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@adidasoriginals x j-a collaboration is in my future i can f*****g feel it!!! growing up my pops always wore #adidas which is prob the main reason why i f**k with the brand sentimentally, and will rep forever but i'm an original from guam, literally born and raised in paradise and busting my a*s every single day to make an impact in my community and leave my mark on the world within the creative industry through more than one creative outlet. i believe that if i continue to push i'll get to a point where i won't be ignored by giants and will have the right platform to work with them. life is absolutely amazing! i encourage everyone to get it how you live, and a dude like me is absolutely in love with the game. @thenativeworldwide is for anyone with the balls to speak to the universe and manifest that big win or take that lesson and move forward accordingly. when you think skateboarding you think thrasher or diamond supply co. when you think high fashion you think gucci or lv. when you think highly influential hip hop/urban subcultures in general you think fubu or maybe even supreme, but when you feel like a winner and put the work in everyday to be the best version of yourself possible you better think @thenativeworldwide ; the first of its kind. it's a new era f**k with ya boy! thank you god for another day!!!! #cantstopwontstop
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6 206 September 2017