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1915 - riding the river.
an unknown texas ranger rides along the border armed with a colt single action army and a winchester 1895, two of my all time favorite firearms. to the folks who think the border issues we have now are new problems...think again.
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In 1966, skeeter started writing for shooting times and was the magazine's handgun editor for 21 years. his first piece was a "handguns" column, which appeared in the july 1966 issue. he authored more than 400 articles for shooting times and most of them were collected in four books: skeeter skelton on handguns,skeeter skelton's handgun tales, good friends, good guns, good whiskey: selected works of skeeter skelton, and hoglegs, hipshots and jalapenos: selected works of skeeter skelton.reading skeeter's stories will introduce the reader to a multitude of colourful characters. 
the "me and joe" stories of his depression era youth, while including references to period firearms, were character oriented rather than technical pieces. of course skeeter is "me" in those stories, while "joe" is his sidekick jody o'farrell bishop. his "dobe grant" and "jug johnson" short stories were perhaps the only fiction routinely published by a popular shooting magazine. but all of skeeter's stories had most of their background in real life.the dobe grant character was the essence of a least four oldtimers skeeter had known. dobe's ranch, the turkey track was the shipp ranch in webb county, tx. the shipp was skeeter's favorite hunting grounds, the place of his long time friend evan quiros.
the personage of jug johnson was the result of many years of bombardment of letters, phone calls and personal visits by the delightful outer fringe of gun people who always wanted to embroil him in interesting, but highly improbable ventures involving handguns. skeeter once said, "jug johnson has seemed to develop entirely on his own, with me a mere translator. i hope to keep it that way" and skeeter sure did.
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manny gault (left) and frank hamer (right) inspect two of the firearms taken from bonnie and clyde after the duo gunned down the murdering lovers on that lonely louisiana road. though total opposites in moral standards mr. hamer had something in common with the outlaws. mr. hamer and mr. gault took advantage of modern technology. while the two former texas rangers would have no doubt preferred being on horseback, packing sixguns, they traded the horses for a ford v8 and the sixguns for automatic weapons, (though frank always kept old lucky tucked under his coat, just in case.) bonnie and clyde broke the pattern of a poorly armed and poorly planned outlaw band and in doing so they became nearly invincible to the law of the time. they were rock stars, going anywhere they wanted and taking anything they wanted. but when they made the mistake of getting frank hamer on their trail...they unwittingly began digging their own graves. the rest as they say...is history. on a side note, the mother of clyde borrow, as any mother would, detested frank hamer and how he killed her son. not long after the shooting she wrote mr. hamer a letter, in it she explained that it wasn't right that the ranger took her sons guns and demanded he return them. frank never did... #frankhamer #texasranger #oldschool #olddays #mannygault #lawmen #lawdogs #gunmen #revolvers #sixguns #bar #auto5 #johnbrowning #browningautomaticrifle #texas #usa #thestrenuouslife #theclassicoutdoorsman
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#onthisday in 1884, #theodoreroosevelt would suffer the double loss of his wife, alice hathaway lee, and his mother, martha “mittie” bulloch roosevelt (pictured). his wife had given birth to their only child, alice, two days earlier. in his diary entry for that day, a dejected tr would draw a large “x” on the page and write “the light has gone out of my life.” photos: library of congress and nps
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gary cooper on the set of the 1935 film " the lives of a bengal lancer". he grips his prized griffin and howe 1903 springfield sporter, he often brought this rifle and others for target practice during lulls in filming. this is the same rifle ernest hemingway asked coop to sell him on the many hunting trips the two friends went on. coop told him he'd leave it to hemingway in his will, then said "maybe i should just give it to you now, so i can watch you enjoy it." hemingway however, never got the rifle. it is now in the collection of a very knowledgeable man who takes care of it and appreciates it's amazing history.
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Friends this is an unpleasant statistic. i would encourage all you to try and go out of your way to find and speak with any ww2 veteran you come across. get their stories, get advice from them. what that generation did was nothing short of a miracle, they all sacrificed something. they were heroes and i feel in america we overuse the term "hero" and "heroic" but with these men and women and all of our brave veterans we owe them a debt that can never be repaid. once these people are gone, we will be manning the line to keep what they did alive. we don't have much longer folks, they don't have much longer. go out there and learn from these extraordinary people whom heroism followed on a daily basis. they're everywhere, in your towns and neighborhoods, many don't boast about they're time spent in the war, but if you take the time to ask around i know you'll find them. you will not regret it!
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I took this picture on one of my afternoon walks. i edited it in a couple of key areas, though subtle they mean alot to me. the majority of the photo is in black and white , fading into a golden sunset. i have been shaped and inspired by the old school. the hat by theodore roosevelt, the gun rig by elmer keith and skeeter skelton, the sixgun with initial inlayed stocks by gen. george s. patton. but my overall outlook on life and the outdoors has been shaped by the old timers, by many who have passed across the river. this picture is what my page encapsulates, the ending of an era and the memories from it. the things i find comforting and beautiful. i am a member of the current generation trying to carry on the ideals, memories and traditions of the past. the golden sunset could also be a sunrise. in this picture i see all of you as well. it is my hope that this page has stoked the fires of your hearts for the older days and stimulated the interest to not only learn more but to pass what is learned on to the next group. i thank you all for the continued support and pray that god will continue blessing you as much as he's blessed me. i am beyond grateful.
sincerely and emphatically, -
e.m. douglas
"the classic outdoorsman"
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Nicaragua, sep 1930. lieutenants lewis b. puller, avery graves, bill lee, & tom lynch. -

lt. lewis b. puller was assigned to the nicaraguan national guard detachment in december 1928. it was during this time that puller was awarded his first navy cross for his actions from february 16 to august 19, 1930, when he led "five successive engagements against superior numbers of armed bandit forces." he would win a second navy cross in nicaragua a year later. this stage of his life would prove to be essential in the shaping of the corps favorite name, chesty puller.
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Early 20th century texas ranger jules baker, well armed with a colt single action army, winchester 1895 carbine and enough ammunition to start a small war. tough looking customer, i'd love to tell y'all more about ranger baker, but unfortunately there isn't a ton of information out there. feel free to message or leave a note in the comments if y'all know more.
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Everyone knows that one of my heroes was col. theodore roosevelt. the fine folks at dirty billy's hats in gettysburg, pa, made me this exact reproduction of the colonel's hat. before leaving for cuba, as second in command of the 1st united states volunteer cavalry, t.r. had a custom uniform tailor made for him by brooks brothers. some say the hat was made by them as well, others say he purchased it in san antonio, tx. either way his was an officers model 1883 campaign hat, dark grey with a bound brim. if you've seen the actual hat at sagamore hill you'll see that the cuban sun and years of dust and sweat have faded the color to a worn tan. dirty billy's actually made tom berenger's hat for his portrayal of the colonel in the tnt miniseries, "rough riders." which was a very well done and entertaining depiction of the colonel's involvment in the spanish american war, although not totally accurate. berenger's preformance of t.r. was wonderful to me. i have added my own twist to the hat, shaping it myself using many photos of hats worn by members of the rough riders as reference. i will do a more in-depth review of this hat later on down the trail, but first impressions are that it is an incredibly well made and historically accurate reproduction of an old military standard! bully for dirty billy's.

#theodoreroosevelt #roughriders #tomberenger #dirtybillyshats #spanamwar #sanjuanhill #cuba #kettlehill #1883campaignhat #1stusvolunteercavalry #tnt #colonelroosevelt #tr #thecolonel #thestrenuouslife #bullypulpit #oldschool #oldwest #cavalry #hat #hattery #finehats #gettysburg #pa #pennsylvania #theclassicoutdoorsman
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