are active and outgoing, friendly, brave and diplomatic.⠀
featured here is a piece from our birthstone collection • april • frosted lemon & honey amber + raw emerald ☀️ available october 25th @ 8 cst⠀⠀⠀
{ amber teething jewelry has long been prized for its abilities to soothe even the crankiest of teething tots. when amber (a fossilized resin) is worn close to the skin it is warmed by body heat and releases therapeutic properties enjoyed by children and adults alike. wear all the amber with love friends! ☀️ }⠀⠀⠀
📷 @ brooke_mgonja @ lovelyfaunphotography
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One thing i miss about living in michigan is all the fall foliage. there are nothing but pine trees here... 🌲🍂
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Walking with the babes. 💙
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This mid-october week marks the (roughly) halfway point between the beginning of the school year and the christmas break. if you’re anything like me, this is the time of year when the momentum of back-to-school excitement has fizzled out and the weeks ahead seem to stretch farther every day! so i thought i’d offer a little pick-me-up in my shop this week to put a little more juice in your tank to hang on until the holidays! i created a few discount codes for the varying degrees of “umph” you may need to get there:⁣

• 20% off minimum purchase price of $25 use code octobernudge⁣

• 30% off minimum purchase price of $65 use code octoberpush⁣

• 40% off minimum purchase price of $95 use code octoberjolt⁣

these codes are active through this saturday (october 20th) at midnight. so scoop up the nature guides on your wishlist quickly! ⁣
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We “skipped school” today because mama woke up with a headache, daddy is all the way across the country working, and my wonderful mom in law took the twinnies for the day. we haven’t been out on a family nature walk in way too long. we came home and got math done. i’m calling it a success.
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Dropping off this sweet one at youth group tonight and then heading to hot yoga. 🧘🏼‍♀️ hot yoga is hands down my favorite discovery this year as far as “self-care” goes. it is so challenging and cathartic... an hour where my mind is truly at rest & i am “in my body” and present. it’s care for both my physical and mental health and i can’t believe i went so many years without it. ✨

the drive there and back is along the water and our favorite campground. i roll down the windows and the smell of ocean air and campfire is good for my soul. 🌊🔥
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The day after i came home from #wildandfreeconf i came down with a pretty serious infection and am finally getting my wits about me. i never got to say how wonderful and fulfilling that weekend was. tennessee is a magical place that has so many hygge vibes my little autumn heart couldn't take it. if you are a homeschooling mom and a little quirky like me, you have to check out @wildandfree.co. it's a one of a kind community where you will find your people.
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Found the cutest name tracing printables from @indigoinkb! this has by far been our biggest schooling challenge so far. cade is such a perfectionist, so when he doesn't get the letters right immediately it often leads to a meltdown and him wanting to give up. i also have a hard time, because i am quick to correct him, when in reality he is doing so well and doesn't have to get it right the first time. so, i'm working on playing it off and making it fun when corrections do need made, but i am 💯 open to tips on how to better deal with this!
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Any one else have dreams growing up while dressing your barbies & baby dolls, like i can’t wait to have a daughter to dress up all the time. no? just me? well here is my real life baby doll & she’s perfect!😍😩
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Few minutes we spent by the lake watching the seagulls and the wild geese!! and it’s feeling like december on october hence she was all bundled up just like midwinter!
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🖤the bnw series🖤 . . {a kiss from daddy makes the booboo disappear} . .
as photographers, we are all too familiar with the age old question, “black & white or color?” though we can all appreciate color, there are times where an image is just meant to be black and white. by stripping out the color, we are left with the raw emotion, the details, the moment that we work so hard to capture. welcome to our new loop, where black & white wins. #thebnwseries . . . .
next up in the loop @dimples.and.the.blonde

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My thought life is the foundational component to wellness, probably even more than my nutrition (and you know how big i am on quality nutrition!). every single thought i think produces a physical, chemical reaction in my body.
that physical response to thought is either for health or for disease of my body, mind, soul and spirit.

funny how the medical world is just now getting around to agreeing with what the bible said all along: “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” proverbs 23:7

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Oh, that face! 😂 one thing i love about #homeschooling? the ability to go wherever whenever. my oldest son wanted to go back “home” to ar for his birthday, so daddy was able to take leave and we went. oh, the adventures we have eating in little diners, visiting our families, and spending a lot of time in our minivan of adventure! 🚐
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