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Does he survive? you tell me.... leave your suggestions for what should happen next and tune in next monday for the thrilling conclusion.
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Proud of these guys... i did a little bit of vfx work on this. ——
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hyped to announce jane’s acceptance into new orleans film festival this october! film festivals really don’t get better than this one so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it. .

on a personal note jane is my first attempt at a proper narrative short and being accepted into such a dope festival means more to me than i can express on here. on my mind today are the many women who have put me on their shoulders to help me get to this threshold. from cat, whose idea got this all started, to deirdre who juggled her full time job to produce this thing to darcy who fast-tracked us for fiscal sponsorship to jillian and stevee who just had patient listening ears and let me vent and whine about all the things that weren’t going our way to shannon who flew down from baltimore to shoot this on her own dime to zandashe for hooking us with support as we navigated festival applications to my mom who believed in me in the first place. a lot of people sacrificed to make this film and i’m grateful to you all. this lil bit of success is as much yours as mine and i hope you share the joy. .

annnd i just realized this sounds like an acceptance speech. we ain't win nothing, but it kinda feels like it. keep an eye out @neworleansfilmsociety for tickets and other info✌🏾 .

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Process capture from sqeezefromtheback
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Y’all really didn’t like that last one... here’s some @oppositebox for ya. (just experimenting)
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