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I love this quote so much! i stand behind it because i’ve seen with my own eyes that impact that setting goals has had in my life!
if you’re into setting goals, and would like a little guidance, then download my free printable workbook on goal-setting! the link is in the bio 😉 #last90days #tuesdayquotes
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Showing you the acknowledgements from my first novel-the palm oil stain (👆☝️click on the link in the bio)

you may sit alone and write but don't kid yourself. you need a team of people behind you.
1. the ones who know what your doing and support you all the way
2. the ones who don't understand what your doing or anything your saying or are too busy but when you need them. they give you 100% ears, contacts, relief from every day or just do what you ask oblivious to what it means because they just like you as a person.

#writers you need that team to get the work done.

it takes a village every time...even f they don't know you've already built them a house there.😏
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Don’t we all start somewhere? you can’t just expect to be good at something right away. you got to know the foundation and climb your way up the mountain. that’s where you’ll see the results.
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📔reading about short story writing in “past perfect, present tense” by the great richard peck. the question to keep in mind is: how does a character change? 📝
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16 октября 1888 года родился американский драматург Юджин Гладстон О'Нил. В 1936 году он стал лауреатом Нобелевской премии по литературе. Знаем его так же, как отца Уны О'Нил, которая в 1943 году стала женой Чарльза Чаплина.
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Lomba menulis puisi-cerpen tema suara & novel tema bebas

deadline puisi-cerpen: 15 des 18 
pengumuman: 15 jan 19

deadline novel: 31 jan 19
pengumuman: 1 mar 19

naskah yang lolos seleksi akan dibukukan! gratis utk semua umur. semua follower akun media sosial ellunar boleh ikutan!


selamat datang kembali, fellow authors!

kali ini, kami mengambil tema suara untuk puisi dan cerpen. salah satu dari delapan definisi suara menurut kbbi adalah sesuatu yang dianggap sebagai perkataan (untuk melahirkan pikiran, perasaan). jika penyanyi mengeluarkan suara dengan bernyanyi, maka penulis mengeluarkan suara dengan menulis. kamu bisa bersuara tentang apa saja yang ingin kamu suarakan. kamu dapat mengambil definisi yang mana saja tentang suara. kamu juga bisa mengambil genre apa saja, bebas. ceritakan tentang suara tawamu yang tanpa sengaja menutupi suara tangisnya, atau tentang nyaringnya suara hati yang enggan memecah ketenangan, atau tentang petualangan mencari suaramu dalam keramaian. sampaikan imajinasi terbaikmu dalam kata-kata karya!

untuk lomba novel, kami tidak membatasi tema dan genre. novel komedi, misteri, romantis, horor, maupun inspiratif, kami membuka peluang untuk semuanya. jadi, kalau kamu punya stok draft novel bisa langsung kirim setelah disunting sesuai ketentuan lomba. yuk, langsung cek ketentuannya di sini bit.ly/suarabebas (link di highlight). pemenang utama akan mendapatkan sebuah sony extrabass headphone mdr - xb550ap/w (white) senilai rp899.000 dan masih banyak hadiah lainnya!

kami tunggu naskahmu! selamat berkarya!

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Let me tell you about this girl.
she’s afraid of food and she is terrified of either gaining weight or losing weight (she basically feels out of control when it comes to her body; she fears breaking any of her “rules” or shoulds, because she may gain weight/lose weight/get sick/never have the perfect body.)
she hates getting dressed and always fears clothes not fitting (she believes certain clothes/sizes are good, not for others’ bodies, only her own; i.e. the “jeans that were smaller than she’s ever worn.” she pretty much thinks everyone else has it figured out. her body and her mind are somehow broken.)
she believes that emotional/binge eating is something she will deal with for the rest of her life.
she fears she’ll never feel normal around food or that she’ll end up with diabetes because of the habits she’s had with food her whole life.
she’s terrified that she’s broken her body and she may never get her cycle back. she fears both never having children and having children because she has such strict rules around food and exercise that children would certainly interrupt (let’s not even talk about the weight gain that would come with pregnancy).
she’s also scared she’ll end up alone and unloved because who could ever love her—she doesn’t even like or love herself, and she wakes up every day feeling fat/unhappy and can’t stand to look in the mirror or see pictures of herself.
she fears certain foods like sugar, fat, gluten, dairy, carbs, and meat, and she’s afraid she’ll hate her body forever.
she fears being stuck in normalcy and never fulfilling her purpose.
she fears procreating and bringing a young woman into a world that is so cruel to women around body/looks.
i look at her and i see how hard she was trying to be okay. she put in the work. she refused to accept her fear as “how it must be.” it’s good to know that, on the other side of all of this fear... there was this and now and the constant evolution of what it means to be a woman in a body in this time and this place.
and if you’ve ever felt any of these things, or if you’re feeling any of them now, please find solace in the fact that you’re far from alone.
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What is it that you secretly wish? comment below!!
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My book is magical. it is life-changing, and not just for the reader, but also for me, as i write it.⠀
today i'll be writing - despite so much resistance.⠀
who else is writing a book? leave me a comment and tell me about it!
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