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Mary McKay
mlmckay_ How i'm feeling about this trip to boston #wickedgood #wordsfromthewindowseat
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D2 Drysdale Showroom
4 days ago
d2drysdaleshowroom Our team is vegas bound and this is the message we are taking with us to @wwdmagic. thanks to the brilliant spirit @taylortippett for inspiring #wordsfromthewindowseat.
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Macy (Taliaferro) Turner
5 days ago
macytturner Reflecting on this week at #cfanext2017 & feeling really grateful to be part of a company that challenges us to redefine success by valuing people before profit. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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1 weeks ago
tpbalcantara 'e se quiser saber pra onde eu vou, pra onde tenha sol, é pra lá que eu vou!' jota quest #wordsfromthewindowseat
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⠀⠀⠀⠀ ENRIQUE エンリケ 安利奎 VASQUEZ
1 weeks ago
thenomadicdiaries #whilewewereflying "there are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
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Megan Speichinger
2 weeks ago
meganspeichinger Hold on to hope. leave the fears behind. let courage launch you forward. #wordsfromthewindowseat #vsco #vscocam #liveauthentic #lifetothefullest
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Helen Aybar
2 weeks ago
helenaybar This is really the best job ❤✈️ #wordsfromthewindowseat
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2 weeks ago
hol.lynn Happy galentine's day to all the poetic, noble land-mermaids out there! couldn't spend my day eating waffles as planned, but did get to fly my first international trip and eat heart-shaped donuts all day 💕🍩 #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Corina Love
2 weeks ago
heycorinahey Flew back to good old dfw tonight and my heart is so full. #corinagoes #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Manda Carpenter
2 weeks ago
mandacarpenter Not my typical kind of post, but i'm trying to take myself less seriously with the help of my goober husband, e. and this👆🏼just do it, y'all. - #impressingisexhausting so here's my confession: i am on my phone too much and i'm way too connected. i've taken steps to work on detaching and finding balance, but having a friend who hides your phone can actually be the best thing for you. (thanks, marco. you da real mvp.) - and i know these squares are full of the latest and greatest in everyone's lives, but i'm here to remind you that nobody's life is perfect and everybody farts. snag yourself a couple of friends who you can let loose with and live in the freedom of being fully you. hang onto them tight. travel with them often. 🤙🏼✈️ #mandajournals #wordsfromthewindowseat (handwriting cred: @shainapagni)
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