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Oh you know, just hanging out. what else is there to do on the weekends? 🤭😁
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@hana_bladh 🙏 some tips speed 2.3 x
1. hamstring push-up you going to wrap your hands around your feets .you going to sit down in this position feel the stretch in the groin 20-30 total
2.lunge try to keep back leg straight and hold it.
3.hamstring stretch extend front leg out.knee straight hand on the ground and
you feel stretch hold it.or if you have more flexibility you can get all the way down and hold it .
4. fish hook try to get your feet to touch your thing.
5.straddle stretch try to pressing leg closer to the ground .
6.pull the fingers in the way legs into happy baby
7.supported stretch
you are new split so you might have more 2 pillows,maybe you need more then 2 you, put it under your leg .extend that front leg and back legs out .you are going to sit here
if you could take one pillow out to bring you a little closer to the ground
it might take some time to build up to this but there you go🙇
*&*make sure you repeat on other side .tag your friend and save if you think this tutorial is good for your splits .
follow @citta_yoga_ for more ❤️
video by: @hana_bladh

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I am ending my day and you are beginning yours (if you’re in america) …. _____
i just wanted to let you know it turns out to be a wonderful day!
you can relax and enjoy it ;)
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Smile 😃
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Tag your beach yoga crew 😍 📷: @ase_m_lid
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You belong among the wildflowers 🌻 you belong somewhere close to me❤
far away from your trouble and worries. you belong somewhere you feel free🙏 -tom petty
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✨you are a goddess✨ i just wanted to remind you and well, myself. there are times that we let self doubt take control, with negativity, with questions, with fear. but it is up to you to allow your inner light to shine bright as f and melt away that doubt. because you are a divine goddess with infinite possibilities. .
photo by @jtsuhar .
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Terminamos la semana de columna saludable en la sala. las clases gustaron mucho e hicieron mucho bien. nos ayudaron a tomar conciencia de que tenemos una columna que guía a todo el cuerpo y porque es necesaria cuidarla. experimentamos muchas sensaciones y emociones alrededor de ella. y a mi me quedaron muchas preguntas..
porqué tenemos tan mala postura? o..
porqué si nos damos cuenta que estamos todos doblados no hacemos nada por cambiarlo?
tanto nos cuesta abrir el pecho, respirar, alargarnos?
que trasfondos hay? cargar con el peso ajeno, no dejar salir mis emociones ni conectar con ellas y porque me siento así, acorazar el corazón, no querer ver todas las posibilidades que tengo ante una situación, reaccionar de golpe y romperme y tantas otras cosas que me puede decir mi columna con sólo observarla. gracias a las alumnas que se atrevieron a hacerle frente a todos sus torbellinos y me iban contando en la semana que les había pasado. gracias a los maestros de vida que me inspiran y animan a trabajar sobre esto. gracias yoga una vez mas♡
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Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective.
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We are beyond excited to be teaching a morning flow tomorrow at casa marana craft beer & wine! join us this sunday at 11am at the new casa marana craft beer & wine bar! rachel will be leading our yoga flow before we sip on some beers together! only $10 for an awesome yoga class & a cold brew! 🍻
can’t wait to see ya then!
8225 n courtney page way #191, tucson, az 85743 🧘🏽‍♀️🍻🧘🏽‍♂️🍺 #namaste #yogi #yoga #yogalife #yogafit#yogalove #yogainspiration #tucson#yogacommunity #yogastrong #fitness#fitspo #healthyliving #workout#sumitsyoga #sumitsstrong #sumits#sumitstucson #cultivatetucson#whyilovewhereilive
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Struggle is real, and we all go through it... trying to understand yourself is one of the hardest things in the world, so don’t expect to try to understand the whole world... rather listen, and try to do good and the best you can to start, maybe that can get you closer to be in peace with your surroundings
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Une dernière pour la route 😁

sur la plage de normandie alone, les prochaines seront sur celles de corse 🙌☀🌊
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Bugün sevgili @kardeletto ile ilk çekimimizi yaptık.
sevgiyi ve bilgiyi paylaştık.
dostluk, sevgi ve aşk paylaştıkça çoğalıyor..kendinle, ağaçla, köpekle, kediyle, denizle... benimle seninle ❤️ yarın saat 09.00’da moda sahilinde meditasyonla paylaşmaya başlayacağız sevgili dostlarla.
8:45 ‘da moda starbucks’ta buluşuyoruz. sonra birlikte yoga ve piknik. nihayetinde topladığımız mamaları canlarla paylaşmaya gideceğiz @huysuz.ihtiyar gönüllüleriyle beykoz ormanının derinliklerine.
paylaşarak çoğalıp şifalanacağız aşk ile...
seni de gel 🙏🏿🎷🧝‍♂️
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A yoga session at sunset. your third emoji is your reaction 🧘‍♀️
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From tiny experiences we build cathedrals. - orhan panmunjom . . . .
the duomo di milano in milan was so breathtakingly beautiful! i couldn’t take my eyes off of its stunning detail and architecture! . .
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Today for #yogisplayinthesun our pose is #headstand we are in #madisonwi for my sons last lacrosse tournament. we had time after the games so we explored the capital and state street. headstand on the capital steps and my 3 loves inside. and i am always a go with the flow person over a mat outside anyday! with hosts: @thisgoatslife @taylor_munholland and generous sponsors: @aquaburns @gitayogaclothing @aspoonfulofcolors @hydroflask @squareorganics @paintedjackal @healthwarrior @chairiteez @insideoutsideoutsidein #myyogalife #myyogajourney #yoga #yogi #outdooryoga #practicejoy #yogagirl #appletonyoga #appletonwi #progressnotperfection #rootedyoga #rootedyogallc #yogateacher #yogaforeveryone
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A smile is always your best accessory. surround yourself with incredible people and it’s easy. *remember that big announcement i talked about in my story? soon subtracting one thing from this photo, and it isn’t my ear to ear grin ;)

thank you to everyone who showed in nyc today. two sold out classes, old and new friends from coast to coast, not a single complaint and my heart is beyond full. until next time ny ✌🏼✨xxvb
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🕉 hoooooome 🕉
hey hunnies, i'm home!
what an amazing trip we had but glad to be home too!
i hope everyone's been keeping well 😄
as some of you know i had a bad handstand experience last week.. what i thought was a nasty sprain turned out to be a fracture😔 i'm sporting a lovely white cast!! right now i'm focussing all of my energy on getting this healed so classes are postponed until further notice.. x
thank you so much to ronan @yenoyerman for keeping it going while i was away 🌟
and thank you to everyone who has come to class and supported shanti yoga. the last 6 months have been the absolute best!❤
i'll be back - bigger & better with loads of new ideas - before you know it x*x 😉 ♀️🙏🏻♂️
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Loving this 📖 🤓
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