'Mona the Byrom-to-be
August 2015
flawedd_ I move at 1037 and 1/3. you still manage to go beyond it @ god speed. glad you give yourself a chance to slow down sometimes and share a moment or two with me. #peacegod #aalike #godbody #earthbody #thatsmybestfriend #yourstillmine #nomatterwhat #thatsmybaby
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Nick McKnight
last month
mcknighty.23 We might not be together but she is still the love of my life #iloveyou #imissyou #yourstillmine #likeit #followme
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DJJOYJY - Joy Paul
August 2017
djjoyjyofficial Your still mine luv forever coming soon #yourstillmine #luvforever #djjoyjy jyfilmsentertainment
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July 2017
thinking.out.loud.042915 I still do im still trying but where is it getting me i still f*****g love you 💔😭 #alwaywill #yourstillmine #heartbroken #imgannagetuback
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July 2017
precjd19 Boy u use to drive me so crazy i wish i could still see u daily❤ happy 4th to u, the 7th will make 5 whole horrible months i've been here without u and you've been up there without me. this day last year, we was some where furred😂 because u was my true smoking partner. i miss you so much and wish u could be here my nigga. #yourstillmine #imissugettingonmynerves #imisserkingu
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July 2017
precjd19 Hey☺️for starters, i miss u so freaking much erky lol. i was just thinking about how whenever u got booked and me and your mother find out she'll be like " see y'all wanna be carrying on, he wouldn't even have been out there if u wouldn't have left p" 😭 and i use to be like " so what u saying it's my fault he got locked up" lol and of course she would say "no". everytime u got arrested we was beefing, then u call home on some sentimental stuff😂 and i fall right for it, i miss it all. we finally did what u asked today, i know u we're looking down happy but i know you probably like y'all would do it once i'm gone lol i can just hear u now. i know your probably mad at me but nothing's going to change, i guarantee it. i really wish u could be here, with us, me, your family, your friends. i won't and can't ever forget u. we will meet again and pick up where we left off as if none of this ever happen. believe me❤️i don't want to ever love the way we did. i owe u so much. #imstillyours🔐 #yourstillmine #mykingcurty #loyaltyisamust #loveandloyalty
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June 2017
precjd19 God made this very clear to me... but i've fallen for him and i just can't seem to let up, here or not💔 #iloveyouforforevercurtis #deathhasntdoneusapart #yourstillmine #imstillyours❤️
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Trisha Linford
February 2017
Your my best friend, sister, soulmate and the one person i have always admired. i love your strength, your compassion, your work ethic and your love to have fun!! i knew i needed you in this life and that's why we're sisters, i'm so glad that we get to share our birthdays. you dont know this but everytime i hear "my wish" it's the song i have for you in my heart! love you more than words can say...happiest birthday hil! @hillyjhatch #sisters #soulmate #loveyouforever #eveninourupsandourdowns #yourstillmine
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Amanda Swiger
December 2016
swigerphotography Being in the tla feels so strange. for me, when i think back to when things began, my mind always drifts to here. its crazy how different life was then. how different i was then. we were broke. the kind of broke that makes me tense up just to think about. we were alone and scared and worried what people thought. we were madly in love though. and honestly? that kinda made up for the rest. @swiger_strong thank you for being my other half in this adventure called life. i can't wait to enjoy this show tonight with you ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #loveislove #loveher #mymrs #memories #soweird #firstdate #lesbianstyle #phillylesbians #lgbtq #l******s #butch #femme #mine #somuchhaschanged #yourstillmine
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Couture Events
November 2016
coutureevents We love day after sneak peeks from the photographer! it's so special for the couple to have photos to share with friends & family right after the wedding! thank you to @emily.magers for capturing this gorgeous couple so beautifully! everything about this is perfection! #rainorshine #yourstillmine #schimpfinainteasy
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Muvaa' k
August 2016
livingforbabyj First thing on my mind when i wake up is you 👼🏼 lord knows my life would be way different , this type of hurt in my heart nobody knows the feeling 😔 #myfirstborn #yourstillmine #myfavoriteangelinheaven #hopeyouholdinggrannydwn 💜
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June 2016
ksmithh Whoever said all great things must come to an end, has apparently never met us. #gobestfriendthatsmybestfriend #yourstillmine #iaintgoingnowhere.
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