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Friday, friday, friday, friday!!! -

if you workout in the morning you are more likely to follow through every day.
if you delay until later in the day you will come up with a billion excuses why right now isn’t a good time. -

don’t cheat yourself!!! go get your sweat on :)
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👉🏻 @nowheregirl88 😍es para mí un auténtico #aguantenlosviernes en mi vida 🙌🏻 hace dos meses comenzó nuevamente a entrenar conmigo. durante años ha vivido en el exterior ,su conducta y disciplina potencia para mi los desafíos tras sus objetivos. 📹👆🏻 en su clase realizamos
#squats con #minibands con despegues + puños al frente con #skipping elevando rodillas. 👊🏻♥️
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⭐️détermine ton why! ✖️sans but, difficile d'atteindre des objectifs!🤷‍♀️ -->tu souhaite une perte de poids? raffermissement? abdos? remise en forme? ⚫️commence à trouver ton pourquoi? ⚫️fais le 1er pas!
⚫️lance toi un défi!

mon défi shift shop commence lundi! -->durée de 21 jours!
--> 1ère semaine 25 min
--> 2ème semaine 35 min
--> 3ème semaine 45min 💥en groupe ça motive ben plus!!😉c'est certain!👌 écris infos👇👇ou écris moi en pv!

ps: je te mets en vidéo des extraits du programme!😉

au plaisir
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Secret to finishing your sets! 🥇
follow us for daily workout motivation @hustlercredo
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Совсем скоро новые видосы !
А пока ловите вис на одной 😈
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after this past year, i literally can’t believe i used to spend $8-9 a day to go to smoothie bars and try to jam a cup full of stuff i thought was healthy. ⠀

the only thing those smoothies were packed with was sugar. ⠀

this stuff right here has become a daily essential in my life. it’s full of superfoods, vitamins and minerals, nutrients, and so much more. and guess what it doesn’t have - - pesticides and herbicides, gmos, or any artificial junk. ⠀

choosing to fuel my body with this as been a no brainer. i have more energy, my stomach and system are more balanced, my hair and nails are growing...i attribute 80% of my results to this potion right here. it’s changed my life, and now it’s time to let it change yours. 👊👊
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Morning walk ✔️ morning nap ✔️ i love when we get to combine some of our to-do's!! 👶🏼💗 #stayathomemomlife #napwin #naptimehustle
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Split leg down dog. shoulder is on fire. lifting weights and cardio is a bit redundant this summer as that’s what i do 7+ hours a day 4-5 days a week. so getting bendy and fluid is the focus. i love this program and now that my computer can be hooked up to my tv i can use it again to play my workouts streaming from the internet! i love this program so much. i always feel so much better after each workout. every day.
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Happy friday everyone.... i woke up late and decided to cook some breakfast for my kids before my workout but still got it done. it’s friday so of course we gotta show our gunz 😆 have a wonderful day!!! i’m happy with my 3 lbs weight loss so far since monday. it’s really show how important the nutrition is. my issues were that i didn’t eat enough and for the past 2 weeks i ate whole wheat breads, brown rice etc but my body didn’t like it. so since monday i stopped eating all that stuffs. i still eat carbs but sweet potatoes, quinoa are my to go now. less to no bloating since made some changes. also, i write down everything i eat and drink or taste 😆. remember don’t ruin your hard work over the weekend. ask yourself do you really need it.
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Morning cardio ~

session cardio ce matin. en attendant bruxelles...🤗😏 •

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Since i fractured my spine a couple months ago i’ve had to do a lot of physical therapy. when i’m at home i use resistance bands a lot. these are my favorite so far they are by the body factory. this particular pack came with five different levels of resistance bands and two core sliders which really are great and work on any surface. i use the medium and heavy for my hips and i use the extra heavy for my shoulders. these are definitely thick and well-made and there’s no worry of them breaking down or snapping on you. you can get these right now on amazon with two day shipping if you have prime. if you are just starting or if you have been at it for a while you’re going to love these. if you want to get a set the link is in the comments.
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