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"ours are broken moments yet so precious
just like scattered shells in the sea
some are shining against the sun light,
some are the one's we pass by,
some are buried under the sand,
others are still in the ocean,
waiting for you to dive in and discover. -a.d | broken moments"

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"dear m,

i just want to tell you how thankful i am that we've been part of each other's life. thank you for always understanding me, thank you for the accepting me, thank you for loving me at times i can't even love myself and thank you because you never judged me and always look up on me because you always believe that i can be somebody someday. you are the only person who never gave up on me.
i realized that you are the woman of my dreams.

i'm fine now. it will take me while before i completely move on from you.
but everyday i wish we can turn back time and go back to how we used to be.
i wish i can undo the things i regret saying.
but yet again everytime i think of going back, i always find myself starting over again.
i'm sorry for giving up so fast. i'm trying my best to be a better man everyday. i've learned my lesson the hard way. i'm sorry for all the pain and headaches i've caused you. i know sorry will never be enough. i hope someday you'll forgive me.
sincerely yours, d" 💌
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Все, кого мы встречаем, спрашивают нас : добились ли мы высот на работе📑📌, обзавелись ли семьёй💑👪 ш построили ли свой дом🏡, как будто наша жизнь - это список продуктов.. Но никто никогда не спрашивает, счастливы💓 ли мы.... /
everyone we meet asks us whether we have achieved heights at work📑📌👓, whether we have got a family 💑👪and built  house🏡, as if our life is a list of products .. but no one ever asks if we are happy💓 ....
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The last time i read a #book at this pace, i was 7 and it was “charlie and the chocolate factory.” a little more than 200 pages were finished in a few hours not so much because this is unputdownable but because the writing is so honest and real and pure that it’s like someone is telling you their #life’s story. that you’ve become so intimate, so comfortable with someone that they don’t mind sharing details with you, whether these make them happy or embarrassed, proud and confident or scared and confused. because they know you won’t judge them or perhaps they don’t care if you do. so it’s like a conversation that you don’t want to get up from and at some point you realise that you can’t because you’re enjoying the chat, you’re engaging with you’re being told. you’re drawing parallels between what you’re hearing and what you know, making you wistful and hopeful and wondering what life may have been like if lived differently. #akhilsharma took years to publish this book. a couple of hours with this are all you need to understand why.
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"we always create our own way even if the compass tells us to go north.
maybe we are rebels, we don't follow the rules and we walk down the street with our hearts on our sleeves.
maybe what we thought that would not matter really did.
maybe our story has no end and that's why my pens spilled words itself.
maybe our kisses doesn't mean it's over but instead it means forever.
maybe our dimensions are fated to bounce back.
maybe this is how it feels like to fall in love to the undefined.
maybe there's nothing really scary going beyond our restricted selves.
maybe you are beyond my limit, beyond my borders, beyond my fears, beyond my doubts, beyond my poems, beyond a character in our story, beyond my letters and beyond my words.

because baby,

you are my beyond everything that is beyond beautiful in this world. - a.d | beyond"

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"feel me beneath you,
as you walk on the ground on barefoot.
feel me inside you,
as you gasp the breeze that touches you.
feel me over you,
as you mesmerize to the beauty that surrounds you.

take me in

breathe me

listen to the sound of my cries
and roar of my laughter
and be as one as me
like a lass to her lover
like a cloud to her skies - a.d | feel me"

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"dear mu,

it has been three months since i confessed my feelings for you, and right at that very moment you made it clear that all we can only have is our friendship. yeah, and i said that i am prepared for any feedback from you. but i am wrong. i was hurt. because i assumed that things are ok between us. i must say i just got the wrong signal and misinterpreted our closeness. in spite of that, you promised that our friendship will remain no matter what. i hold on to that. i still am. but days had passed, i got the feeling that something has changed. it seems that there is an invisible wall that is forming between us. we barely talk to each other. we’re close (physically), yet so far. recently i’ve done something that worsened our situation. maybe you’re annoyed. and it made me sad. there is an urge in me that i wanted to talk to you and to fix this. i want to break the wall and hope i could be right next to you again, not for anything else but to save our friendship. i want to bring our closeness back.
kahit yun lang, ok na sa akin. i’m sorry kung lagi kitang niyayakap. don’t be mad when i say “i miss you”, because i really missed the days that we’re ok. but then again, if it happens that you are not comfortable anymore with my presence, i'm willing to let you go. kahit pagkakaibigan na lang natin ang pinanghahawakan ko.

maybe this time, i should love myself more.

loving, este always watching you from afar,

back2december" 💌
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Gratitude. i am so so richly blessed with breath and blessings and beauty and beats .🌹
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Working in the studio today - check out my story for some more musical bubbles before they pop 😄🎶 #studiotime #newmusic #colephoenix #music
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"i can go on days without thinking about you or just missing what we used to have
and i'm happy that i've been this far,
far from where i used to be stuck with.
but somehow last night, i dreamed about you and i escaping.
today i kept on thinking about you and the friendship that we had.
once i've memorized your hands and now i don't even know how it feels like holding your hands anymore.
memories of you are fading and i'm afraid that time will come where i forget about you completely.
i'm afraid that time will come where my hands can't write about you anymore.
i am not reminiscing,
but i don't want forgetting. - a.d | days in between"

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If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion ~ aldous leonard huxley #aldoushuxley #genius #b**e #writer #philosopher
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This is #anniebrassey a #traveller #writer #collector #phillanthropist come and read her diaries, books and photographs in the #brasseyinstitute on 6/6/18 with the #wea and researcher amy miller for this special one off event of #lookingthroughthearchives @ #hastingslibrary to enrol: https://enrolonline.wea.org.uk/online/2017/courseinfo.aspx?r=c3743188
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