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Karla Lyn Bossenbery
karlalynboss Posted this a little over 2 years ago. still relevant now ✌🏼#wordsfromthewindowseat #iwrotethisforyou #justthewords
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Manda Carpenter
4 days ago
mandacarpenter When negative thoughts are swirling around up there in that noggin' of yours, you have two choices: continue allowing them to infiltrate your mind and s**k the life right outta ya. orrrr, shift your focus off of yourself by lifting somebody else up. - go serve instead of sulking. throw down random acts of kindness instead of a pity party. love on somebody like a fool. (write #monthlylettersofencouragement?!) just humor me and give it a try next time you're having a rotten day. - when you're down, take a look around; lift someone up. because when they rise, you rise; we all rise. #wordsfromthewindowseat #togetherrising
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Paige Whitten
5 days ago
paigenwhitten *caution this is a really long post you are not obligated to read* let go of fear. let go of the "what it's". start living recklessly, obviously still keep your well being in mind but you catch my drift. take some time to be selfish.. and i don't mean act like a spoiled brat. just realize that you can't always please everyone around you and sometimes it's best to just try and please yourself first. and by me saying let go of fear, i'm not implying that i'm fearless. i have a fear of heights, of snakes, and a giant fear of knifes. i'm implying that i've been trying to step outside my comfort zone and broaden my horizons, literally.. by moving nearly 3,000 miles away. i've started focusing on myself and worrying less about others. i am letting go of the fear of hurting others, because sometimes by preventing that you are only hurting yourself in the long run. i'm also letting go of the "what if's" and i'm just going for it. i have no idea if i'm gonna be able to support myself but i'm gonna d**n well try. i'm done sitting back and waiting, i'm getting up and creating the life i envision for myself. ✈️✊🏻#wordsfromthewindowseat (thank you to @taylortippett for inspiring this) .. also i wish this was a better pic and a cuter note but i had to make do with what i could find on the plane
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Micah Emily
2 weeks ago
micahemily Regramming @taylortippett 's last post because she's such a positive and joyful inspiration and i needed these words. // i've loved seeing #wordsfromthewindowseat for the past three years and this one is so encouraging to me. "you are doing it" sometimes getting off our butts and pursuing growth and goals is tough, bone grindingly so. every bit of energy you expend today is furthering that or taking away from it. so let these words be a soothing salve if you're working so hard with gritted teeth to get things done. and let them kick you in the arse if you're still sitting back and hoping a silver bullet will come along. this is life and you are doing it, let's make it good together ✨
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Taylor Tippett
2 weeks ago
taylortippett I started this thing back in 2014. this crazy, weird photo series project of taping words onto a piece of paper from a dollar notebook. a completely different season of my life. a whole heck of a lot of heartache but here i am. i am doing it. and maybe you are like me, in this season running towards dreams and love and learning how to s***p away the layers of crap. or maybe you are experiencing love for the first time. maybe it's heartache you are experiencing too. maybe you are coming to terms with the fact that you need to get up and move in your situation and you are scared because it is so much easier to hide. maybe you feel alone. maybe you are in college and have no idea what your purpose is or what the heck you are going to do once the next season comes around. it's consuming. it's tiring. i don't know where you are at today-- but i'm here to tell you that you are doing it. you are. you woke up today. maybe your brushed your teeth or maybe you didn't. maybe you cried or maybe you didn't. maybe you ate a normal breakfast or maybe you ate cold pizza. but you are breathing and it's a new day and you are doing it my friend. don't let any insecurities, pain, or person take your fight away from you. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Allie 🦊
4 weeks ago
warmcupwarmheart πŸ›«flying to boston to meet up with my family and say a sweet goodbye to my grandfather who passed away on monday. there have been a few hard moments in the days since his passing, but knowing that he is reunited with the love of his life in heaven lifts away my sadness. #wordsfromthewindowseat #loveyougrampy
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kaitlin o'hara
4 weeks ago
kaitlin_ohara "...because preparing for joy is just as important as healing from hurt." alexandra elle - neon soul
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5 weeks ago
jillouellette My chiro sister @docfromthefuture has love in her veins and pure magic in her soul, and she inspired me to find a little bit of my own. #wordsfromthewindowseat (also brought to you in part by @nahkobear)
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Miss North Star 2017
last month
brianna.drevlow Pretty thankful for days where i get to watch the sun rise from 30,000 feet above the earth. and with a few weeks left of my first year at graduate school, i'm striving to continuously arise with a grateful heart. #wordsfromthewindowseat #theresheflys #sunrise #skies #travel #airplaneview #gratitude #thankful #motivation #wisdomwednesday #graduateschool #womeninacademia #missnorthstar2017
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Bilal Kaiser
last month
bilalkaiser Life can get crazy. i've learned it's important to remind ourselves that whatever we're going through, dealing with or discovering—we can handle it. β € β € you got this. πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #wordsfromthewindowseat
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last month
tiffannyrue βœˆοΈβ˜οΈπŸ’™ #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Katie Niemiec
last month
katieniemiec Bye, bye chi πŸ›© hello la 😎 || headed west for a quick trip for something awesome! stay tuned 😜 || #regram #wordsfromthewindowseat @taylortippett #flashesofdelight #travel #lbbtravels #la #sscollective #weekend #la #travelgram #iamtheeverygirl #bloglovin
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last month
jamyp Look who i found! @taylortippett ord-atl one of these days i'll get to see you in person on a flight! #wordsfromthewindowseat #americanairlines
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