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Black Wolves Messina Official
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I love wolf
Their thick fur helps them survive the bitter climates.

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@manny132507 where’s the heineken? lol #redhookleague #softballlife #westaydirty #wolfpack ⚾️⚾️⚾️
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Matt Stevens
Forgot to post this at christmas... but we managed to get the whole family howling and she did not understand what was going on 😅😅 #cockerspaniel #christmas #howling #wolfpack #lovehertopieces #family
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Dexter, Phoenix + Kati
Just a 12/10 good boi #snoring and drooling on my leg. you're welcome. also, please excuse the dodgy picture quality, we aren't generally set up for impromptu, low light video shoot situations. 😴🐺🎥 #monday #dexter #tired #hardlife #love #instagood #videooftheday #germanshepherd #germanshepherddog #thegermanshepherdworld #germanshepherdsofinstagram #germanshepherdsofig #gsd #gsds #gsdsofinstagram #gsdsofig #gsdsofinsta #blackgsd #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #dogsofaustralia #k9 #wolf #wolfpack #mypack #follow
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I love wolf
Sleepy puppies are so cute.

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I love wolf
The red wolf reintroduction program is “doomed,” one researcher says, unless major changes are made. the study published in the journal of wildlife management concludes the species is likely on a path toward extinction unless releases are resumed and mortality is reduced. .

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🌲Rúna ⚡️ ᚱᚢᚾᚨ🌲
Gonna dig into this mofo!
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Wolves Realm
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Have you ever went through something and looked back and thought how the hell did i do that? that’s how i feel after every single class at @gotraingym with @justtrainjames and @blue__worx so to participate in my first #crossfit #rookierumble #competition was one of the scariest and most exciting things i’ve ever done!! we got to @chagrinfallscrossfit and the wall ball target and ball were different and higher than what we practiced. @tristanj7_ and i could have backed down but we practiced on the side and both gave it our all. saturday was about pushing beyond our limits and being #fearless !! the #wolfpack had six teams compete and in the end three were up on the podium!!! that was the best feeling ever!!! the ❤️ and support from family, my #bondedthroughbooks sisters and the wolfpack was amazing! thanks for believing in #likeavirgin and pushing us past our fears! this is just the beginning! wolfpack wolfpack ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 shoutout to @born_2be_king for making our team shirts at the final hour!! clutch!!
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Entry 000-yuri
yuri is my main theriotype, she’s my first discovered and my most connected. as i’m still trying to find her exact wolf type, i’ve currently went with this light color scheme for her.
things you should keep in mind;
~alpha of the scp
~very misleading ~overly aggressive ~almost always anxious with her surroundings
~mates with @_.yokowa._

the next two entry’s will be about my other theriotypes, to give you a basic understanding of my posts after that it will be in-depth about my shifts, connecting with my theriotypes, how i made it into a pack, and what it’s like introducing myself as therian to my friends. i will only post once a day so within the next two days it will be decided to kalari(my lynx) and moco(my fox)
#therian #therianpride #therianthropy #therianpack #wolfpack
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Bushwick CrossFit
It’s monday. start your week off right. come on in and get a nice sweat 💦 sesh on like oscar @oscarouk here .
monday’s are for bodyweight class 730pm, followed by free intro 830pm
summers 😎 quickly approaching, let’s get your started. visiting from out of town?!!! drop ins always welcome! crossfit, bodyweight, and barbell classes offered here. stop in and meet our wolfpack! photo credit: @jjreddington #freeintromondays #bodyweightclass #gymnastics #gymnasty #fitfam #letgo #bushwick #brooklyn #bushwickboltz #boltz #⚡️#bushwickcrossfit #liftheavyshit #lyfthvy💩 #wolfpack #🐺#monday #caseofthemondays
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I love wolf
Myth: wolves k**l too many elk calves for elk herds to remain stable.
fact: a 2014 study completed in yellowstone national park showed that only 30% of elk calves survived their first year. of those that were killed, 60% of them had been killed by bears. only 15% of calf loss was attributed to wolves.

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