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Text me tonight. how are you? how was your day? you ask me everytime.
like you really want to know, like it may change your life, like you care.

we’re so far away from each other.

i talk and you listen, even if it’s about pepper. like if you were trying to remember each and every word i say. your face is serious, focused, concentrate. you open your mind, ready to engrave my words in you. forever.

but you’re still so far away from me.

you look for my gaze, like an oasis in the desert. your black eyes are never scared. you pull my stare to you. you want it on you, only on you. you want it only for you.

but oceans keep us apart.

i can see you undressing me with your stare, it’s quick and swift, like if we had no time, like if we were going to die tomorrow. undressing me of my soul, turning it inside out, my mind no longer mine, you’re inside me and all around.

but you’re still thousands of miles away.

you built a bridge between our brains. philosophy is so attractive, heavenly, coming from you.

we talk about life, death, that thing in between called love. together we’re so smart. we could take over the entire world.

but you’re not getting any closer.

we turn the corner and your lips become nonexistent, there is no mine, no yours, only ours.

we try to get closer, keep trying. i steal your air, empty you of the oceans that are keeping us apart, make me drink all the poison you have in you, i would do anything to save us.

we could kiss for hours and still be two planets away from each other.

now we’re mad. now we’re angry. now we’re frustrated. because even after all of this, we’re still so far away from each other, so far. i can’t even see you on the horizon. i know you’re there, but i can’t see you, can’t feel you. or maybe i see you but can’t get to you. or maybe i have you in my arms, but our skin, our bodies keep us apart.

now we’re exhausted, tired of the distance. we’re fighting an invisible wall. punching it and keep trying to take it down. but it doesn’t budge. it’s too strong. or we’re not strong enough.

you ask me all the time, what are we? you want to know what we are?

we’re lovers trying to hold hands through a keyhole.
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Cea about the red cloth!
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