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#winteriscoming part 1 .

i'm going to be selling this piece 10x10 for $30
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✨knitting revelation ✨.....these last 2 weeks chronic illness has had me down for the count. wanting to knit and dye but feeling completely uninspired. just bogged down physically and mentally. i really started thinking about my knitting. i also recently discovered @kate_selene and her car park chats. (go find her now 🖤) her chats really made me sit back and think about why i knit, what i loved to knit, colors, ect. it’s like she validated for me that it’s okay that i just want to knit in the round and with colors that make my heart sing. (thank you kate!) i don’t have to brioche or color-work or cable. i don’t have to keep up with the latest popular patterns. vanilla knitting and garter stitch is my jam. i’m still a knitter! i realized that knitting with one color way bores me. scrappy knitting and marling brings me the most joy. i want to knit with a purpose and build a wardrobe of knits that make me happy.
so i picked a favorite pair of scrappy socks, dug through my stash for those yarns and knit up a marled 🖤 cowl this weekend. i loved every minute of it. different, yet they look awesome together because the same colors are used. and you can bet a hat will be on the needles soon! (i’ve already cast on another marled cowl to go with my hp scrappy socks 🤭) maybe some mitts too! my knitting and dyeing will be taking on a whole new direction and i’m getting kind of excited about that!
tomorrow i’ll be going through my yarn stash and my knits/clothes wardrobe and doing a little purging!
tell me...what do you l🖤ve to knit?!?!? and is it really considered scrappy knitting if you don’t only use scraps 🤔 cuz i will totally cake up a skein if the colors are calling me?!!!
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Outsideři. jdi ven. těšíme se na zimní fotky. na zimu moc ne.
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Sizin birşey-siz günleriniz var mı? benim çoook 😬 mesela haftada bir gün etsiz günüm 🚫🍖🍗🥩🚫, bir gün süt ürünsüz günüm🚫🥛🧀🚫,bir gün kahvesiz 🚫☕️🚫 bir gün makyajsız günüm🚫💄🚫, bir gün mutfaksız günüm🚫👩🏻‍🍳🚫, bir gün koşusuz günüm 🚫🏃🏻‍♀️🚫 geçen hafta yeni bir şey ekledim, bir gün cep telefonsuz 🚫📱🚫 bugün mutfaksızdı mesela, yarın makyajsız günüm olsun... öyle sabit günler değil, bazen tek güne birden fazla da denk geliyor, koşusuz ve etsiz veya mutfaksız, kahvesiz ve makyajsız gibi 3ü 1 arada da olabiliyor 😬 sizin de varsa paylaşın, belki bana ilham olur yenilerini eklerim :)) ps: normal rafine şekeri sadece çikolatadan alıyorum sanırım, şekeri kesersem sadece şu 21 gün olayına girince yapıyorum yoksa her şeyden kararında yiyorum zaten 😇 #dailygoals #sağlıklıbeslenme #sağlıklıyaşam #mutluyumçünkü #mondaymotivation #pazartesimotivasyonu #sylt #syltliebe #winteriscoming #naturephotography #sylter #nordsee #beautifuldestinations #sağlıklıyaşıyoruz
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Last day of windsurfing this summer , now lets get ready for winter #windsurfing #sunset #norway #winteriscoming #ready #kns #axl
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The king who lost the north, asohaf.
artista: tood_art
segundo puesto, convención internacional tattoo 2018, villahermosa.
#thekingwholostthenorth, #robstark, #theyoungwolf, #winteriscoming, #oathbraker, #elreyqueperdioelnorte, #eljovenlobo, #rompejuramentos, #gotfans, #juegodetronos, #robstarktattoo, #tatuajechingon,
6 11 January 2018


There’s a definite chill in the air tonight — fingers crossed that this isn’t the last time we can take pictures of our outdoor dahlias in bloom this season! #mainefarms #winteriscoming
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Are your horses already prepping for winter?
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After a lush summer back to reality in now a wintery manchester!

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