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Sometimes what's going 'good' for you cannot fit thru the doorway of your greatness. what do you have to let go out of your hands to reach purpose?โ €
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5 client prep steps so you can enjoy your vacation, tip #4:
be proactive. just because you are going on vacation doesn’t mean that your client should suffer in your absence. strategically think through their needs and plan well in advance. provide them with backup contacts in the case there are minor urgent needs, double check they have updated log-ins and passwords, and schedule a q&a session before you depart. this is also a favorite time of mine to assign ‘homework’ - look for something that has been hanging out in the project parking lot that is proactive, but also keeps your clients busy while you’re gone. •

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Start from nothing stop for nothing..
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Every person we meet along our journey while sharing what we were brought her to give, if we pay attention there’s always a message in the encounter. talk to strangers. do more listening than talking. โœจ
throwing it back to my 1st show that featured the bossy and beautiful, desi gallow. her message to me, a lesson in abundance. โœจlisten to the full episode available on itunes.
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Hey go-getters! on saturday i taught a class, “your books on the cloud”. girl why? the basis of this class was to you from the old, manual excel spreadsheet data entry to a cloud accounting system that saves you time, reduces your taxes and one that integrates with your other operating tools such as your scheduling tool, your work flow management tool, etc.

click on my stories to hear 3 strategies for selecting the right accounting system for your your business.

close out of your excel spreadsheet and click on the strategy link in my bio so i can transition you to either @quickbooks @xero @wave @freshbooks today!
happy tracking!
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I love social media - it's at the core of how i've built my client list and membership. it's not the only way i market though... i also love face to face. for me, it tends to be about finding really quality events, like today i'm at @fieryfx's event. it's vip all the way and i'm happy to invest my time and money here because i know brandy gets amazing people in the room. what is the last really fantastic event you attended?
oh and watch my stories today for takeaways.
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In bud/s (seal training), each class is divided into five- to seven-person boat crews who are forced to work together despite personal differences. business is no different. sure, having startup capital is important, but relationships are everlasting. knowing the right people allows you to bypass the masses and get a foot forward where others are still deciding which foot to use.
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If you are ready to start an online business but need more insight on how to do that, sign up for the starting and growing a profitable online boutique six step mini-series. click the link in the bio to get started today!
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What’s your success plan?
where are you in your success plan?
need help executing your plan of success?
book your complimentary call with chanelle to get guidance on your path to success. -
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“we know the consumer is on walmart.com buying $300 moisturizer, which you wouldn’t think is something that happens, but the consumer is becoming more and more channel agnostic, and we’re taking advantage of that.” sindhura sarikonda, associate director, prestige beauty at @walmartcom and @jet
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It amazes me how so many people are concerned about what others think of them. i wish i would!! care more about what you think of yourself! your health, your wealth, your physical appearance, your mentality, your future, you sis you!!! if you are ready to make self care and securing the bag a priority in your life, join the self care is not selfish challenge! self care is not self is a 21 day challenge designed to guide and provide you with the tools and resources needed to evolve personally, professionally, and financially without neglecting your most powerful asset…you!

click the link in the bio if you are ready to live your best life and evolve beautifully!
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#tbt press coverage with @kissmybundles1 in @huffpost || visit #huffpost & see why this #femaleentrepreneur is on top of the hair industry ||
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Heres a little reminder that you've almost made it through another week! go you! โœจ photo by @unsplash | #mynomadicheart
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Happy friday eve!๐Ÿ’‹
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