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Dana DiFurio
5 days ago
danadifurio Atl -> pdx ✈️ (got the only seat without a window.....#wordsfromthewindowseat fail)
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6 days ago
lagracita No importa a dónde vas, cualquiera que sea el tiempo, no olvides llevar tu sol #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Sunday Layne Dwire
1 weeks ago
sundaykay Stop yourself from stopping yourself! you need to get out of your own way! just believe! i believe in me ❤️#wordsfromthewindowseat
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2 weeks ago
jiajingwanggg Every time i board a plane, i am amazed by how the heck this humongous thing flies up to 10,000m in the sky ✈️☁️ we take granted for many things, but they surely deserve more appreciation. little things could amaze us well too. ......…………………🐦from shanghai……… ………✈️to kunming………………………… #wordsfromthewindowseat #simplejoy #flying #enroute #travelgram #thoughtoftheday #travel #china #sky #letsgoeverywhere #shanghai #airport
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2 weeks ago
jiajingwanggg This will be my new travel routine wherever i fly to ➡️ requesting a window seat, writing a sticker note and leaving it there to inspire someone else📷✈️#series1 #wordsfromthewindowseat #loveotherswithoutexpectations #enroute #jfkairport #journalingaway #recordinglife 📝 #homebound #travelgram
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emily senff
3 weeks ago
emsenff Weeds suffocate to control; wildflowers grow without agenda. let those darlings bloom. 🌾
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3 weeks ago
katemoulton Words i've been singing + scribbling. and today it helped the flight fly by. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Manda Carpenter
3 weeks ago
mandacarpenter Most people are afraid. - afraid of failure, afraid of what other people think, afraid of rejection, afraid of losing. - i am no exception. - it's the fear that prevents us from writing the book, or singing the song, or painting the picture, or speaking for a crowd, or going back to college, or quitting a job. - i've been learning that you will only go as far as you are willing to put yourself out there. the classic "no risk, no reward" is true. the sky isn't the limit, friend. your willingness to put yourself out there - now that's either going to take you places or to a wheelchair at seventy-two years old wondering "what if?" the decision is yours. don't blame the sky. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Manon 🇫🇷
3 weeks ago
manonlspi There's so much behind this picture i'm all dizzy. questions, painful decisions, just as much lessons, twice as much fun and love and support. and finally the big jump. yay for impromptu opportunities and change of plans. ✈️ #newlifewhodis #thankful #lifesgood #upupandaway #datview #frommywindow #allthewayup #letsdothis #travelers #upintheair #windowseat #view #whatamidoing #getoutthere #beautyiseverywhere #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Alisa Nicholle
4 weeks ago
alisanicholle Over the weekend i had the opportunity to spend some time in the city with my mom whose visiting from atlanta, today we're visiting my brother & sister in law and enjoying a more relaxed day in my new home town. it's weekends like these where i realize how important it is to take time for myself, enjoy slow paces and no set schedules and spend time with those i love most. what have you been up to this weekend? #wordsfromthewindowseat
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4 weeks ago
calvindjc Because you do learn a lot about people, about the world, about life. let me sum up what i've learnt from this trip. this trip that people took in order to "find themselves". in fact, it's sort of cliché, the type of thing that sounds deep and important but doesn't actually mean anything. and in every step of the way i admit that i'm wrong. put ourselves in a random and neutral environment, then we slowly understand that there's few things that we cannot control in life. that's where we lost ourselves. where we could not accept what people think, do, feel and say about our lives. we all became so obsessed with being “right” about our lives that we never end up living it. again, i have to admit that i'm wrong. about everything. but once i learnt to accept, i started to focus on the aspects of my life that i want to and actually can change. hope that you are just like me. you are wrong, but you have to make it right. #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Erica Lauren
4 weeks ago
ericalaurenh "the best is yet to come" • summer 2017, i've got high expectations for you // 🛫 • • #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Breanna Randall
5 weeks ago
br_randall A good reminder for myself this week; saying "hi" to my best friends is always easier than parting ways again. the best is yet to come; we believe it. one day, there will be no more goodbyes. #wordsfromthewindowseat #alifeoverseas #takingroute #velvetashes
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