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One of my favorite things about take-off is watching things i thought were so big, become so very small. it reminds me the perspective i have down on the ground, is not the same perspective he has at all.

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Dear me,
for the past nine days you have been surrounded by some of the most amazing people you’ve ever met. those include both your team members and the beautiful people of the ndibai community.
you’ve experienced true and unending love and joy with those people. they welcomed you and your story with open hearts and wide open arms.
you’ve experienced the love of jesus like you never have before. you’ve seen people open up their hearts and minds to new people and new experiences.
never forget those things. i pray you never forget the spirit of god pouring into you like he did in ndibai. chase that daily. pursue the voice of god each day from the moment your eyes open to the moment they close and every moment in between.
remember these things. hold them close.
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Taylor tippett is one of the coolest girls i know and she will be with us on the forest park church campus the first weekend in august!
ladies - #savethedate for saturday, august 4, 10 am - 12 pm, for a special propel women brunch. taylor will be speaking and sharing her story of triumph over anxiety, depression and fear to launch #wordsfromthewindowseat on instagram - an encouraging movement to bring hope and positivity to our world - in the times we need it most! her faith has been paramount in her journey. she now has more than 120,000 followers!

students - #savethedate for sunday, august 5 at 5 pm for #nextnight as taylor will be speaking at #next. you guys are going to love this girl!!!
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Sorry for the poor image quality. but here is an emirates b 7 7 7 🇦🇪 landing at runway 27 at @csiamumbai ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
follow @spotter_hr for more 😉
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New month, new adventure, new bible verse. june is a busy month, filled with back-to-back rodeos, and joshua 1:9 is a great reminder to keep both your heart and head up. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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I worked with someone yesterday who ended her announcement with “be kind.” i was so touched, honestly so much more than she knows even though i told her how much it meant to me. we bonded over our favorite vegan restaurants, our love for our job, the mom/daughter relationship we both have (she’s a mother of two beautiful young women who also happened to be on our flight!), and our joy through acts of kindness. that’s her shine. spreading kindness and light. what’s yours? sending you all the love from the window seat 💙 #wordsfromthewindowseat #kaleintheclouds .
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I have loved sharing a very special part of me with all of you... my faith! whenever i shared my first #wordsfromthewindowseat (read the creator @taylortippett’s story. it’s incredible) post, i never imagined the response it would get. since then i've continued to post monthly about the different verse i leave behind on each airplane, as well as some of my daily devotionals.
messages like these are the ones that keep me happy and hopeful. a single sticky note placed on one airplane in 2017 has led to countless more, left behind not only by me but now too by other people on their own adventures. i read this message (and the great verse this person chose isaiah 43:2-3) and smiled, and i hope that so, too, did the stranger who read it on the airplane. #wordsfromthewindowseat #spreadhisname #spreadhisgrace #spreadhislove
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It's a grand old town
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Thankful for sweet friends who write me small notes of encouragement. @ashleypanaggio i’m probably going to frame this and keep it forever.
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Currently feeling in between of "no longer there" and "not yet here" constantly. #interestingfact #tb #wordsfromthewindowseat
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With another trip comes another bible verse finding its way onto an airplane tray table. i love romans 8:18 because it reminds us to keep our eyes fixed on the future glory god has promised us. i hope someone flips down this table and feels the power of that message and the immensity of his promise. #traveldays #missrodeoamerica #wordsfromthewindowseat
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So excited i got to participate in @taylortippett’s impact movement #wordsfromthewindowseat ❤️ she will be with us in august sharing her faith and journey at #nextnight!
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All i want to do is spread some light, share some love, and remind you that you’re doing great.
if i can do just that, i’ll be so happy. 💙
photo: @kaleintheclouds

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“we’ll become in our lives what we do with our love.” i’ve been spread thin for the past few years & it’s been hard for me to talk about. my job is both so good for my soul and so bad for it too. it’s been so hard to love people who are rude and mean. i run into a lot of bullies flying believe it or not. and i’m there, simply doing my job. saying hi. it’s challenging. it’s hard holding my tongue when people are back talking because of a luggage and a million other dumb things that won’t & don’t matter. i can’t even tell you how long the list is. it’s hard knowing i’m simply no one to a lot of people when i simply want to be someone to everyone. i’ve been challenged over the years & it’s an ongoing battle; knowing i’m called to love the heck out of people but being really bad at it sometimes too. i’m really good at loving the people in my corner, but sometimes (like a lot of times) i really s**k at loving the people who are the hardest to love. strangers. the meanies. the needy. the bullies. the butt-cracks (i am 5) but you know what i’ve realized? they need love the most. they need kindness the most. i’ve felt so called to step it up and to keep reminding myself “they need love just as much as you do.” i picked up @bobgoff’s new book ‘everybody always’ and it is for real an answer to a prayer i haven’t figured out how to navigate for quite sometime. this #wordsfromthewindowseat is from a line i read while crying on the jumpseat yesterday. i am challenged. i am hopeful. i want to be better at loving everyone. especially those i think are the hardest to love.
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