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We’ve just added some amazing pieces to the bleu marketplace!!! céline, a killer japanese kimono, chanel, and some vintage goodness straight from brooke baxter’s closet. go get ‘em before they’re gone! (@arrowandanchorantiques ) — link in bio. 💸💙
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Instant upgrade: we’ve scoured the net for the weird, but very cool statement lights of your dreams (with different budgets in mind) — link in bio. #thebleu
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Underneath it all: a case for silk and lace — link in bio. 🔥🔥🔥 #thebleu
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We’re giving important lessons on spf because sunburns are not sexy — link in bio. ☀️💧 #thebleu
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A fellow beauty j****e spills her carefully edited routine in this week’s skin milk — link in bio. @arrowandanchorantiques #thebleu
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Prioritizing self-care, buying clothes on amazon, and a coveted vintage cartier collection. this week’s off duty interview with 30-something brooke baxter (@arrowandanchorantiques ) — link in bio. 💎 #thebleu
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Do you wear your heart and your emotions on your sleeve? or, do you find it difficult to show your more vulnerable side? how often do you cry? join the conversation in this week’s open thread — link in bio. #thebleu
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This week it’s all eyes on corduroy, the summer’s odd and nostalgic essential — link in bio. 👀 #thebleu
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Morning teleportation, the cramps, la luz, cage the elephant, and more. a killer playlist by @schecibaby — link in bio. #thebleu
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Why is eating right so d**n confusing? an essay by @meghannstephenson on learning how to eat for herself — link in bio. #thebleu
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Meet team bleu! get to know our 20-something senior managing editor, tiana lewis (@_tianalewis ) — link in bio. #thebleu
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Five of our editors discuss how they manage stress — link in bio. #thebleu (artwork: @annabukliewer )
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