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I no longer use the destruction of flowers to decide if i will love 🌼
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➡️ swipe for poem... | butterfly wisdom & the water |
✨ forever eluding, but flutters gently for a whisper of a moment.
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Credit: @demonkittycat14544 seems like a chill person honestly, maybe a little towards the crazy side, but aren’t we all a little crazy on the inside? nothing wrong with crazy in my book, anyway, i had a change of plans and maybe after this one i can get back to eric’s poems, i’m not sure yet.
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I know you...
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.bending into the spaces. #meditation #space
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I’ve had a lifelong love affair with libraries.
in late elementary school and junior high, i lived in a small town and didn’t have many friends.
but i did have a library.
so i’d ride my bike or walk the kids i babysat across town to just look through the shelves and bring home new friends in the form of stories. it was a safe place for me, from the fun activities our librarians hosted to just being in the presence of books, i loved it!
it’s no wonder that today at 23, despite actually having friends now (oh how i wish i could hug my 13 year old self), the library or barnes & noble is still where i go when i need some self care.
yes, it’s incredibly nerdy.🤓
that’s okay. being a nerd is something i embraced a long time ago.
in fact, one of the reasons i’m drawn back to libraries is to remember my child self. she was wild & smart & creative & quirky & ambitious & fearless & full of life. she is who i want to be. and i can always find a piece of her at the library. 💛

what did you love as a child? how do you embrace that today?
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I’m ready to go to the goblin market with lundy - thank you so much to @torbooks & @seananmcguire for this amazing arc - my reaction video is hilarious opening this amazing and surprise package this morning!
you can find that video on twitter -
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