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Neka boli ,od tebe je...
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She talks about synergy
how whole is greater
than sum of it's parts can ever be
it's quite easy, for me
because she refuses to give up
her past, when i've just spent
hours trying to talk her into
what our love can be
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Starlit - nuts chopra
i sit
on the roof
with a pack of chips
and dark chocolates
connecting the dots
to my favourite puzzle
the brightest star
reminds me of my brother
whom i burnt,
along with hay and thatch
just to see if he was
a pheonix in disguise
there is another star
just beside sirius
it's the maid
she saw me
turning the one
she loved
into ashes
i chased her
through the woods
and drove a branch
through her chest
her blood splashed
on my face
it looked artistic
i glance carefully
at those tiny dots
up there
now i know
why people like
starlit skies
and how they would
love me
for a whole constellation
that lights up their night

oh wait
who’s above grandpa?
i guess i will cook
aunt mia’s flesh
for dinner tomorrow

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It always seems impossible until it's done.

nelson mandela
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Love me while i'm breathing
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Do you believe that putting yourself in another person's shoes will help you to know them better?

stop letting your own assumptions and believes to solving another person's problem. try to put yourself in their state and think.
stop mixing your own perspective and try to understand their perspective and point of views.
viewing a situation from another person's view will help you to understand them easily and improve interpersonal relationships. try to understand what they are hiding and try to let them trust you to share their problems.
try to understand another person's behaviour, gestures, facial expressions, fake smile or genuine smile, aggression, just listen them carefully and you will reach the correct problem and then help them to solve. -pooja goyal

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//... lost in the waves and lost in thought
capture this moment and stop the time
i never believed i'd ever be at such peace, at such ease
praised be to the one i strive to please //...
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Love him the way, nobody can't even think of it.

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I hope that passion kills you. that you breathe it in, to the core of your soul. that it ignites and burns in the depths of your desires. so much so, that you feel it in every breath of your touch, in this world.
i hope that passion kills you. that nothing else but the burning desire to experience life, in every embrace, of each moment.
this world is but dusk and time, waiting for you to leave your mark on it.
i hope that passion kills you. because what a shame, to die from anything else, but the love of your love.

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That feeling of being unloved hurts the most.

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Happiness is an emotion that we discover inside our own selves as human beings. an object can make a person happy for a short while but happiness is for a lifetime. if somebody thinks money can buy happiness then that is not true happiness.

money can't give you inner satisfaction, the day you realise your happiness in someone else, that day money seems like small, if you want to be happy then start it from you, keep your surroundings happy.

money seems too little when you look at a smiley face who wants nothing from you but a smile. you will meet many people who want many things from you, but when you will meet that one who only wishes of your smiling face, that day you don't want anything in your life.

being poor doesn't mean, you can't be happy, money can help you in buying luxurious life, but for happy one, you have to love yourself.

let people enjoy your company and give them a reason to smile.
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