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Доброе утро с Уиллом Смитом😂😍 • Настоящий позитив и талант в одном флаконе, согласны?👏🏼😜 • #уиллсмит #willsmith #gm #goodmorning #знаменитости #актер
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Witziges video! will smith parodiert sohn jaden im musikclip #internationalestars #musik #willsmith #jadensmith
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Be like @willsmith don’t let anyone hold you down 😂😂 #ranker #meme #willsmith #goat #labamba
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#willsmith & jada ❤️✊🏽
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Para ti @willsmith yo también puedo y en casi inglés jajaja 🤘#yachau #labamba #willsmith
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#willsmith is to funny. i love doing this to the people i love😩🙌🏽#jada #jadapinkettsmith #jadensmith #willowsmith #comedy #rapper #celebrity
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Há quase 15 anos me apaixonei por uma mulher que me fez pensar "fora da caixa". são poucos os artistas populares que conseguem usar a arte para questionar. o que empobrece muito nossa cultura. nesses 15 anos, graças ao #youtube, a #blogs e a sites de #faclub não tive só acesso a um arsenal de material dessa mulher. tive acesso a um mundo infinito do qual ela se alimenta, digere, metaboliza e joga para as massas. vi uma mulher cantando presa a uma cadeira elétrica após cantar a trilha sonora de #dieanotherday (marcado para morrer) fazendo uma óbvia referência a pena de morte, assisti "outra mulher" distribuindo tiros no palco em seus amantes, sendo criticada e (até mesmo sensurada) acusada de "violência gratuita", quando na verdade ela só estava fazendo aquilo que #willsmith #jeanclaudevadamme e #schwazenegger já vinham fazendo há décadas, lotando salas de cinema e se safando claro, porque o sistema não tolera a violencia perpetrada por homens, mas as das mulheres são inconcebiveis, afinal elas só podem ser mansas pacificas e submissas. isso é só uma nuance de seu trabalho. quem sabe "ler madonna" sabe "pensar fora da caixa". #madonnafans #madonnacollection madonnacollector #madonnastyle #madonnaworld #madonnafanclub #madonnahistory #madonnainn #madonnaworld
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Harbinder Singh Kalra
Do you ever ask yourself, “am i doing enough to help people who are truly in need of a helping hand”? well, i did tonight, and i realized my answer was no, not even close. if we ask ourselves that question at least once a week, and take some course of action, the world would surely be a better place for someone less fortunate #aide #amidoingenough #justmadeitup #letsmakeadifference #helpinghand #donate #volunteer #rescue #selflessacts #bethechange #kindness #life #willsmith
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Lil Migue
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Diego Carballo Dell'Erba
#repost @willsmith (@get_repost ) ・・・ some of y’all were roasting me in the comments for not knowing the words to la bamba the other day… #labamba #willsmith
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Chad Michael Mansfield
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Vintage goldbum! independence day is such a great movie :) #independanceday #willsmith #jeffgoldblum
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Cardell hayes, who is serving a 25-year sentence on a manslaughter and other convictions in the april 2016 shooting death of former saints player will smith, has again asserted his claim that he killed smith in self-defense. in an appeal filed thursday (feb. 15) to the louisiana's 4th circuit court of appeal, hayes argues his conviction should be overturned and sentence vacated because orleans parish district attorney leon cannizzaro's office failed at trial to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that hayes did not fire his gun in self-defense. in the appeal, hayes claims, as he suggested from the witness stand at trial, that will smith fired his gun first, possibly striking smith's own wife, racquel smith, accidentally, which prompted hayes to fire his weapon. prosecutors at the december 2016 trial said will smith's gun was never fired. gunshot residue experts testified that will smith had a small amount of gunshot residue on him. hayes' attorneys seized on the testimony as evidence will smith fired his gun; but an expert testified under questioning from prosecutors that the small amount of residue could have come from hayes' gun when hayes shot smith. in a statement responding to the appeal, cannizzaro wrote his prosecutors "did an outstanding and comprehensive job proving beyond any reasonable doubt" that hayes "was the aggressor" that night, and that hayes was the only one to fire a gun at the scene. "the falsehoods within this appeal make only one thing clear: that cardell hayes has yet to accept the consequences of his rash decision to open fire on an innocent couple, and thus has yet to begin the rehabilitation necessary to one day return as a responsible and law-abiding member of our community," cannizzaro said in the prepared statement. via: nola.com #willsmith #cardellhayes #stupidity
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@willsmith at it again ... this time dropping jewels on love & happiness. #pickapost-approved.
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It's saturdaayyy, today's music selection is gweelos @willowsmith . swipe to hear the various sounds, my fave track right now is def the last one. if you make high vibrational conscious music or know any artists that do please put suggestions for me to check out below. much love!💕 ●●● track 1 : willow ft jaden - 5 track 2 : female energy track 3 : wait a minute! track 4: willow ft sza - 9 track 5: jimi track 6: ho' ihi interlude
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