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It can happen for you too. stop saying what if and start saying i choose.
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What can you possibly get from online fitness....i mean a gym would be much better, right?
well, i used to instruct at a gym...i had a personal trainer, was 15 years younger...and yet i’m in better shape and healthier now after 4 kids!!...why?
it comes down to a few things...
1. consistency...when you can workout anytime/anywhere, you are more able to be consistent.
2. science based efficiency... the best fitness programs, science based and crazy effective. you’re going to get better results than simply doing this class here or this resistance training there. no guesswork for max results.
3 nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!!! it’s 80% of getting to your goals and we have the tools to not only get to your goals with tasty eating, it’s sustainable for the long term!
4. support...with online accountability and support. never underestimate community! doing it alone won’t work!
5. convenience...busy mama...this is for us!! it’s all about your schedule and timing!
i’ve got a new group starting monday! let me know if you’re ready to try online fitness. dm, comment belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡. i’d be happy to chat more and have you join us so you can feel good by thanksgiving!
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Appreciation post✨

at the beginning of this year i was at my all time low. this girl took the time to reach out to me and encourage me to start a new journey. that journey was fitness related and i had never thought of that as natural medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. but it became just that for me.

it wasn’t something i thought i would be able to commit to, and i was honest with her on that. little did i know that i would feel instant changes in my mental and physical health in the first week of being consistent.

since then i’ve completed 4 fitness programs and am in the middle of my second round of an 80 day challenge. 9 months of committing to myself in order to live a happier and healthier life. i’ve become a coach and am now helping others to do all of this for themselves too. all because she took a chance and reached out to me when i needed it most.

today we got to do a live workout together amongst 200 other people here in st louis. it was emotional, inspiring, and humbling. i’ve become part of a group of people that i didn’t know i needed in life. i’m so thankful for you mallory and for introducing me to a lifestyle i now know i will and can commit to for life.
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275 triple, felt good on the legs, but i'm working on my grip strength

advice on form or auxillary workouts to help increase my numbers?

mind the camera angle, still new at this
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#squad goals✨

today was absolutely incredible! this is a group of women that have all been drawn together by one thing - wanting to help others.

this is my team and i’m so honored to even be able to say that. today most of us met for the first time in person and it was instantly filled with hugs, laughs, and encouragement. it was almost like blind dating with new friends!

i feel so lucky to be apart of something to help motivate others, with people like these girls who are daily inspiration for me, and at the end of the day to feel absolutely great about it all.

today filled my heart and reminded me why i continue to do all of this. there are so many exciting things coming in 2019 and you don’t have to wait til then to jump into this group of motivational women.
we only ask of one thing - positivity and to be goofs like us πŸ’•
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My partner for today workout #workoutathome #noexcuses #fitiquenutritionph
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Nothing fancy today, i am just trying to do more of the things i'm weak at πŸ’ͺso here's a tiny snippet of my upper bod workout before my camera died. πŸ“· 😭
what did y’all do today? πŸ’•

happy saturday!
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French toast on fresh crusty french bread that was still warm when i picked it up this morning 🀀 yes please!!!
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Many of you think i am just that crazy lady that never stops, i exhaust you just by watching. energy of 13 toddlers. yeah that's true. and i am constantly telling you to join me in this crazy life. .
but did you know this health & wellness thing is bigger then a small waist & no cellulite. yes i sweat at home, but the friendships, community, support, accountability & b**t kicks are so much more. πŸ’–
i was at a coach training event today...fellow peeps just trying to get healthy & sharing their journey with others. we spent the morning learning & sweating together.... joining ladies who inspire me, encourage me & keep me accountable by watching them show up daily. .
so when i say join me... i am really saying join this community, join this support network, join and you won't be alone. πŸ’–
you ready to say yes to all this? comment yes & i will be in touch. πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒ

@mind_bodybalance & @confidentstrength thanks for the fun today
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210 right now my goals is 230. so i’m put some breaks on the dirty bulking but definitely gonna keep lifting heavy. putting on weight is not hard you just have to be in a calorie surplus, no matter what your diet preferences are. if your not retaining more calories than you burn you won’t put on any weight.
meal plans 9.99
training programs 12.99
both fully customized to your specific needs and diet preferences no matter what your goals are. if your looking to put on weight(bulk) lose weight ( cut) or maintain were your at.
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