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National Geographic Travel
1 hour ago
natgeotravel Photo by @hoffmanbrendan | the island of ouessant (in english, ushant) is located at the far western tip of bretagne (in english, brittany), northwestern france. it is wild and remote, though busy in summer, and starkly beautiful. for this picture, i rustled up a caretaker with a key who let me climb in a misty rain to the top of the church in the center of the main island town of lampaul, where i watched these two having a neighborly chat on the front stoop. this is from an assignment i shot last summer in finistère, the far tip of france's brittany region. the story is now out in the april/may issue of national geographic traveler magazine, so for more pictures grab a copy or have a look at my personal account @hoffmanbrendan. #france #finistere #brittany #bretagne #ouessant #ushant
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The New Yorker
13 minutes ago
newyorkermag @r_kikuo_johnson draws how the space between teeth can become so much more. swipe through to see the whole story.
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25 minutes ago
elleuk @elleuk's acting editor-in-chief, lotte jeffs (@lottejeffs), soaked up the views and the soft californian sunshine by the rooftop pool at the london hotel in west hollywood (@thelondonweho) after wrapping a very special #juneelle cover in la last weekend. (the world's best #travel destinations tried and tested by #teamelle, curated by travel & lifestyle director, @swdtravel.)⠀ (📷: @lottejeffs)⠀ #elleexplore #ellehothotel #losangeles #california #westhollywood
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Huck Magazine
29 minutes ago
huckmagazine Ultramagnetic mcs in new york. // photo by janette beckman.
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Molly Sims
11 minutes ago
mollybsims How to master the perfect top knot!!! today on my youtube channel 💗 {link in bio}
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Samira Wiley
13 minutes ago
whododatlikedat I do. . . . (photo cred: @bradwalsh)
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Nicki Minaj
32 minutes ago
nickiminaj Thank you @hitsdd 💕🎀😉 diamond grillz 😬 first thing's first i'll eat ya brainz. den ima start rockin "diamond" teeth & fangs
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MTV News
7 minutes ago
mtvnews Parsons school of design has announced they'll be honoring rihanna at their 69th annual (heh) benefit in may. _ the cut reports the school chose to award rihanna because "she has inspired millions through her powerful music and distinct style." parsons' executive dean joel towers also mentioned her humanitarian efforts, explaining that rihanna "is also creating important philanthropic programs, which support communities by fostering effective education, health, and emergency response programs around the world through her clara lionel foundation.” _ rihanna has been a champion for many parsons students by publicly wearing their work on multiple occasions, which is really the best endorsement any young designer could ever dream of. _ she performed in parsons graduate melody ya jun lin's senior thesis project during last year's vmas. _ and the jumpsuit she wore in the "this what you came for" video was designed by another parsons student, isabell hall. _ if you recall, it was just last month rihanna received her humanitarian of year award from harvard university and stunned us with both her inspiring acceptance speech and business casual thigh high boots. is there anything rihanna can't do? _ by gabby noone
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MTV Polska
26 minutes ago
Nowość! premiera "100% hotter" dziś o 19:55 🎓🎩👢👑👠👘 #mtvpolska #premiere #trailer #episode #
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E! News
34 minutes ago
enews Oh we're sorry, did samuel l. jackson break your concentration? (📷: steve sands/gc images)
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We Love Cats
19 minutes ago
Thats just hilarious 😂😂 tag a friend! 👀 by @duchicat1105
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A Foodie & his Cats
22 minutes ago
catsandfoodie When someone is telling you an "interesting" story, but you're just thinking about tacos. #🌮 #gingerboss
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Chicago Fire Soccer Club
39 minutes ago
Ahead of his arrival in chicago tonight, hear from @bastianschweinsteiger on his big move stateside. full clip at! #cf97
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اخبار الكرة العالمية
53 minutes ago
💖مركز الجناح الابيض الطبي💖 😀/اسنان/تركيبات/زراعه/جلدية/ليزر😀 لمشاهدة عروضنا كاملة واسعارنا وحالات معالجة لدينا وللاستفسار تفضلوا بزيارة حساباتنا 🌹اسنان😀 👇👇 @whitewingdentalcenter @whitewingdentalcenter جلدية🌹 👇👇 @whitewingdentalcenter2 @whitewingdentalcenter2 مراجعينا الاعزاء من خارج الرياض نقدم لهم تذكرة✈️(٤٠٠ريال )كهدية🎁 تخصم من المبلغ الاجمالي للعدسات والتركيبات وننهي لهم التركيبات والعدسات خلال ٣ يوم فقط 🤔🌹 للحجز 👍🏻 : ☎ 4810987 / 011 ☎ 4834286 / 011
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1 hour ago
oceana A dugong feeds on seagrass. dugong are herbivorous, as are all sea cows. it is distinct from its cousin, the manatee, because it does not enter freshwater. that makes the dugong the only exclusively marine mammal. 📷: wikimedia commons / julien willem
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Oceanic Preservation Society
1 hour ago
oceanicpreservationsociety 💧water = life 🌏 it’s one of the most important resources that flows from the leuser ecosystem. roughly 5 million people living in the region rely on the leuser for its clean drinking water. #lovetheleuser learn more about the leuser and help us fight to protect it:
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Ocean Pictures™
2 hours ago
ocean_magazine Baikal seal puppy, photograph by~ @trofimovphoto💎🌎
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MadWhips World's Hottest Cars
34 minutes ago
madwhips Rimac concept s check out 💰 @wolf_millionaire 💰for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio 🔥 free guides-> 🚨 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @basfransenphotography #rimac #concepts #rimacconcepts #madwhips
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Exotic Cars & Supercars
37 minutes ago
exotic_performance Zenvo ts1 gt check out 💰 @wolf_millionaire 💰for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio 🔥 free guides-> 🚨 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @paul1lacour #zenvo #ts1 #zenvots1 #madwhips
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Food world
33 minutes ago
food.wd ‏@#food by : • • ‏@_miim9 • • التقييم من 🔟 🍴 لايـك و كومنت لدعمنا للأستمرار يومياً 📷 تابعني إذا لم تكن من متابعيني 👤 . الراعي الرسمي للحساب بيت الجوف للزهور والهدايا . @aljouf_flowers @aljouf_flowers ٠ #الرياض#جده#المدينه#بريده#مصر#الاردن#الكويت#حائل#دبى#قطر#تصويري#العراق#تصميمي#تبوك#المغرب#القريات#القصيم#تونس#الجوف#سكاكا#فلسطين#ليبيا#ابها#مكه#البحرين#egypt
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Gurneer Kaur
35 minutes ago
indianfood_lovers Picante periperi from @ovenstory👌🍕 perfectly cooked thin crust pizza topped with tandoori paneer, mozzarella cheese, periperi cheese, onions, black olives, yellow, green and red bell peppers tag a pizza lover 🍕😍 . follow @indianfood_lovers . #indianfood_lovers #pizza #delicious #cheese #love #bae #goodfood #food #eat #foodporn #yumm #instagood #good #instagram #italian #foodblogger #delhi #iphone #foods #instafood #like4like #follow #foodporn #eeeeeats #picoftheday #foodphotography #foodgram #vscofood #nomnom #foodporn #meals #instagramfood
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Food / Cuisines / Dessert
41 minutes ago
Ice cream sandwiches 😋 credit: @cupcakeaddiction tag someone who loves food 😍
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