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Zoe Herron
2 weeks ago
zoeetc I am like a waving field of grain, i go in all directions, so glean me, god. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vscocam #exploremontana #montana #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #speaktruth #wordsofencouragement #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Emily Lebs 👩🏼‍🌾
2 weeks ago
emilylebsyou I think we all want that easy fix; as soon as we see something in our eyes that's fixable, we quickly scramble to put the pieces back together. but you know that feeling when you're scared, like reaally scared and you're trying to put everything back together but you're shaking and the pieces just won't fit because you're rushing it instead of just taking your time? that's how i am with the pieces i see in myself i don't like. the guck and slimy stuff you just want to quickly throw away and stuff them away so no one else sees it. i rush and don't allow the lord to let time do its thing because i want to be in control and chip away at those parts of myself that i see are ugly. but what i should be doing is handing over the hammer to the lord and let him do his work in his time. i'm learning to allow the lord's grace to wash over me (which is very hard) and give it time. i don't have to control it, i don't have to let it overcome my emotions, i can give it to god and give it time✨🕰 (check out this hashtag @taylortippett started to inspire & encourage others worldwide) #wordsfromthewindowseat
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3 weeks ago
erkaka So grateful i could celebrate the life of the most vibrant woman today. love you forever! #wordsfromthewindowseat
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3 weeks ago
mohossaini Maybe you are like me, in this season running towards dreams and love and learning how to s***p away the layers of crap. or maybe you are experiencing love for the first time. maybe it's heartache you are experiencing too. maybe you are coming to terms with the fact that you need to get up and move in your situation and you are scared because it is so much easier to hide. maybe you feel alone. maybe you are in college and have no idea what your purpose is or what the heck you are going to do once the next season comes around. it's consuming. it's tiring. i don't know where you are at today-- but i'm here to tell you that you are doing it. you are. you woke up today. maybe your brushed your teeth or maybe you didn't. maybe you cried or maybe you didn't. maybe you ate a normal breakfast or maybe you ate cold pizza. but you are breathing and it's a new day and you are doing it my friend. don't let any insecurities, pain, or person take your fight away from you.🚁🛩🛬🏙🌇💺✈️🌃🚦🛫🌆 #viewfromwindowseat #viewfromthetop #darwintrip #darwin #darwin #cityoflights #cityoflightsandlove #cityoflights #citylife #cityphotography #lightsout #lights #wordsfromthewindowseat #onedayillbeok 😓 . #adventure #travel #travel #blog #vlog #vlogmas #travelloving #travellife #traveltheworld #discoveraustralia #exploreaustralia #exploringaustralia #travelblogger #travelvlog #travelvlogger #vlog #vlogger #vlogging
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4 weeks ago
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Kaci Nicole Piccillo
4 weeks ago
kacinicole This 👆🏼 is what god has for us. not necessarily in glittery circumstances, but something better: him. the verse before spells it out - when we know the love of christ, we may be filled with all the fullness of god (ephesians 3:19). — london is a special city that will always remind me that nothing but god alone gives the us purpose, satisfaction, or love we all long for - can't wait to share more from this trip soon. 💙 — my thoughts for now? grab hold of his goodness. press in. pray. c***k open his word. get down into the heart places with good friends and share laughs with strangers. take a leap of faith and find him in that space outside your comfort zone. look at the beautiful world around you and let him fill your heart with worship and wonder. when you do, what will you find? life - far more abundantly than you ask or imagine. — lgw ✈️ oak #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Door #2 Visual Arts Ministry
last month
door2art Right now, a team of the most solid, god-loving high school students are flying through the sky to poland, and we couldn't be any more excited for them! the team is in our prayers as they teach english and love on polish students for the next week. have you ever been on an awesome trip? comment below with your favorite place you've ever traveled to!
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Heidi Johnson
last month
heidijohnson First, i'm #blessed to know badass, spirit-yielding women from all over the country. 💅🏽💃🏽💪🏽second, minneapolis has been so good to me these past 9 days. 🍻third, there was no better way to celebrate the end of my time in scandinavian american lutheran land 🇳🇴🇩🇰🇸🇪than with b***y cupcakes, catching up with a dear friend, and r*m cocktails. 🍹👯finally, i'm ready to return to my beloved🌲 pnw 🌲with the midwest blessing to be an ordained lutheran pastor 🙏🏼 so soon! 😵 p.s. i got an actual window with my window seat this time 🙌🏼
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Bilal Kaiser
last month
bilalkaiser Wow. what a magical trip. i'll forever remember the generosity 🙏🏽, efficiency 🚝, deliciousness 😋 and next-level retail therapy 🛍 we experienced. 🇯🇵⠀ ⠀ arigatou gozaimasu, japan! i know i'll be back soon. 😉 😍 🙌🏽
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Zoe Herron
last month
zoeetc O god in the morning when my soul is quiet and rest brings seeming contentment is often when i lose sight of your power and purpose. in the ink'd night of my soul when like tumultuous waves tossing back and forth crashing over the silt'd brown shoreline is when i must cry out. do i cry out in anger? for anger, like the sea, brings purposeless torment, or force. do i cry out in sadness? for sadness, like the sea, washes salted water over the soul. do i cry out in sin? for sin, like the sea, refuses to cease, a cycle of continuous beats. do i cry out in want of pity? a want of pity, like the sea, does little else but wail and whine in deathening tones. surely, o lord, my god, i must cry out in surrender. surrender, like the sea, flows in waves that refresh and renew the tired heart. surrender to you, as surrender to the sea, sweeps the body away and takes control. i must cry out in surrender. for surrender to your grace and your mercy, is the only thing that saves me from the waves of anger sadness, sin, want of pity. for it is only with your boundless love, o adonai, that the sea of surrender, can exist wholly. send me, to the sea of surrender, father, and deliver the healing waters to cleanse away my human transgression. lead me away from the sea of pain, and lead me, o my savior, to the the ocean so deep. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vscocam #windowseat #wordsofencouragement #poetryofinstagram #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #poetsofinstagram #dogood #wordsfromthewindowseat
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Jason Y. Lee
last month
jasonylee_ <sfo-lax> gentle reminder to myself and all the impatient hustlers out there. great things take time, don't give up. 🙌🏼 saw this idea online and thought i'd start leaving some encouraging notes of my own. #wordsfromthewindowseat #jasenotes #patience
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Eberle Ferrell
last month
eberleferrell 162 | 365 • life is short and the world is wide 🌏 . . . . . #wordsfromthewindowseat
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emma goetsch 🎀
last month
emmagoetsch Have you ever been taxiing on the runway in an airplane? have you ever been waiting and waiting and waiting and anticipating take off? • for a long, long time i felt like i was taxiing in my life. i knew where i was going, i booked the flight of my life and i was all buckled into my seat and ready for take off. • i thought i was ready. i thought it'd be easy to land in my dream life. but it turns out that it's not like that at all. although i thought i was ready, ready for take off & ready to do the things i've dreamed of for so long, my flight there kept getting delayed. • heart break. traveling. moving. health problems. mental health problems. lessons needing to be learned. the right timing. the right opportunities. the right people. • refueling. cleaning the cabin. checking for any safety hazards. refilling the snacks. bathroom breaks for flight attendants. communication with air traffic control. • sure, the plane could take off without doing these things. sure, the passengers may think that everything is fine and that they're ready for take off. sure, i could pretend everything is fine and that i'm ready to take on the dreams in my heart. but that wouldn't be the safest thing to do. it wouldn't be the smartest. • i feel like i've been taxiing for months and months and season after season i cried out to the lord that i knew i was ready for take off and why isn't he letting me do these things? • but buckled into my window seat on the flight of my life, i'm left to trust the best pilot i know. i'm left to trust that he knows what he's doing and thank him that he does because this girl knows nothing about aviation. • this season is different. i'm buckled in. i've done the maintenance and security checks and have been communicating with the pilot. do you know what time it is? • it's time for take off. the time has come. things are a changin and i'm tightening my seatbelt and securing my tray table and stowing my carry on and i'm giddy with excitement & yet grounded in a deep gratitude for the beautiful and faithful and sweet, sweet ways that the lord has weaved this whole story together. • it's time for take off.
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