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Gloomy πŸŒ’
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They come and go... πŸ€” not really a motive here. hit the shutter to early. i like it anyway 😬
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New edit πŸŒ“ #aneveningwithdarth
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I tend to post pictures of the wrong season πŸ€”
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It’s more the @sannalinn kind of photo. if you like it you should see her work! 🌊
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Now this is definitely over 🌺🌺🌺
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That’s her 🌹 my youngest daughter @mavyxx . that is how she looks like without a pattern projected on her.
49 621 October 2018
The moment's past.

after this weekend it’s kind of hard to chose a pic thats adequate. here it is. girl with fern. a motive often seen on instagram. nevertheless, i consider this an unusual portrait. but when it comes to portraits i’m an idiot, i guess.
60 679 October 2018