5 hours ago
misselfen Dreaming about that delicious fish the monstrous creature keeps in the big cold box he's not allowed to sit inn. #kittytoes #alberteinstein #cat #witchescat #christmas #christmastree #void #somanyfilters
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8 hours ago
witchofthewyrd Today’s dress is witches! and it’s green. i’m practically festive.
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Nadine Hill #blogger
9 hours ago
businessmum We love this little one... she’s always been a bit reserved, could have been called ‘standoffish’, cold, haughty. we got her 11years ago, and for all that time, she’s lived in a very affectionate and loving home. in the early years when i’d tell her in that silly voice that adults use to babies and small children, that i loved her and that she’s my p***y rah-rah (don’t ask- no idea where that came from, it just popped out of my mouth one day and stuck!) she would just look at me with disdain and turn her head. she wouldn’t engage, but still i kept on firing love in her direction. when our youngest was born 10 years ago, she found her little master to follow. she’s been by his side for a decade. she adores him and he adores her. gradually she came round. she started letting me love her- she stopped running away. i think she’d found her tribe with my son. he made her feel safe. even though i know she always was safe, she seemed to start to believe it. these days she’s a completely different cat. less shy in general. she’s still choosy about who she lets near, but at least she now grants me the honour of a cuddle. this little story is to share that persistence and determination along with a strong intention for a positive outcome will yield results in the end. and on the other side, the ability to trust, the willingness to be vulnerable and gradually uncurling to show who you really are not only enriches your life but also the lives of those around you. we adore this fluffy black diva. long may she lay in patches of sunlight, eat all the food, snuggle under the radiator in the winter and roll like a little kitten when i give her catnip! #blackcat #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #cats #catstories #littlestoriesofmylife #photoofday #photooftheday #witchescat #pussycat #simplepleasures #catcuddles #myfamily #love #lovecats #miaow #livethelittlethings #slowandsteadywinstherace #contentment
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Felicia Everlyn
11 hours ago
freckled.faun It’s good to be loved 😽💖
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K A T E 💋
I leave the room for a matter of minutes and mr steal your girl makes himself comfortable on my ladies lap 😂😨 #mrstealyourgirl #blackcat #catcostume #christmas #blackcatsclub #witchescat #spawnofsatan #blackcatswag
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