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Just because someone is doing something with their body that you didn’t think was possible, or you don’t think you could ever do that yourself, it doesn’t mean they are any better or worse at yoga than you are. although seeing a beautiful picture with a beautiful yoga pose can be inspiring, the point of yoga is how it feels, during and after your practice, it never is about how it looks. there is no such thing as being “good” at yoga. instagram is all about beautiful photographs, but yoga is just about living a beautiful life - whilst using this platform don’t get distracted with comparisons.
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#handsdownheartup || one of my favorite stretches. heel up, heel down, flat for long breaths. happy sunday, all. ✨

awesome hosts
daily postures:
❤️day 1 - down dog
day 2 - standing forward fold
day 3 - puppy pose
day 4 - standing split
day 5 - wild thing
day 6 - headstand
day 7 - camel
day 8 - forearm stand/dolphin
day 9 - wheel
day 10 - handstand
#downwarddog #downwardfacingdog #openheart #openhearts #yogachallenge #sundayyoga #instablackandwhite
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Day behind with #startyogawithus #yogachalleng i’m going with #treepose at #trilliumlake - happy sunday everyone 😁😁 repost from @cassydoesyoga @toprankrepost #toprankrepost i’ve always loved @yogaposses and how wonderfully supportive the community they’ve created is. thanks goes out to them for putting this wonderful group of girls from all walks of life, and all over the globe together for their next sponsored challenge 🌎💙 this will be fun! 🤗 starts saturday! hope you’ll think about joining in with us 🙏🏻
🎉yoga challange announcement🎉 .
#startyogawithus 15 – 22 sept .

8 day journey with us as we explore asanas to help you start yoga .
there are so many benefits of doing yoga. yoga can help you:
+improve and maintain the health of muscles, joints and organs
+keep your mind healthy
+get a better night’s sleep
+improve performance and prevent injuries in sports
+speed recovery from training
+prevent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and auto-immune disorders
+slow down the negative effects of an office job
+and increase your sense of happiness and well being. .
💗beautiful hosts 💗
@ozgeozenc_yoga 🌷 sponsors .
🎁 @yogaposses . . ⚖️ how to play ⚖ ️ .
1️⃣ follow all of the hosts and sponsors.
2️⃣ repost this flyer and tag some friends to join in.
3️⃣ post a photo or video each day.
4️⃣ tag all hosts and sponsors in your posts&pics
5️⃣ make sure your profile is set to public and you use#startyogawithus so we can see your posts!. ⚖️ pose list⚖
🍍day 1: mountain pose / tree pose / chair pose :
🍍day 2: downward facing dog / cobra pose / plank pose.
🍍day 3: cat /cow pose .
🍍day 4: warrior 1 / 2 / 3 ..
🍍day 5: fish pose / happy baby pose /corpse pose
🍍day 6: puppy pose / child pose / prone backbends .
🍍day 7: meditation seated / garland pose / cow face pose .
🍍day 8: yogi's choice .
visit your daily hosts' posts for some inspiration 😉

#yoga #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogadaily #instayoga #meditation #instayoga #yogi #igyoga #yogalover #iloveyoga #yogateacher #yogachallenge
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You can find space in your breath, between the inhales and exhales. you can find space physically in postures that you practice. you can find space between your thoughts... space is the place to be 😋
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#summerfunyoga was off the chain, but let’s calm things down as we transition into fall 🍂 and #takeaseatyoga challenge🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️⠀

join us for the last week of september as we focus on seated or supine poses. instead of working out, we challenge you to "work in" 😇⠀

hosts 🌟⠀

sponsors 🏆⠀
@wellnessalliescbd⠀ ✨how to get started:✨⠀⠀

1️⃣repost this image to your feed. ⠀⠀
2️⃣ follow all hosts and sponsors. ⠀⠀
3️⃣practice with us daily the week of september 23rd-29th & take a photo of the daily pose. your best attempt at the pose is perfect!⠀
4️⃣tag daily #takeaseatyoga, all hosts and sponsors.⠀
5️⃣ like, comment and make new friends! ⠀⠀
6️⃣ complete entire challenge⠀

five participants will win a prize from one of the above sponsors! grand prize winner will receive day pass to the 6th annual vegas gone yoga! festival where all hosts can be found presenting at #vgyf 2018 which takes place at @springspreserve on october 5th-7th⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
see you on the mat 😉⠀
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Joining in on another challenge that focuses on inversions and heart openers. these are kind of my favorite things so i couldn’t resist. day 1 of #handsdownheartup is down dog. i seriously always forget that this is an inversion. but any pose where your head is lower than your heart is an inversion. and there are so many great benefits that come with this set up, like increased circulation, better focus, and more energy. well, at least for me. tried to really focus on opening my chest in this pose tonight. ahhhh...it feels so good. -
hosts: @yogivaruna @shayvasana @rina @objet.petit.yoga @molly_pooler_yoga -
sponsors: @liforme @terez @oraandren @dharmayogawheel
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Practicing that insect pose 😅
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último dia del reto #gokulyogacolombia con #yogapithasana uff compleja postura 😥 menos mal tenía la ayuda de mi gatito zen romeo🐱❤ su energía fue fundamental para la postura😍

muy emocionada de este workshop que viene en octubre con el maestro @gokulacandra
y los colombian yoguis
#yoga #yogacolombia #yogabogota #ashtangayoga #hathayoga #yogaenespañol #yogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #yogapose #yogaforeveryone #yogagirl #ashtangalove #yogacommunity #yogachallenge #yogagram #instayoga #igyoga #yogadaily
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Self-care has become a very lucrative business. everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something that will help you be a better version of yourself. candles, creams, facial masks, so many things, and oh so many different sportswear brands out there at the moment promising better performance, better support, better something ... 🙄 self-care isn’t really about these things though. in reality you don’t have to spend a penny on self-care. enough sleep is self-care and that doesn’t cost anything (you don’t need silk pillow cases to have a good night sleep). taking the time to go for a walk or to read your favourite book, taking a bath or exercising (doing yoga in your living room 😜) - those things don’t cost anything. i’ve been using the same old pair of leggings for almost five years to do my exercise, and only last month for my birthday i received a new pair - you don’t need ten different exercise outfits to do exercise. self-care is really just looking after yourself and finding some time in your busy daily schedule to have a well deserved break. buying £50 scented candle won’t help you calm down if you don’t know how to sit down for five minutes and breathe. it’s nice to have nice things, but don’t get trapped into thinking that self-care costs. focus on the time you spend on yourself, rather than the money.
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