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Paint decontamination prior to wet sanding and a multi stage paint correction #kegsdetailingservices #shoptruck #yeswedoitright #yougetwhatyoupayfor #qualityworkqualityproducts
0 19 May 2016
Crumbs desserts garnished with fruits
join us at lizmor events training school now
5 4 October 2015
Chicken kebab
hmmm yummy yummy from lizmor events training school
0 5 October 2015
It's our pastry week
about going into the hot palace(oven).
you can still register and join us
0 18 August 2016
5 items small chops from our training school.
our students are just the best.
you think as a lady you can't make pastry hmmm guess you have not met the right tutor.join us @lizmor events training school and be a pro
0 6 October 2015
Students making and rolling themselves. @ lizmor events training school you learn under less supervision.
join us now and increase your cooking skills.
#professionalchefsinthemaking #traintobeagoodchef @ lizmoreventstrainigschool
0 4 October 2015
Hello wednesday?!!! iyani wura omo, baba digi......i pray for all mothers, you will all eat the fruit of your labour in jesus name. amen
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0 3 last month
Happy last sunday of the month we shall see more of this in jesus name. amen.

thank you lord for the success of this work.

our beautiful cake in its full glory for #wuraola2020. may god almighty bless ur home in jesus name amen.

#weddingcake #ibadancake #ojobaker #forevergratefullord #yeswedoitright #ilovewhatido #abaker&caterer
0 6 last month
About last weekend, traditional cake for #wuraola2020. a big congratulations to the newest couple in town @dajosfoods. we appreciate our clients for choosing us, we promise to alwaz give you the best.

#traditionalweddingcake #ibadanbaker #ojobaker #yeswedoitright #ilovewhatido #abaker&acaterer
#godsfavourfollowsme #dlordismystrength
0 11 last month
2 57 September 2017
Need to get that wedding video production done but can`t seem to find the right team to handle the job? search no more... hire a team of properly trained experts to get that production done for you.
book us today, let us capture those wonderful memories for you.
feel free to dm, whatsapp or call us. our lines are open 24/7
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2 55 August 2017
Dear microwave please tell me why my food is so hoooooot! @ukirinlijadu we lit ­čĺ» @wunmijames15 @eyitemiadeniyi ! #chinnesefood #yeswedoitright #nijacaterer #supriseparty #celebfoods #partylovers .
5 35 August 2017
New week fresh grace
we are back this year again at samsung engineering academy to serve our sumptuous meals to all students and staffs.....
#3monthstraining #yeswedoitright
0 34 August 2017
Yesterday was awesome as we managed an event of over 1200 capacity under 24hours notice...
#savethechildren #worldbreastfeedingday #stopdiarrhoeainitiative thanks to all my wonderful team that made it possible,i would need to appreciate all my wonderful vendors it wouldn't have been possible without your prompt services and corporation..
@apostlebabagyte my baddest m.c of the day ..
@nawtibouy thanks for the children friendly music as regards the brief i gave you
@amiglitzevents thanks for the supplies
the drum band team -- too bad you aren't on instagram but you guys did wonderfully well
other vendors i appreciate you all
now to my lizmor training school alumni thank you so much for coming i really appreciate your presence and commitment towards the event @cubx_events @iamtemmythayo
i love you guys...
#eventmanager #amazinggrace
book a date with us for your next event
2 43 August 2017
Getting ready for iftar.....
client's order
moi moi elemi meje plus
yummilicious moi moi
#fromlizmorkitchen #yeswedoitright
1 28 June 2017
Hello instafam.....
our next small chops training starts 3rd of april 2017, with over 13 different items of small chops.
don't forget you would be taught the "preparation,preservation,presentation and packaging of small chops.
register and make payment now and enjoy 25% discount on the course fee.
the course fee is 15,000naira only but enjoy whopping 25% discount if you register now.
spread the news
thank you....
0 29 March 2017
Happy new month to you all.
we shall continue to experience god's favour and mercy throughout the remaining days to the end of the year.
for everyone that is still looking up to god for one thing or the other,god of last minute miracle will show up for us ijn.
book us for your events this season and enjoy a whooping discount on all our services.
#lizmorevents #yeswedoitright
1 17 December 2016
So far so good the good god has been faithful
we have come to the end of august - november 2016 session at the training school.
our next session starts 14th of november by god's grace
with the ffg courses
small chops of over 18 different varieties
cocktail of over 60 varieties of cocktails,mock tail, mohito, milkshake,smoothies,healthy drinks and more.
chinese cuisines
and decoration
all in 4 weeks before we shut down for xmas break at the training school.
first 7 students that registers and pays gets whooping 20% discount on the package.
hurry now and enjoy the offer.
#lizmorevents #lizmoreventstrainingschool #yeswedoitright
0 16 November 2016
Student doing their thing during their individual presentation today.
she mixed all the mixables and name it
1 18 October 2016
Cooked,portioned and delivered hot.
how did we achieve that......
we are pro in what we do.
0 30 October 2016
Fresh and raw small chops (samosa and springroll) delivered today.
thanks for good and prompt service delivery @elegantrelogistics
i called this company and under 30mins they were at my office to pick up.
i would choose you over and over again.
order for your raw and fried small chops, and varieties of food and get it delivered to you within lagos.
1 23 October 2016
Chinese cuisines ready for delivery
#stirfriedrice #singaporenoodles #shreddedbeefingreenpeppersauce #chickeningarlicsauce are you planning a small party soon and you are tired of serving the regular 9ja dishes,switch to healthy continental dishes and make your guests enjoy their precious time spent with you by ordering for our freshly prepared chinese cuisines.
you can order for both african and continental dishes in small quantity for your party.
we do the job and you take the credit.
#lizmorcontinentalfood #lizmoreventsfoods.
2 34 October 2016
One of our former student came to receive his certificate today. nice seeing you david, i call him david. ........
i wish you all the best in life.
registration is on for our next and last training for this year.
0 22 October 2016
Still in the season of appreciating all our clients(old,present,new and future)
without god and you all there wouldn't have been us.
just like yesterday we are 5 years already.
a child of 5 years can talk read and write so we ain't new in the business
patronise us and you would never regret.
we are a full service event company that manages and produces your event from start to finish.
#evententrepreneur #foodentrepreneur #lizmoreventsandservices #yeswedoitright
join the winning team.
1 24 October 2016
Work in progress
a customised meal pack made for our client for naijafm.
it's dnyra of edline records.
happy birthday naijafm
musical hip pop artist dnyra of edline records you are going places bro.
call in to naijafm today and stand a chance to attend our next training program for freeeeeeeeeeee.
tune into naijafm 102.7.
0 18 September 2016
Eating competition
after the training share the food...........
still nigerian dishes n soups,yesterday was about yoruba(i bile ) dishes
amala,ewedu,gbegiri. ofada with sauce.
whaoo they so much enjoyed the meal.
i heard them saying lizmor this amala must be downloaded hot we can't take it home................
i love my students.
0 32 September 2016
Week 37 day 1 samsung engineering academy.
still enjoying our meals daily.
me and my bobo still rocking the sallah break together
heavy rain! lagos flooded!!terible hold up!!!.
1 36 September 2016
Happy students
from the left we have ofe owerri,party taste jollof rice,beef and fish dishes, cat fish peppersoup.
0 34 September 2016
It's students individual presentation today. ehhh too much pastries to taste .
2 30 September 2016
3 25 September 2016
It's our pastry week
about going into the hot palace(oven).
you can still register and join us
0 18 August 2016
Our training is on going
why you should learn at lizmor events training school
we book for maximum of 10 students per class to ensure students gets attention individually,guidance and support throughout the learning process.
at lizmor events we supply all ingredients that would be used throughout the course of training.
you can ask as many questions as possible and get a professional response and advice on starting up your own business.
register with us today and you would never regret you did.
it's our pastry courses week
for more info pls check our numbers on the bio.
#lizmorevents #yeswedoitright
0 6 August 2016
It's small chops week @ lizmor events training school
items are chicken in barter,fish in barter,fish ball and vegetable pan cake.
0 20 August 2016
We love our student she's learning under less supervision and doing great.
join us now and be a pro
#privateclass #fastlearner #lizmoreventstrainingschool
2 29 August 2016
It's happening live @ tim melaye ' s villa.congrats to tim and dammy melaye on your house warming and thanksgiving celebration.
# event caterer
0 16 August 2016
Week 32 day 5 samsung engineering academy always proud of lizmor foods.
thank you all see you on monday.
#lizmorfoods #lizmorevents
0 15 August 2016
Private decor class ongoing at lizmor events training school
training starts officially 22nd of august, 2016.
register and join us now
we have 20% off on most of our courses this session.
5 29 August 2016
Day 5,week 31 samsung engineering academy.ikeja.
keep enjoying lizmor foods.
0 14 August 2016
Market tour
we source for fresh vegetables and other ingredients to provide quality and healthy services for our wonderful clients.
# foodvendor
0 18 August 2016
Samsung engineering academy,agidingbi,ikeja, lagos enjoying lizmor events foods.
do you have an event to cater for weddings,birthdays,anniversaries,seminars,trainings,conferences etc just give us a call and we would be there to provide quality services at affordable price to you.
note : food tasting is available for all serious and ready clients.
#lizmoreventsfoods #lizmorevents
1 10 August 2016
And so we ended our april - july 2016 session today with our weekend students to god alone be all the glory.
our next training starts soon,registration is on for any/all the courses of your choice and guess what we have 20% off all our courses this season.
pls spread the news,we love referals too.
god bless you all.
promo package coming soon for all our event services too. pls tag brides to be you know to enjoy our quality and affordable services.
#lizmoreventsandservices #lizmoreventstrainingschool
1 30 July 2016
Spot out the ceo @ lizmor events we relate as one big family. after training pics.
0 14 May 2016
Paint decontamination prior to wet sanding and a multi stage paint correction #kegsdetailingservices #shoptruck #yeswedoitright #yougetwhatyoupayfor #qualityworkqualityproducts
0 19 May 2016
Pounded yam with veg okro and ogbonno soup.
pounded yam with egunsi
food is ready,come and eat.
4 15 May 2016
Asun , bbq fish , bbq chicken from the ultimate #lizmoreventstrainingschool
1 15 May 2016
Today's class was great with asun,bbq chicken,bbq fish ........
very yummy it can go down with a bottle of beer,wine and cocktail drinks.
0 11 May 2016
Yummy chicken kebab, meat balls, fish balls, chicken in barter,fish in barter,peppered gizzard from #lizmoreventstrainingschool
3 18 May 2016
Our training started yesterday with small chops class.
students busy rolling making spring roll and samosa,we have two mighty men in our
its the lords doing.....
you can still register and join us
2 14 May 2016
Hello my people
our next training starts 2nd of may with the following courses for both weekdays and weekends.
event planning and mgt
small chops
cocktail drinks
chinese/continental delicacies
african dishes and soups
additional pastry courses
dessert cakes
and fruit fountain/arrangement.
register and pay for all the courses before commencement and enjoy 10% discount on all the courses
register and pay for any of the courses before commencement and enjoy 5% discount on the courses you pick
pls visit our website for more info
thanks and pls spread the news.cheers
#lizmoreventstrainingschool #yeswedoitright
0 7 April 2016
Hmmm my wonderful intelligent priscilla alias
during their project writing she doesn't settle for less,her own event budget starts from 4m

the day she submitted her project and i just flipped through it i knew she's an accountant,if you she the way she prepared income and expenditure account for me,she carry balance sheet join
proud of you dear @houseofemmy.
2 8 April 2016
Hot,freshly made, well packaged and ready for delivery.
do you need small chops for a small gathering either birthdays,baby shower,bridal shower,office party or your big social and corporate gathering?look no further,just give us a call and you would get it delivered to you.
we sell per tray and per pack.
#lizmorevents #lizmordailyspecialmenu #yeswedoitright
4 10 April 2016
Its a 6 items small chops.
samosa,spring roll,mosa,puffs,bbq chicken,prawn in barter.
how do you want your own,we have a long list of small chops items,select your items and get it delivered to your doorstep.
#hotandfreshfingerfoods #yeswedoitright
0 10 April 2016
How do you want it? you want it raw and fresh? you want it fresh and fried? contact us for your fresh small chops per tray or per pack and get it delivered to your door step.
we sell per tray(100pcs) and per pack too.
0 8 April 2016
Its a coconut juice garnished with strawberry yummy ohh lala
0 10 April 2016
How about our coconut juice garnished with kiwi
am sure you would like to taste made fresh and healthy
0 7 April 2016
Today's private class was sweet with our varieties of smoothies and fruit juice,stop by at our office and have a chilled drink for free
0 11 April 2016
Do you want a full concentration on just you? you don't like crowd? you want to train at your own convenient time? call us now and book a space for your private class.available for all our courses
0 6 April 2016
And its a mango and kiwi drink from #lizmoreventstrainingschool
come have a taste of our campala style.
6 38 March 2016
Efo riro with assorted meat from our training school.why would you cook this for your hubby and he would still want to look elsewhere,ko jo mehn,except for another
join us and build your confidence in cooking.
are you a married woman that wants to improve your cooking skills or you have passion for cooking and want to turn it to a business? pls join us now,registration for our next training is on.register @
#lizmoreventstrainingschool #yeswedoitright
0 16 March 2016
Its a pimento veg rice from
5 12 March 2016
Oh lalala english hot dog from lizmor events training school
0 2 March 2016
Their presentation was awesome,beautiful in and out.
meet the latest pro chefs in town
2 17 March 2016
0 8 March 2016
0 8 March 2016
Do you love good and healthy food?
then you need to enrol and train with us.
0 6 March 2016
Its nigerian dishes and soups week @ lizmor events training school.
its food food week i even got confused of which one to eat.
more to come.
0 4 March 2016
0 8 March 2016
And its a red velvet cake
hmmm my favourite in dessert cakes come and have a taste.
0 6 March 2016
Its our dessert cakes training week in our training school while students were busy mixing and baking,i took this picture.
0 4 March 2016
We all love lizmoreventstrainingschool.
join us and be a pro,this is part of our souvenirs as a registered student.
0 14 March 2016
Even my wonderful ex students @teepha events did not hesitate to join the groove.
#happylizmoreventscrew #yeswedoitright
0 4 February 2016
Today's class was awesome,we started with small chops,class continues tomorrow, you can still join us and also register for other courses.
0 24 February 2016
Final inspection before rounding up yesterday @ the event.
thanks to all the entire crew you all made it possible.
3 32 January 2016
Thank you lord for a successful event at oshogbo yesterday.
happy married life to abimbola the entire lizmor event crew wishes you a blissful union.the lord bless your home ijn.
cross section of some of lizmor past students(interned) they really handled small chops and cocktails dept perfectly. kudos to you all.
more and clearer pictures coming soon.
full catering services by lizmor events and services.
engage us for your next event within lagos and outside lagos.
#nigerianweddingvendor #professionalcaterer #fullcateringservices
0 27 January 2016
Yummy ready for delivery.guess what's inside and get a pack delivered to you.
8 39 November 2015
Am dancing shakitibobo right now with the comments am receiving from my students, i love them so much and so i release you all to favour market.
@lizmor events we relate like one big family..
registration for our next training is on, join the young, talented, passionate , professional team in the industry.
@lizmor eventstrainigschool
1 12 November 2015