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Here's my zero waste cocktail kit 😜,these stainless steel ice cube trays make the best ice cubes ever, the silicone ones absorb flavor and start to make you ice cubes taste funny, this is by far my favorite zero waste switch. my go to drink is a gin and tonic with bitters since cocktails where originally invented for medicinal purposes so it makes them a health food right?! also love the cocktail size metal straws since the normal size is way too tall for a cocktail glass. if y'all are wondering i use prairie organic gin, it's my favorite!
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So my father gets milk in glass bottles, he's collected a lot over the years.. too many imo haha, my first reaction was to recycle some of them, but they're just such cute bottles. i decided to put them up on gumtree for free and wouldn't you know; someone has a use for them and is excited to pick them up 😊 any way to divert things from being put in a bin of any kind is worth exploring!
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My zerowaste/low-impact lunch! of course it's nicely contained in sustainable materials (tin and furoshiki) but what's not photographed is the fact that it's vegan, all the veggies are from my local farmers market, the beans were bought dried in a bulk store, the bread is homemade, the sauce container is upcycled and the napkin used to furoshiki is secondhand. while it's all well and good taking an aesthetically pleasing photo that looks "zerowaste" i think the thought behind it is so much more important.
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My work just got a whole new section of bulk items for making your own health and beauty products 😍the possibilities are endless!
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New pam! // cooking spray was one of the hardest switches for me to make. it’s just too easy. . but it’s expensive and not recycleable (here). . what finally worked was just forgetting to buy it.. turns out what we already have at home already is enough. just this thrift store silicone brush and regular olive oil. πŸŒ±πŸ’š . what was the hardest zero waste change for you to make? . . #sustainableliving #greenkitchen #greenhome #simplicity #simpleliving #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowastekitchen #naturalkitchen #zerowastealaska #zerowastelife
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Some saturday inspiration for your zero waste kit! 🌿#zerowastecollective πŸ“·: @linahayescreative
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Have you tried making your own toothpaste? below is my recipe (reposted). i've been using this for over 3 years with positive results - i've recently introduced activated charcoal for teeth whitening, by dipping my brush in the powder after apply the toothpaste. **disclaimer** i am not an o**l health professional, just simply sharing what works for me, and the environment. firstly i'd like to note, that toothpaste is not what makes your mouth healthy, but rather, helps support good o**l health. it is the colonies of bacterial micromes that do all the work. they help digest food, clean your teeth, and create a protective layer on your teeth. this equilibrium relationship of o**l flora needs balance in order retain a healthy, functional mouth. even the thin layer of plaque is a necessary process for good tooth health. so keeping the balance is key! the most important steps towards good o**l health, is to be mindful of the food and drink you intake, be sure to consciously brush your teeth at least twice daily, and remember to flos regularly, to disrupt bacteria. i use toothpaste to help increase the remineralisation of my tooth enamel and for healthy saliva production. here's what's in it, β˜† • 2 parts - bentonite clay (remineralisation, detoxification) • 1 part - bicarbonate of soda (ph balancing, reduces periodontal pathogens, gentle stain remover) • 1 part - raw cold pressed coconut oil (reduce the number of streptococcus mutans bacteria in the mouth) • xylitol (prebiotic, remineralisation) • himalayan salt (ph balancing, healing) • peppermint essential oil (fresh breath, antibacterial) • water (to blend the ingredients into a paste) β˜† totally edible, can be diluted as a mouth wash, great for gargling β˜† to make, simply add all the ingredients together, making sure the coconut oil (if using) is liquefied, add water gradually and whip with a non metal utensil to form a thick paste to your liking. best stored in amber glass out of direct light. 🌿 other essential oils to use are: clove. melaleuca (tea tree). myrrh. spearmint
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A lovely friend of mine gave me some beautiful fountain pens today πŸ’–
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All the packaging i've kept with the intention to reuse; i struggle with the amount of pill bottles i have, there's only so many things you can do with them haha
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Piquenique veganizando sem lixo, fechando com água de coco e usando canudos da @beegreenbr com @taissarosado πŸ’šπŸŒ±β™»οΈ
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Amy Westwood
@emilyrosecostume and i headed down to the sea shepherd beach clean over in hightown, liverpool, for a good afternoon's cleaning. the amount of plastics on our beaches is truly astonishing! it no wonder why marine life and coastal birds are ingesting it and it's getting back into the food chain. it was so great to see so many people come together to help make a difference. it gives me a glimmer of hope that we can turn this situation around. sea shepherd organise beach cleans all over the world, if you fancy getting involved, look them up on facebook #seashepherd #seashepherdbeachclean #seashepherdmarinedebriscampaign #beachclean #seaplastic #protectmarinelife #protectlife #blueplanet #plastics #plasticspollutionawareness #blueplanet2 #plasticisland #makeadifference #oneplanetearth #earthling
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Amalia-Louise Miniggio
Nytt prosjekt - kan man leve zero waste i en van? jeg er i startsfasen av et nytt prosjekt og vil gjerne ha tilbakemelding på hva dere synes. setter stor pris på både positivt og konstruktiv kritikk! - idéen er å gjøre en gammel kassebil om til en bærekraftig van som går på brukt frityrolje istedet for diesel. innvendig skal den bygges om slik at man kan bo i den. alt av materialer og innredning som brukes skal være restmateriale, brukt eller redesign. målet med prosjektet er å inspirere til en mer bærekraftig hverdag hvor vi bruker det vi har før vi kjøper nytt.πŸƒβ™»πŸŒ jeg har lyst å dokumentere prosjekt fra starten og tenker å dele bilder og små videosnutter på instagram og facebook. πŸ“· om det er noe som er uklart så er det bare å spørre! er spent på hva dere synes? πŸ˜„πŸ™ˆ _________________________________ #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #goingzerowaste #sustainable #sustainablelifestyle #zerowastevan #drawing #picturoftheday #photography #zerowastelife #car #project #art #nature #earth #bærekraft #gogreen #hverdagenmin
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Sundays in our house are for cleaning and prepping for the week! here's another simple buddha bowl i made for this week's meal prep with barley as our grain, mixed field greens, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, pinto beans and kalamata olives for that pop of flavour. i originally saw this recipe made with feta instead of kalamata olives but to make it vegan i switched it up. hopefully it's just as tasty! what are your favourite vegan swaps?
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The Ethical Box
@mantramumbling shows us how we can reduce waste in the kitchen with her latest guest post on the ethical box 🌿 check it out by clicking the link in the bio!
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UCapture - Live Carbon Neutral
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Maggie Snow
Snowy sundays call for some diy. taking a stab at homemade lotion, it's easy and plastic free with very few ingredients putting the end result in a mason jar in place of plastic πŸ‘recipe up on the blog soon πŸ€— . . . . . . . . . . . . #plasticsucks #homemade #diy #crafty #zerowaste #gogreenπŸ’š #lotion #green #eco #ecofriendly #environment #environmentallyfriendly #carbonfootprint #lesswaste #upcycling #environmentalist #conscious #ecoconscious #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastelife #zerowastelife #zerowastehome #craftybitch #planet #planetearth #earth #greenplanet #reducereuserecycle #recycled
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Mi despensa llena de todo y vacía de plástico.
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Handmade from 2 vintage neckties β™»οΈπŸ‘‰link in bio! #bebravetextiles #sustainablefashion #bowties
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Day 59- first bulk shopping experience! i found sprouts location just about 30 minute car ride away from me. i’ve read from other posts that they sell quite a good selection of bulk produce, so i went to investigate as this is a new store for me (we moved to a different state last summer). i wasn’t planning on buying anything, but i really liked their selection. i just happened to have this glass jar in my car that i just finished my granola from, so i grabbed it and filled it up with dark chocolate covered almonds. and that marked my very first bulk buy! as i saw it for myself, it is very easy to get most dry pantry staples loose. i just have to be prepared with glass jars and cloth bags, and know exactly what i’m getting. because impulse buys would be difficult if you don’t have where to put it. my mind is now at ease and i am no longer intimidated by the bulk shopping thought. #consciousliving #consciouslifestyle #goingzerowaste #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #bulkshopping #packagefree #packagefreeshopping
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Megan vs Trash
Love love love when restaurants serve loose leaf tea! no waste, makes the experience more special, and gives you more for your $ because they can top off your water several times with the same leaves. this mint tea at @sistersbklyn was delicious and perfect for a chilly morning. β˜•οΈπŸŒ±πŸ˜Š . . . . #zerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #lowimpact #lowimpactmovement #sustainable #sustainability #ecofriendly #looseleaf #tea #looseleaftea #brunch #breakfast #sisters #sistersbklyn #clintonhill #bk #brooklyn #packagefree #plasticfree #wasteless #wastelesswestman
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Bamboo toothbrush, homemade toothpaste made from coconut oil and homemade mouthwash. no plastic, no garbage, no chemistry.βœŒπŸ˜‡ . . #bambootoothbrush #bamboo #coconutoiltoothpaste #toothpaste #coconutoil #mouthwash #diymouthwash #organic #noplastic #lessplastic #nochemistry#plasticfree #zerowastelife #mindfulliving #plantpower #natural #plasticfreeliving#reduceplastic#environmentfriendly#saynotoplastic#wastefree #zeroplastic #vegan #nomoreplastic #ecofriendly #herrhase
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Had a fantastic lunch this weekend at @birchwoodcafe! they’ve partnered with @eurekarecyclingmn to educate the community about zero waste efforts! the cafe uses metal cutlery, has a water refill station with glasses, and pamphlets on zero waste at every table! swipe for my video of the bathroom as a happy camper with the compost initiative in practice! . . . #zerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastecommunity #reduce #compost #recycle
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SilverLinings Il Lato Positivo
La domenica per me è sempre un giorno di riflessione e pianificazione. sfrutto questa giornata per prendermi una pausa, fare le cose con più leggerezza, dedicarmi a me stessa. @alfabet_cartoleriaecologica mi ha omaggiata con questo piccolo quadernino, carinissimo, in carta riciclata. lo sto usando per scrivere qualche riflessione e per annotare le cose per le quali sono grata. trovo questa pratica molto rilassante, voi ci avete mai provato?
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Shara Lynn
The other reason i’ve been mia ☺️♥️ when we went over to hawaii in december, i was still sadly miscarrying. we were there for a month and found out a few days before we flew home that i was pregnant again! a little hawaii bean! we are back again, we have heard the heartbeat and we feel super blessed and humbled that this happened (and so quick!) and we are both so excited to be parents ♥️ #3months
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Tania Arroyo
Pasta vegana hecha en casa porque es más saludable y no genera basura πŸ¦„πŸ’š —- homemade vegan pasta is healthier and makes no rubbish whatsoever πŸ¦„πŸ’š #vidasimple #zerowaste #basuracero #cerobasura #residuocero #cerodesperdicio #ceroresiduos #zerowasteliving #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestile #goingzerowaste #vidasinbasura #inspiraaalguien #salvaalmundodeapoquito #veganpasta #pastavegana #homemadepasta #pastahechaencasa #movimientobajoimpacto
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Tara | Mindfully Sustainable
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