Dominique I. Alston | EC, MD
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prefusedforms Still a lot of fine tuning to go (placement, shadows, etc) but a work in progress of my next composite project. all photos used are from first class fitment 2016. #wip #workinprogress #rotiform #fcf2016 #firstclassfitment #rwb_rauhweltbegriff #rwb #porsche
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1 minute ago
tigerfoodpress I've been working on a really cool project with four other pacific northwest craftswomen, and we're getting ready to launch! 🚀 i promise more details in the coming days - our opening reception is in just a little over a week, but in the meantime please give @meteorcraftoperative a follow, and look us up on facebook! .. .. ..
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Ashley Bramley
3 minutes ago
fitmomma_ashhh The 💦 was real tonight. chisel agility kills me every time. love @autumncalabrese workouts. i'm glad i didn't skip out on tonight's schedule workout even though i tried to talk myself out of it. no regrets 💪🏻
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Nicole Reeves
2 minutes ago
Ok!!! i restarted piyo! it's been a rough month and really a rough year. but it's so crazy important to me to focus on consistency so instead of changing programs i am getting my b**t in gear with the workout i said i was going to do!!! day 1 of piyo is in the books and day 2 will be going down in the next hour! ***************************************** 💥did you move today??? #workoutmotivation #workoutwednesday #piyo #day1 #beachbody #workingout #move #getmoving #consistency #doitnow
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1 minute ago
iamtangled Also excitedly drawing #janethevirgin for the first time in a long time i found a show i absolutely love with a main character i relate to so very much. she's a beautiful, sassy, intelligent, stubborn and strong character and definitely a lady that others should look up to! i'm rooting for jane and rooting for this actress in all she does: love her! #tv #ginarodriguez @hereisgina #favoriteshow #mermay2017 #mermay #mermaid #workinprogress #wip #artistsoninstagram #illustratorsoninstagram #illustrator #pencil #drawing
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2 minutes ago
bubbaxara Reshot in better quality of my new piece. my water color piece about ig makeup is still in the works, but i'm hoping to turn this into a print when i get my youtube up and running. enjoy lovelies 💕 •tags• #myart #art #ink #inking #manga #mystyle #flowercrown #flowers #tattoos #bodymotivation #wip #workinprogress
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Jennifer Madison Lorna Monette
2 minutes ago
jennifermonette And i'm foolin' myself, 'cause i know that i'll never change ya but you told me the truth, so i guess i can't really blame ya 🦋 📸photo creds while intoxicated: @jordmonette #vscocam #yxe #selfie #happy #everythinghappensforareason #movingforward #doingme #bossbabe #workinprogress #confidence
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Matt DeGrave
2 minutes ago
You don't cue your body to change. you train your body to change. disclaimer: no where near where i want to be. ribs and low back still participating way more than i'd like. still working heavily on the ribcage/pelvis connection. #workinprogress . that being said, pretty cool how things are coming together enough to notice. that was me a year ago without hands over head and not really doing much and i was in extension. in the video i'm not just cueing my ribcage to stay down... it has been and will continue to be taught to stay out the way! . creating a new structure to live in after moving like a goof for the last 25 years is far from easy. i'm not looking to lift the most weight in the gym. i'm trying to throw down on the bball court when in 65. i'm creating a healthy and active lifestyle to live. trying to be good at life not picking up heavy things. using my body at its highest efficiency doesnt mean lifting 800lbs.
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m a r c i a • 112lbs ⬇
3 minutes ago
xomarcia Meet my new running buddy! i couldn't help but keep one of the puppies from my dog's litter. this sweet doe-eyed girl is bowie. she's too small to start leash training but i'm excited to see where this adventure takes us. 🏃‍♀️🐶
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